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What creature through history and night has that quality of evanescence? What creature stalks the night with wings that glow by bioluminescence?

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Sep 12 2009

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This event (first video) took place over Guadalajara, Mexico. The interest in this video and video of a prior event in 2004 is from the UFo front. They are indeed; unidientified flying objects. They appear to pulsate and in several instances seem to employ flapping wings. A closeup of one of the objects that appear to evidence glowing wings is shown here. That appears near the very end of the video.

Evanescence: the event of fading and gradually vanishing from sight

From the poster:

1. It seems to have been filmed on January 28 2005. Less than 1 year after another big fleet UFO sighting on June 10 2004. Also a video, with only 11 UFOs appeared in March of 2004 – when Mexico’s military publicly released the video of UFOs, they reported filming them on March 5, 2004 .
2. There appears to be at least 100 UFOs.

3. When the photographer zooms in at the beginning( the 10 to 40 second mark), there is obvious individual movement of the objects. My question is, are they accelerating or decelerating ? Because they cover a lot of distance fast, if they are accelerating.
4. Is the pack moving from the right to the left side of screen? Or is the pack moving from the left to right of screen. It appears it is moving towards the left of screen to me.
5. The audio, apparently from the photographer, describes them as spheres.
6. Its hard to tell if the objects are really blinking and varying in illumination. Or if it is only an artifact of the camera trying to focus on, from a great distance, many small objects of light at the same time.
7. They seem to be very far away, by the zoom used.
8. The lady in the background from ( 1:20 — 1:40 mark) doesn’t seem too interested =-Þ. “

Similar Unidentified Flying objects over San Francisco Bay in November 2007


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Image Processing of Current Sightings of Chemiluminescent Pterosaur and Ropens Observed in Stephensville,Texas; Guadalajara and Mexico City, Mexico; Papua New Guinea, and San Francisco, California.

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Jul 03 2009

Our friend Clifford Paiva of BSM Research Associates recently appeared (2009) on an episode of Monster Quest; Flying Monsters.

Mr. Paiva appeared on camera to discuss his analysis of unidentified lights thought by some to be evidence of chemiluminescence in giant flying creatures known as Ropens or pterosaurs.

Chemoluminescence is the emission of light with limited emission of heat (luminescence), as the result of a chemical reaction. Mr. Paiva analyzed film from several sightings featuring maneuvering lights from an unknown source.

According to his site where the results and explanations for the results of his analysis is posted:

“Image processing for this section is implemented by (Clifford Paiva); the hardware and software computer integration being provided by (his) son, Mr. Alexander M. Paiva specifically for The History Channel Monsterquest Flying Monsters program.

Hydrodynamics of lift forces, coefficients of lift as a function of pterosaur wing area, and overall dive velocity profiles were included in the follow-up technical report to be released August 2009.”

Details of Paiva’s Analysis including Graphical and Photographic Information is Posted Here