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Bioluminescent Pterosaurs Over Lake Erie-And Elsewhere?

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Mar 10 2010

 A witness has filmed anomalous lights over Lake Erie which he says have recently appeared over Lake Erie and have returned to the same area five nights in a row.

He is convinced that the unidentified objects aren’t birds or aircraft due to the way they move and the characteristics of the lights they “emit”. The full story; UfO’s Over lake Erie can be found here.

PRIOR OCCURRENCE: On Monday, December 14, 1998, at 6:30 p.m., a woman witness was outdoors in Avonia, Pennsylvania (population 1,366), a small town 10 miles (16 kilometers) west of Erie, Pa, and about one mile south of Lake Erie, when she saw a UFO. …she was startled to see a bright white light with a tail that appeared to pass directly over her head. The object was moving from north to south, and no sound was apparent.” “The object continued to move to a distance of about 30 feet” from the witness “and stopped directly above the roof of my house. The object then appeared as a solid, real white light, and it was motionless. It then began a pattern of blinking off, then blinking on–at about one-second intervals. I became frightened at that point and ran inside, and that was the last the object was observed.” Stan Gordon ,UFO Hotline

Photo: Right: From the video; Identifying the unidentified? Glowing edges of long tailed pterosaur’s wings and tail–including the species specific tail vane at tail’s end.

We note that the closeup of the lighted outline of one of the flying objects reminds us very much of a pterosaur. Here we provide a graphic indicating how these lights might indicate the outspread wings of such a bio illuminated creature. There have been a number of eyewitness accounts, particularly around the mainland of Papua New Guinea, of bioluminescent flying creatures locally known as ropen or indava.

Clifford Paiva, A physicist, examined video footage of two strange lights that explorers think are bioluminescent pterosaurs, and declared that the glow was not from meteors, lanterns, campfires or an airplane. Paul Nation, of Granbury, Texas, videotaped the lights one night, in November, 2006, in a remote mountainous area of the mainland of Papua New Guinea.

Photo: Left, Standing on the ground, a 3 foot or taller pterosaur could look vaguely “humanoid”. This is the man-bat, seen in Mexico in April 2009–flying abreast of a car and looking in the window. He wasn’t glowing-but he did glower.

Paiva, now a missile defense physicist working in Southern California, found no commonplace explanation for the fourteen seconds of video. Reporting his initial findings to Jonathan Whitcomb, author of “Searching for Ropens,” he also noted that the two glowing forms independently and only slowly changed light intensity; unlike what would be expected in the flickering of a fire, as some had suggested that the lights were. This information comes from a Jonathan Whitcomb press release in Feb. 2007.

Eyewitnesses have reporting glowing figures matching the description in whole or in part of glowing or bioluminescent pterosaur-like creatures since at least the early 1950′s. Self illuminating flying creatures, if they exist could provide the answers to quite a few current mysteries. Number one, why don’t more people see pterosaurs if they exist? Answer: they are nocturnal and give off a bright light that people misidentify as ufo’s or which people simply can’t identify. Secondly, from a distance a lighted object could appear to be oval or saucer shaped giving rise to more accounts of ufo’s.

The bioluminescence could be used for hunting and fishing at night. Many eyewitnesses have seen mysterious lights over water and many witnesses as well have reported bright lights and the absence of sound. Thirdly, consider what a self illuminated pterosaur might look like on the ground. They are bi-pedal and possibly quadrupedal as well. They (pterosaurs) could account for flying men and winged humanoid accounts (by the hundreds over the years) as well.

Photo: This ‘UFO” was photographed over Witchita in 2009. Here we compare it to several long tailed pterosaur drawings. The original story was here.

Superficially, they might be human-like in their stance. Perhaps standing on two strong legs, with two arms, wings tucked they would give rise to descriptions as; “large headed aliens”, “humanlike”, and/or “reptilian”. Many witnesses have described creatures wearing a cape or having tight fitting clothes, and/or with a large backpack or a machine of some kind on their backs. Others clearly saw wings on ocassion. Pterosaurs who emit light and fish in lakes could account for “silent” UFO’s, for triangle shaped UFO’s and for eyewitness accounts of “dripping” lights.

If pterosaurs do still exist, why hasn’t anyone caught one on camera? We show here two that we think were caught on camera in 2009 as well as provide a few eyewitness accounts featuring glowing, pterosaur-like creatures. What’s the deal with pterosaurs, we do talk about them quite a bit? Just more proof that what we’ve been taught and are being taught about our origins and this planet’s past-is frequently untrue.

Flatwoods Monster

In 1952, in Flatwood, West Virginia, 7 people claimed to have seen a 10 foot, green glowing creature with a red face and bulging eyes. A Mrs. May and 6 youths climbed a hill after her children told her that they saw a bright object land there. Gene Lemon, 17 years old reportedly then saw a pair of lighted eyes in a tree. After he shined his flashlight on the creature, he fell over backwards. The object which according to Mrs. May was about four feet wide began to move towards them in a bouncing, floating motion.

Mrs. May also reported an overwhelming burning, smell that made them all sick. She further described the creature as having the “shape of a man, with a red face and bulging eyes“. She also said that it had a “shield” on its back in the shape of the ace of spades. Several armed men returned to find the creature gone but it was said that a sickening sweet odor still remained.

Miami “Lighted”, Silent, Triangle Shaped UFO Lands on Water

MUFON has hundeds if not thousands of sighting reports similar to this one. What is lighted, silent, “triangular” and is often sighted over water? Here we take a close-up of the photo submitted with the sighting report and demonstrate how a bioluminescent pterosaur might fit the bill.

“as my friend (pilot and works for spirit airlines) and i were looking up at the downtown Miami skyline i noticed a small flying object in the sky. it was a triangular shape with red lights. it moved slowly and descended down onto the water it landed. it was close enough for me to recognize that it wasn’t a plane and it made no noise. it drifted to the right and stopped for a few minutes.

i noticed a small boat that passed by it and the ufo’s light shut off and after the boat passed it turned back on. then the ufo drifted to the left about a mile then the lights went off again and it disappeared from my sight.. Mufon March 22, 2010

Glowing Creature, February 2006

“One summer a few years ago, myself, my younger sister and a few friends were on a camping trip. We would camp at the same place every year (a small wood surrounded by fields, moors and quarries) and had camped there many times that year with no problems or strange experiences.

This one night of camping, however, was very different from any before or since. It was quite late in the night (around one) and we were sitting around the campfire having a drink and a laugh, when suddenly my sister screamed, “Oh my god!” and pointed into the field next to us.

Everyone else stood up to see what she was pointing at, and right there in the center of the field was this “animal.”

It was white in color and about the same size as a big dog. It had large red eyes and it was glowing very brightly. As I’ve already said, it was late at night in a pitch-black field in the middle of nowhere. We had no torches shining on this thing, and yet it still stood out like a sore thumb. It really did glow.

My friends and I moved toward this thing to try and scare it away because my sister was getting very upset by now. We got to within around 40 feet of this thing and then it moved so fast it was hard to keep up with it. In less than a couple of seconds it ran 30 feet and scaled a 7-foot stone wall, jumping down to the other side. It then ran another 50 feet to the end of the wall and jumped back up onto it and then stood on its hind legs watching us! When it stood like that, it was about the same size as a man and looked rather daunting”….by Ben Hardy, Your True Tales

Glowing Creature-Strange Lights Reported In Pennsylvania, October 4, 2008

Photo: Left, This “creature” was photographed with a cell phone over an Andean lake in 2009. The original story is here.

Two hunters in Elk County, Pennsylvania, encountered something strange which they are still trying to find an explanation for. The two men entered the woods at about 4:45 a.m. It had been raining, and it was very dark. For lighting they had only a “hat light” and a mini mag light.

…….Suddenly about 150-200 yards ahead on the other side of a field, they noticed two very dim glowing lights. The lights were about the size of a baseball and about two feet apart, and estimated to be about 15 feet above the ground. They glowed, “like the indiglo color of a watch.” The two men thought the lights were odd, but considered that maybe there were some hunters ahead. The men shut off their lights. As they walked forward, in the distance toward where they saw the first glowing lights, they now observed what looked like a flashlight beam flashing back and forth between the tree line.

They did not think this was odd, since it was archery season, and there was the possibility that other hunters were in the area. Within minutes of seeing the single light beam, about 10 individual white beams of light suddenly appeared. These light beams which “flashed around,” seemed to originate from one point, and were not moving around as if being carried by someone. The beams appeared to be about 10 feet above the ground, and projected parallel with the ground, and extended straight out from the originating location.

…….. The men were confused as to what they were seeing. Their attention was then drawn to a glowing figure, moving from the area of the beams of light. “It seemed as though one light beam led it to the field.” The glowing human-like form moved about 20 feet out into a grass field. The grass in the area was about six inches tall. The other beams of light suddenly went out.

One witness described the being as similar to “a silhouette of a person just glowing, completely glowing.” The man said the best way to describe what they saw was if someone took glow in the dark paint, and rubbed it on a person’s body. The being was estimated to be about three feet tall, the head may have been a little larger than a human, and the upper part of the body seemed to lean forward.

The arms appeared to hang straight down, and were longer than that of a human. The legs were hard to see, as the glow was blocking out the shape. The color of the glow was described as a light green, lime color. The being seemed to be moving at twice the speed of the two men, who were walking fast. It actually gave the impression that it was gliding, and no sound was heard.

Stan Gordon, Researcher

California Glowing Creature, Feb, 2010

A California witnesses’ attention is drawn to a 3-foot-wide beam of light shining down on the backyard February 27, and then sees a “humanoid” figure, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

“The light beam ended up moving towards one of my windows,” the witness stated, “then held there about 3 feet away from it.”

But the witness soon noticed something even odder – “what looked to be a projection on the white flowers on the fruit tree of a head and shoulders of a mottled brown and black reptile humanoid figure.”

Amazing UFO over Kaneohe Marine Airstation, Dec, 2009

Dirk Vander Ploeg,

Witness Frank Abreu had been taking photos at the Kaneohe Airstation in Hawaii. He told UFO Digest;

“I have been getting alot of black orbs and white orbs following the incoming aircraft and out going aircraft from the base, but this was invisible to the naked eye. But somehow my digital camera was able to pick this up.

I have ran a few tests on the image, it is 3D and appears to be silver or metal in color. It is not a bird or any other convential aircraft. Please tell me what you think.”

Here we show Frank’s zoomed image alongsize several drawings of Quetzalcoatlus for comparison. It’s unusual to see a drawing of a pteosaur from this angle but as you can see, a straight-on view with wings on the downbeat provides a similar profile. That original story and additional photos are here:
UFO Digest

“Interestingly enough, Eskin Kuhn, while a Marine at Quantanomo, witnessed two pterosaurs flying side by side in daylight. Mr. Kuhn is an artist and drew very accurate depictions of the pteorsaurs he saw. One of them has wings in downbeat and it appears that were it to be flying directly towards an eyewitness could provide the same profile as the one in Mr. Abreu’s photo.

Large Light Green Luminescent ‘Birds’ Observed Over Hayward, CA
Thursday, March 11, 2010

5 to 7 large, glowing birds in that famous, lime green color over Hayward, California flying at a height of approximately 20 feet;

“I believe it might have been a little more than a year and a half ago. I was outside in my backyard at night when I heard a weird squawking noise, almost like a seagull, but different. I look up at the sky and see a flock of birds flying.

Their wings were straight out, unmoving, and they were flying in a straight line. It was like they were gliding. I could see them well against the dark sky. They were what I can only describe as a light green luminescent color. There was a faint light coming from them, almost like they were glowing.”

Source:Natural Plane Blogspot

Paranormal State – Devil in Jersey Season 4 Episode 12

On the program; Paranormal State; “Devil in Jersy”, the team heads to the Pine Barrens in New Jersey, the “birthplace” of the “jersey devil” and an area where to this day any number of jersey devil sightings are reported every year.

Based on eyewitness descriptions, some, like ourselves have suggested that what most often are being seen are still living pterosaurs. This however is not a ‘believable” or preferred option for these kinds of programs including “MonsterQuest”, which itself turned in another pretty weak “quest” in its Jersey Devil Episode.

Both of these programs like to conduct “scientific” investigations. That’s why they have a FLIR camera, after all. A FLIR is a Thermal Imaging, Night Vision and Infrared Camera System. Consider this; both programs conducting “scientific” investigations spent some time considering the legend of the Jersey Devil in which ‘Mother Leeds” asks that her 13th child be born a devil.

When one of the program experts repeats this tale, certain of the investigators raise their eyebrows in rapt consideration. On the Paranormal State program, the cryptozoologist offers his theory that maybe this 13th child had feral offspring who were still out there bothering good people.

What about the flying part another investigator asks? Crypto guy shrugs.

However, the very first witness that they interview on Paranormal State says and I quote “I told my friends that I just saw a pterodactyl”! This of course was not followed up at all—except to ask how tall it was. (Four to Five feet tall)

The eyewitness says that he was at an intersection at dusk when he saw the creature flying up from some trees. He said that it was very large and had wings like a bat. He went on to say that you could see capillaries or veins through its wings.

He called his friends to say that he had seen a pterodactyl (he didn’t know what else to call it) and then he went and immediately drew it so that he wouldn’t forget it. The drawing is shown here (above right). This whole line of investigation (pterodactyl) was not followed through with or mentioned through the rest of the program as they continued to speculated freely as to what it might be.

One expert claimed that none of the eyewitness accounts matched any known creatures.



The program did manage to catch something with apparent wings while out on their second night of investigation on their FLIR camera which is also shown here in comparison with a toy pterodactyl. This “FLIR’d” creature also has that telltale green glow but I’m not sure if a night vision green glow counts.

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What creature stalks the night with wings that glow by bioluminescence?

Tracking Living (Or Recently Dead) African Pterosaurs

Pteranodon on a Stick: Egyptian “Was” Scepter Creature No Mystery Without Darwinian History

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Online Publication:Tracking the Ancient Griffin, Modern Monsters and the “Extinct” Pterosaur Through Art, History and Science

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Jun 19 2009

This is an experimental media presentation for us here at We’ve got 600 pages of website and two movies. This is our first E-Publication. A “book” seemed like a better way to deliver what would have been a 30 page plus article on one website page.

This site does allow one to zoom in so its probably readable whatever your screen resolution. If you’re interested in this short “book” and don’t like the online version, send me an email at….

The Griffin: Mythological or Biological?
Griffins and Dragons Appear in the Art and History of Virtually All Cultures Through All Time
Griffin Depictions Are Consistent Through At Least 3,000 Years of Human History
Thousands of Modern Eyewitnesses Descriptions Match that of Ancient Monsters
Did Pterosaurs Really Go Extinct 45 Million Years Ago?

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Living Pterosaurs Newsletter #12

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Oct 08 2008

by Jonathan Whitcomb

The two photos presented here are from and were not an original part of this newsletter. They are presented here because it seemed to be a subject well suited to present them, and we decided to make one post rather than two. It is our assertion that this piece represents a pterosaur, which would certainly be anomalous (by 65 million years).

Photo 1: Antique art from Nigeria, from the book; “L’Oiseau Dans Ll’arte de Afrique L’Oues”, (Birds in the art of West Africa)

Photo 2: The Nigerian piece compared with the fossil skulls of pterosaurs and with ancient drawing from Kalimantan.


Living-pterosaur investigations (including, but not limited to, sighting investigations) continue. These cryptozoological studies began around 1994, when Carl Baugh (of the Creation Evidence Museum, in Glen Rose, Texas) and missionary Jim Blume interviewed nationals (natives) on Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea.

Baugh was assisted by Paul Nation (also of that area of Texas) in the 1994 expedition. In 2004, the investigations continued with the expeditions of Jonathan Whitcomb, David Woetzel, and Garth Guessman, who explored Umboi and interviewed many eyewitnesses.

In late 2006, Paul Nation returned to Papua New Guinea, but not to Umboi Island. He was flown into a remote mountainous area of the mainland by the pilot Jim Blume. Nation had several night sightings of what the local villagers call “indava.” He videotaped two lights that were similar to the glowing forms
of Umboi Island (these kinds of creatures seem to have a bioluminescence).


In recent years, most investigations involve sightings in North American, especially the West Coast of the U.S.A.

The archive of the previous newsletter (011) (about a Southern California investigation and about the bat-ropen connection) is found at:

Newsletter 11

Lines of Influence

Jim Blume interviewed many natives (late 20th Century). Blume was interviewed, by telephone, by Garth Guessman. Guessman gave a copy of the audiotaped interview to Whitcomb. Whitcomb included much of Blume’s information in his book. The book (“Searching for Ropens”) encouraged investigators to continue. Garth Guessman and David Woetzel began a new investigation (No. America).

Guessman & Woetzel were joined by Scott Norman, who saw a large pterosaur. Reports of Norman’s sighting were believed by some cryptozoologists. Living-pterosaur investigations now have more credibility in cryptozoology.

Jim Blume assisted Carl Baugh with interviewing on Umboi. Baugh brought Paul Nation along on one of the expeditions. Nation returned, alone, to Umboi, in 2002, strengthening friendships. The friendly villagers (natives on Umboi) assisted Whitcomb in 2004.

Whitcomb updated Guessman and Woetzel on conditions on Umboi. Guessman and Woetzel arrived and interviewed other natives on Umboi Island. Those two Americans obtained much information, leading to a scientific paper. Woetzel’s paper introduced living-pterosaur ideas to scientists in the U.S.

Woetzel’s published paper lead Whitcomb to write for the same journal. Readers of the journal better realized the depth of the investigations. (Lines of influence are still to come in the scientific community)

Paul Nation instructed and prepared Whitcomb to explore Umboi Island. Whitcomb explored Umboi Island and interviewed eyewitnesses. Info. from Whitcomb’s interviews were published in 1st edition of his book.

Book (1st ed.) influenced a businessman to help finance Nation’s 2006 trip. Paul Nation’s 2006 expedition resulted in videotape of indava light. Information on Nation’s 2006 expedition was put into 2nd edition of the book.

Paul Nation obtained video footage of indava lights. Footage of indava lights was later analyzed by physicist Cliff Paiva. Paiva’s analysis encouraged Whitcomb to write more web pages. Substantial number of web pages attracted attention of more eyewitnesses. New eyewitnesses enabled Whitcomb to continue interviewing: more data.

Paul Nation’s videotaped indava lights encouraged Destination Truth. Destination Truth team obtained their own video of “ropen” light. Broadcast of Destination Truth introduced many Americans to the ropen. More American eyewitnesses are now open to being interviewed.

Duane Hodgkinson saw a giant flying “pterodactyl” in 1944. Hodgkinson told of his experience to Carl Baugh. Baugh accepted Hodgkinson’s account, encouraging Hodgkinson. Hodgkinson contacted Whitcomb (2004) and told him much information. Whitcomb was encouraged to go to Papua New Guinea (Umboi). . . etc. Hodgkinson’s openness allowed Guessman to give him a videotaped interview.

A portion of that video was put onto YouTube (online) by Whitcomb. Many thousands of YouTube watchers were introduced to living pterosaurs. Some YouTube viewers told Whitcomb about their own sightings.

(These are just a sample of many lines of influence.)

Near Collision over Indonesia

A few weeks ago, the pilot of a small plane reported a large flying creature: Just this past June, it nearly collided with the plane. It was about 150 miles southeast of Bali, Indonesia, at 6500 feet.

Immediately after the near collision, both the pilot and co-pilot said, “pterodactyl!” I (Jonathan Whitcomb) received emails from both men. They are both former navy pilots and I found their testimonies credible, without any sign of a hoax and without any sign of a predisposition to promote the concept of living pterosaurs. They do not seem inclined to either disparage or promote our investigations.

Although this sighting off the coast of Indonesia was too brief for the men to be sure of many details
of appearance, the size of the creature (at first the pilot thought it was another plane) and altitude
seem inconsistent with common birds or bats in the southwest Pacific. It could have been a ropen.
This sighting is not given as independent evidence of living pterosaurs; it is appreciated, however,
in context with all the sightings of giant pterosaur-like creatures reported in the southwest Pacific:
Perhaps large ropens can fly above 6000 feet.

For more information, see:
Pterosaur Indonesia
Investigation in Georgia (United States)

I’ve been communicating, by email, with an eyewitness in Georgia. Two flying creatures were seen within a period of less than two weeks; one was larger than the other, but they were in the same general area. The sightings were just this past summer (2008).

From the drawings the lady sent to me, I am calling this apparent pterosaur “Hammerhead Ropen.” The head appendage is somewhat similar to that of the creatures seen by Hodgkinson and Hennessy; but the beak and the appendage seem more like one continuous head-structure. The head-appendage has a somewhat curved shape. Both beak and head-appendage are more blunt than is in the sketches of the Hodgkinson-Hennessy creatures.

The tail ends in a “flat, thick, heart-shaped pad.” Fortunately, this eyewitness is an artist; the drawings are better than almost any others that I have seen. I will be talking with her about the possibility of letting the world see her sketches. (She is still an anonymous eyewitness.)

Back issues of the first eight issues of this newsletter are at:

Archived Newsletters


Thank you for your interest in living pterosaurs.

See Also: Nigerian Pterosaur Art

Eyewitness Accounts: Thunderbirds Over Western Pennsylvania

Crypto, Dinosaurs in Literature, Science, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Jun 16 2008

By “The Paranormal Pastor” * , Robin Swope

The reason these stories are of interest to us of course, besides our natural curiosity concerning God’s creation, is that we believe that some of these creatures being reported are still existing pterosaurs.

After reading the June 4, 2008 edition of Cryptomundo where Loren Coleman highlights the recent Thunderbird sightings in the Appalachians as reported by Stan Gordon, I reflected back to an incident that happened to me a few years ago in Western Pennsylvania.

I think I saw a Thunderbird myself in July of 2001

In 2000 I started working in a local graveyard in Erie County Pennsylvania. I had left association with Denominational churches a few years prior because of the many abuses of power and people that I had seen over the years. Eventually I started my own independent non-denominational organization called Open Gate Ministerial Services to offer services that you would normally find in a church to those who did not belong to any church or religious organization.

As an ordained clergyman of a small fellowship that acted as a church I performed Weddings, Funerals, Baptism/Dedications, and other services as needed to whomever needed them. But it didn’t pay well. In fact I never asked for any fee, and lot of the time I never received one. But I liked that. It was very liberating.

But I still had bills to pay and knowing that I went out into the workforce to support my family while still being able to minister to others through our organization.

I ended up working at the graveyard as a gravedigger. I started off as a salesman, but I couldn’t make a sale for the life of me. I’m just not the salesman type- especially cemetery sales which is harder than most. But there was an opening in the maintenance department and it paid above the average wage at the time so I jumped at the chance.

*Self named

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