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New Poll of Public School Students: Teach Us Creation!

Church of Darwin, Religious, Science, Uncategorized | Posted by Chris Parker
May 06 2008


Yet another poll indicates that Americans believe creation should be included in US public school classrooms.

Channel One, a secular broadcast company that airs a daily program for public schools, asked students, ‘Which theory should be taught in your classroom?’ The choices were creation, evolution, or both. A majority of students (52 percent) said ‘both.’ Another 31 percent said ‘creation,’ and only 17 percent said ‘evolution.’

The poll was posted on as part of a January 8 story about Rodney LeVake, a Christian teacher who was forced out of his biology classroom in Minnesota simply because he taught evidence against evolution.

A nationwide poll reported in March 2000, for example, found that 79% of Americans believe that creation should be taught in some form in public schools….