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New Look at Coso Artifact

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Jan 01 2009

Photo: Artifact and x-ray
The “Coso Artifact” is a concretion with what looks something like a sparkplug embedded within. The concretion of marine creatures that surrounds it would normally be considered 500,000 years old.

This one of the first oopart or anomalous artifacts that Creationists trot out when speaking of anomalous finds as a possible pre-flood artifact. Consequently, it is one of those artifacts that Atheists are ready to attack vigorously. Usually, it is dimissively identified as just an old Champions spark plug and not a pre-flood artifact.

The point is this, because it looks like a spark plug to me. Is it an unexplainable technology in a 500,000 year old concretion–as dated by geologists (or at least very old) or is it proof that these concretions can form in a very, very few years, wreaking havock with many geological assumptions?

In any case, our friend, Clifford Paiva of BSM Research Associates, took a new look at the artifact on his website;”

1. Just some data regarding the electrical, marine fossil-encrusted rock found some years ago near Owens Dry Lake. Folks seemed determined to be specific concerning application of a Champion spark plug…1920s vintage…to the artifact. Therefore I did some preliminary were with some of the available frames.

2. Very low direct correlation to a Champion 1920s spark plug. Even after trying several types…the same result.

3. That the artifact is electrical seems certain.

4. That the artifact is encrusted externally with marine fossils, and internally possessing a nail and washer, seems to indicate a possible pre-deluvian artifact.

5. One should remember that spark plugs are predominantly used for internal, chemical combustion engines. If the electrical device is a spark plug, then such engines were in existence before the Deluge. This constitutes a significant stretch…hence more study concerning this point is required.

Click Here for More Info about Cliff’s Analysis– Arrow Down the Page to the Coso Discussion and Photos

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