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More on Death Valley Cave Complex–Giants Etc.

Giants in Those Days,, Sophistication of Ancestors, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 01 2009

These comments were sent in response to a prior post which itself was an update. Wouter thought he might have found part of the complex described in the antique news article… The prior post is here:Prior Post

“If Wouter can play with Google maps, so could I. It took me a bit longer, his instructions were not correct.

Attached is an image from a topo map for the area, an official U.S. Geological Survey image and at as close to the same size as I could with Yahoo maps, with an image so close to the Google image, even
to the same time of day, that I suspect it may be the same.

As can be seen, this anomaly is near the bottom of a canyon, and would not be visible more than a mile at most from any angle, in an area where 60 mile views are usual. The area is rugged enough that the last mile may have to be done on foot, if not more.

The Geologic Survey’s and Google Maps’ images are different enough that it puzzles me.

….I have been able to verify that this image appears on both and . On how many other satellite pictures does it appear?

As I have sent you, the topo map does not show the structure, and the Geological Survey photo that came with the topo map doesn’t even follow the topo map (Google and Yahoo images are closer to the topo map).

It appears to me that the Geological Survey photo was crudely distorted as if to hide something.” K.R.