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The Holy Bible Lighthouse Version Free Online

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Jul 30 2009

You may be interested in a new Bible version that preserves the meaning of the KJV while updating the language.

Many of my creation friends seem to be interested in it.

It can be downloaded for free from Lighthouse Bible Version and hard copy can also be ordered from there.

Further description: This Bible preserves the meaning, style, and words of the King James Version as far as possible while modernizing the language. Occasionally old words like “ye” and “thou” are left in. Verses that are in the KJV but left out in many modern versions have been included.

This translation was done using the e-Sword software as well as online dictionaries of the English language. Factors taken into account in the translation process were the definitions of words in the KJV as found in old dictionaries, the way in which words and expressions are used elsewhere in the KJV, the underlying Hebrew and Greek and their English translations, and the context of the passage.

Also, five Bible commentaries, those of Jamieson, Fausset and Brown, Barnes, Wesley, Clarke, and Matthew Henry, as well as the 1599 Geneva Bible Translation Notes, were frequently consulted for insight into the meaning of the passage.

Dave Plaisted (Author)

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