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Unknown Ancient Monuments in Colorado?

Church of Darwin, Uncategorized, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
May 07 2011

Is this an ancient monument from some ancient civilization or simply a case of versimultude? Reader simply says that he took these photos while hiking somewhere in Colorado.

“I live in Grand junction Colorado USA
The henot d statue is about 5 1/2 foot tall or so.
The full body status is around 20 foot tall.
There is a lot of other stuff around the area, Some of it is Spanish I think?
Can anyone tell me anything about them?

He did have coordinates or a specific location for the “monuments” but says that he knows where they are.

Notes on the Missisippi Great Wall and the Rock Wall of Rockwall Texas, Science, Sophistication of Ancestors, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 06 2009

The other day, we came across the story of another ancient monument that is responsible for the name of the modern location, just as Rockwall, Texas is named for a Rock Wall.

“FORT MOUNTAIN STATE PARK, Ga. –The remains of the 855-foot stone wall that gives Fort Mountain its name wind like a snake around the northeast Georgia park, and its very presence begs a question: Who put them there?”

Who knew that the early Americans were so literal? We wonder how many other localities in the U.S. are named for such ancient ruins? or as science would say; natural formations :0). Are they correct? Who knows? But I think that the bias is for nature rather than for intelligent design. After all, if they are man made, who made them?

We recieved the following note from David Campbell of and we’re posting it because we know that so many from Texas are interested in the Rock Wall of Rockwall, Texas.

Our story on the Mississippi Great Wall is here.

“I recently read your entry on the Mississippi Walls…. . It had been a while since I checked into your site and I don’t know how I missed that one. ….The description and photo is practically identical with walls at Rockwall.

Also I was surprised to see that you’d linked the St. Louis newspaper account of the other walls down on the Sabine River. Recently a mainstream archaeologist mentioned that he’d read that one in going through some old archives but he did not have nearly as much information as you posted at at your site.

As soon as I saw the articles, I forwarded the link to John L. and Dee J. down in Rockwall.

Dee …gave me a lead a couple of years ago on a green glass pavement that had been exposed during a flood back in the 50′s. Some of the blocks had been on display at a bicycle shop there years back but the shop and the blocks have since gone off the radar and I hit a dead end.

Since I often see visits to my website, linked from your site, I’d be glad to network with any interested parties to pool information…….

David Campbell