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Video: Dinosaurs and Man; The Lands That Darwin Forgot..Episodes 1-8

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Oct 28 2010

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Darwin and time forgot the co-existence of man and dinosaurs but it is reflected in the art of ancient peoples. The variety and repetitive discoveries of known dinosaur and pterosaur species offer proof that Darwinism is a lie; all species of animals on this planet have lived concurrently with man.

The proof of this assertion is explored in eight episodes. The Series; The Lands That time Forgot”.
(Note this is not a real series….Its a conceit)

And God created the great dragons…

And man memorialized these creatures; great and small; in exquisite detail. That is why these examinations will never be popular. everything that we’ve been told is true by materialistic sources–is untrue–and that is impossible in that world view.

Link to Video; Dinosaurs and Man; The Lands That Darwin Forgot..Episodes 1-8

Note: No actual, horses, dogs or dinosaurs were hurt or harmed in the making of this movie….

30+ Out of Place and Out of Time Animals in the Ancient Americas that Expound Genesis and Confound Science; “Evidence” that Proves the Biblical Account Reliable and Macro-Evolution Deniable

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Sep 22 2010

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YouTube Direkt Quadrupeds and Flatheads, Ominivores and Carnivores, Plesiosaurs and Dinosaurs, Giant Creatures with Identifying Features, the Uropatagium and the alleged explosion of the Cambrian.

Thirty plus “eons extinct” creatures that lived in the Americas in recent times.

Slide show and Movie;(Part 1 and Part 2) The movie has the narration. See the slide show for detail and deliberation.

Part 1 Video

Part 2 Video –Corrected

Direct Link to Slideshow

Alternate Slideshow Site-Calameo

Did Ancient Americans Hunt Sauropod Dinosaurs-or Did They Just Draw Bison with Really Long Necks?

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May 03 2010

In the fine tradition of our prior post; Did Ancient Americans Ride the Parasaurolophus Dinosaur?-Or Did They Just Exaggerate the Size of Their Sheep? we bring you this “companion” article-in the form of a Powerpoint Slideshow.

You can click “Menu” on the Slide, bottom left, to see this full page. Look, maybe noone should be making strong claims about what ancient Americans hunted or co-existed with based on ancient art on a rock–but you can be sure that to the extent that it verifies what science already believes-no problem. But if there is a real or perceived anomaly you can bet it will be categorized as mythological, or perhaps exaggeration etc.

We’re just saying that if you can recognize the ordinary creatures in their arts-then why wouldn’t you at least wonder if perhaps they had really seen the extraordinary…

Mystery of the Pterosaur Figurine in the 1983 Period Movie; “The Scarlet and the Black”

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May 07 2009

Video captures by J Pratt.

This scene occurs at about the 1 hr 52 minute mark of the Italian television film “The Scarlet and the Black” featuring (among other notable actors) Christopher Plummer as the commander of the Gestapo during the Nazi occupation of Rome in World War II (after the fall of Mussolini).

I have difficulty believing that the set and location designers, after striving to ensure authentic locations and art for the settings of the film, decided that for this one scene they really needed to create a life-sized gold-plated pterodactyl statue to glare at Plummer’s character from next to a fireplace!

Photo:Two Views (video captures) from the Movie; “The Scarlet and the Black”

You should find two attached jpgs, one of which presents the statue at the closest zoom of the filming camera, and one of which presents the statue from a master shot at another slightly different angle. The resolution is not very good, unfortunately; if you can rent the film at Blockbuster or Netflix, you may be able to obtain a better screen grab. (It certainly looks even more impressive on a high-def television!)

You may recognize this as something you already have better pictures of, but if not then it likely still exists somewhere in Rome in an artistic collection.

J. Pratt

Photo: “Scarlet” ptero compared with alleged dead (non-crested) pterosaur from the 1950′s

As you can see from the photos and comparisons shown here,Jason is on to something. Is is definitely a statue/figure of a pterosaur, probably a crested pterosaur like pterodactylus or a pterodactyl with head spike. The question then is, why is it near the fireplace in a period movie about Nazi’s and the Catholic church?

Is it meant as a joke? I assure you that there are few if any modern gold-plated or bronze statues of pterodactyls. As Jason wondered, is it a reproduction of an anncient Roman piece? Possibly Egyptian, or Greek? We’d ask the set dresser where he got the piece, but he died a few years ago.

Does anyone recognize the style or the piece? Does anyone have the movie in high definition on DVD? Maybe we can obtain a better look at this “pterosaur”…

Information About “The Scarlet and the Black”

The Scarlet and the Black is a 1983 made for TV movie starring Gregory Peck and Christopher Plummer. This production should not be confused with the 1993 British television mini series The Scarlet and the Black, which starred Ewan McGregor and Rachel Weisz.

Based on J. P. Gallagher’s book The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican (published in 1967), this movie tells the story of Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, a real life Irish Catholic priest who saved thousands of Jews and Allied POWs from Nazi occupied Rome.

Plot synopsis
In 1943, German-occupied Rome witnessed many atrocities of the Gestapo under the command of Colonel Herbert Kappler. Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, an Irish priest, was assigned to the Vatican under the pontificate of Pope Pius XII. Despite official Vatican neutrality and significant risk to his position within the church and personal safety, O’Flaherty organizes an enormous network of civilians to save Jewish refugees and Allied POWs from the Nazis.

Colonel Kappler discovers that O’Flaherty is giving shelter to Allied prisoners and orders a white line be drawn around the Vatican compound, later placing German guards along the perimeter and checking identification of those entering to try to stop the inflow of POW’s who O’Flaherty has been helping.

The film portrays the brutal tactics of the Gestapo who torture and execute a priest found to be actively assisting the resistance fighters. Kappler makes it his aim not only to stop O’Flaherty’s efforts, but also to have him assassinated.

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Debunking the “150 Million Year Old Reptile” Ichthyosaur Mythology
Extinct for 95 Million Years, Maybe Not!
Convergent Ichthyosaur Evolution, A Fairy Tale

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Aug 03 2008

by Chris Parker, Copy Right 2008

Photo: This “dolphin shaped ceramic from Eretria, 310 B.C., shares an important morphological characteristic with the ichthyosaurs; 4 fins.

“The earliest dolphins appeared in the late Miocene period, some 11 million years ago. The land animals that are closest to whales and dolphins are the Ungulates (hoofed animals). This was determined among others by comparing the structure of body proteins. The closest relative is probably the hippopotamus”(Ursing and Arnason, 1998).”

That foregoing statement divides the world into three groups; those who are so “smart” that they have to believe it, (like PH’D’s) those who are gullible enough to believe something like that and –the rest of us. Thankfully, a majority of us still resist the evolution religion and are in the third group.

This article is ostensibly not about dolphins and whales but rather is about creatures that science has named “ichthyosaurs”, (fish-reptiles) and how they became classified by science as reptiles, unrelated to whales and dolphins, who supposedly died out more than 95 million years ago—some 85 million years prior to the evolution of dolphins who they most resemble morphologically.

In this brief article, I believe that we can show that there is; scant evidence that Ichthyosaurs were reptiles, or at least we can demonstrate that there is more evidence to show that they were Not reptiles, and that they did not become extinct millions of years ago and thus; are not an example of “convergent evolution”.

In addition, I intend to show that they were as you might expect, closely related to the Cetaceans like dolphins and porpoises….

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