Darwin Flunks Math:Study Finds That Geometry Skills Are Innate

Posted by Chris Parker
Jun 24 2011

For you formed my inmost being.

You knit me together in my mother’s womb. Psalm 139:13

“A recent study suggested that geometry skills might be an inherent ability, an innate skill instilled in humans at birth.”

Here’s the problem for Darwinists;how could such complex knowledge have evolved?

Our uniform experience and our innate commen sense should tell us that complex information is generated by intelligence. For this geometric ability to have evolved; an individual would have had to have a mutation in the distant past which provided him/her with this innate ability and no doubt that only partial ability would have to have been enough to improve his “fitness” so that he alone survived and had progeny while those without it perished due to factors in their environment.

Even geometry teachers would hesitate to make those claims for the discipline.

Of course, no mutation is going to contain information and more specifically, correct, complex information. Information comes from intelligent sources; always. The only intelligence able to impart innate geometry knowledge is the Creator Himself…..s8int.com

Study Finds That Geometry Skills Are Innate(Source: EndPlay Staff Reports) –

A recent study suggested that geometry skills might be an inherent ability, an innate skill instilled in humans at birth. And though middle and high school math teachers might disagree, the study’s hypothesis is supported with fascinating findings.

The study, which was originally published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States , explained how researchers came to the conclusion that understanding of basic geometry is an inborn trait.

According to BBC report on the study, the researcher’s subjects were members of a remote Amazonian tribe, the Mundurucu.

Dr. Pierre Pica, a scholar of the National Centre for Scientific Research in France, and his colleagues performed the research. According to the British news report, the Mundurucu were prime candidates for the study because their language does not include exact numerical figures, only words for approximate estimates.

“You don’t have a lot of geometrical terms like square or triangle or anything like that, and no way of saying two lines are parallel… it looks like the language does not have this concept,” Pica told the BBC.

Regardless of the lack of vernacular, the tribe members were able to “to quickly grasp concepts in planar geometry relating to points, lines and triangles,” according to The New York Times analysis of the research.

Pica and his associates found that the 30 members of the Mundurucu people questioned about basic geometry responded similarly to 30 adults and children in the U.S. and France, according to the BBC , despite inequities related to the latter group’s formal Western education and the Mundurucu’s lack of words to express the mathematical and geometric information.

To view the researchers’ official report on their study, click over to the online publication of the PNAS journal .

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