New Update on the Death Valley Cave Complex-Quest for Death Valley Giants and the Cover Up?

Posted by Chris Parker
Jun 17 2010

Photo: “Giant”Skull at Humboldt Museum

By Scott S.

In 2007 I first started the quest for Death Valley giants.

At the time I hadn’t made the connection that the ancient underground city in death valley and the giant legends are actually not necessarily related. If you dig the only reference to giants in the underground city is of a giant gold statue and if you check Paiute, Shoshone, and Anasazi legends they actually talk about 2 peoples, 1) A giant race of giant cannibals, and 2) another race of “advanced private people living in a cave city high in the death valley mountains”.

But not knowing this yet … A disappointing 1st trip to death valley and a reality check of heat stroke, poor visibility, poor access, inadequate gear, and a clue I found in Death valley Scotty’s castle re-enforcing that he had actually found and “borrowed gold” from the underground city drove me to spend what time I had left tracking down the lost giants.

Using the David Hatcher Childress book on Lost Civilizations of North America guide I was determined to find the lost giants.

My first stop was to the Carson City museum where some artifacts including the giant sandal were supposed to be. As it turned out that wing of the museum was closed for reconstruction. After chatting with the security guard for a while he revealed the following;

“Sorry boys you aren’t never going to see them or anyone else for that matter the “Lovelock” artifacts have all been sent away for “Safe” storage and the only ones going back in the case are some replicas.”

While I never had the chance to go back and see what replicas were put on display I think it hardly matters. The next stop was to Lovelock itself to see the cave. Spending my youth crawling through lava caves, the Lovelock cave was not all that exciting, it was a crack in the cliff with about a 10 X 20 X 10 foot room, empty of course with a sign saying they found some reed duck decoys there with no mention of the giant skeletons.

Onward to the Lovelock Museum which was closed with a phone number on the door saying call to see when it would be open, no answer of course..

My last stop was the Winnemucca Museum. We got there just before closing and while they had an impressive wooly mammoth skeleton the Lovelock display was limited to a couple of stone grain grinders and reed necklaces.

Frustrated I approached the two curators at the museum and inquired about the skeletons. The younger lady tried to redirect my question but after some charming banter the elderly lady asked me if I would like to see the red headed giants? Boy would I ? She took me down into the basement and opened up a cabinet and in it were 3 heads/skulls. Two Indian skulls; one had been clay recreated to show the face when it was alive, and the other was just a skull, but the the 3rd skull was the Lovelock skull and it didn’t look like the Indian skull.

The younger curator tried to turn my attention to the Indian skull and the recreation etc but I didn’t pay her much attention; in a sick twist of fate my camera wouldn’t shoot because the battery was too low.. I know, I know, perfect excuse but I’m be going back this winter to try and trace down the Indian legend of the stone pyramid built by giants in New York Canyon that was destroyed in an earthquake.

I doubt I’ll find any nice rectangular pyramid stone more likely a pile of natural stones out of place but who knows?, and I’ll stop by the museum on my way and get pics of the lovelock skull, if somebody here doesn’t beat me to it know that you know where the last evidence is.

Anyway I honestly didn’t see the Lovelock skull as being “Giant”; it looked pretty close in size to the Indian skull but the elderly curator assured me they had a university professor measured it vs the Indian skull and determined it would be for a 9-10 foot tall man.. but what did strike me was the shape of the skull, it was wider and flatter and most obvious was the eye brow ridges where very pronounced like you would think of a caveman or Neanderthal .

What stuck me as odd was why they recreated the Indian skull and not the giant skull? I mean what’s more useful to science? Why these were hidden in the cabinet vs on display? And why did the younger curator try to get rid of me vs wanting to show it. I asked about what happened to the full bodies and the older curator said University of Berkeley had came and taken all the giant skeletons away for study decades ago and this was all that had survived that grab.

So University of Berkeley has been sitting on giant skeletons for 90 years and has yet to file a paper? Why?

Being excited about my find I called someone I knew who had just finished her archeological degree to which I received “oh that…yeah I know, we are told not to look into this, its pretty well communicated if you research into giants or other races they will end your career immediately, we are told to say its all 1800’s media fraud regardless of the evidence, in fact they think they have found a living tribe of Neanderthals in northernmost Canada, but I don’t know anymore about it, its pretty controversial, again if you ask questions you’ll be working at McDonalds tomorrow”.

So what to make of it? Cover up? Fear to rewrite history book? Who knows anyway Ill get a pic of the skull this winter if it hasn’t been snatched up , and for those of you that want to see it yourself you know where it is, hopefully the elderly curator hasn’t retired yet, and hopefully you can charm you way into the employees only basement…..Scot S.

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