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New Update on the Death Valley Cave Complex

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Jun 16 2010

Photo: Death Valley Cave Complex Search. by Scott S.
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Several years ago we reprinted an August 4, 1947 article from the San Diego Union entitled; “Trace of Giants Found in the Desert, Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley? EXPEDITION REPORTS NINE-FOOT SKELETONS”

That was followed by a number of updates sent in by individuals interested in the cave complex, and or its possible location. Those posts are listed here:

Last Update

Prior Update

Prior Update

First Update

This latest update is from Scott S. The photos are from him as well:

From Scott S.

“I found this on google earth last year. In pic marked scorpions, while I couldn’t find a pic of the coordinates opps I thought I saved it, a person should still be able to find it via this pic and current google earth, because the giant wash adjacent to it didn’t go anywhere with the goolge earth changes. I’m providing this to be published for any adventurous soul who wants to track it down and check it out.

Just as a heads up I live about 1000 miles away from Death Valley and for the past 3 years, once a year I go there on vacation and I spend a week down there climbing those mountains looking for the underground city.

Photo: Death Valley Cave Complex Search. by Scott S.
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While I haven’t been to the scorpions in person yet, I honestly don’t think its located there. I have my own list of most likely places including some caves found at the right elevation facing the furnace creek ranch that I hope to get to this winter if I can figure out how to get to em, as for the scorpions, if you look on google earth and land on em, the scorpions just don’t have visibility out of the wash into furnace creek and if you spend enoung time looking the air brushing is quite common on the cliffs in google earth, I think its more a mirror and fill in the holes of angle the satellite couldn’t capture- vs a government coverup, part of Death Valley is already a navy base, if they knew of anything to hide, just like the 1000′s of petroglyps in china lake a stroke of the pen and emminent domain would keep the the underground city a secret forever vs just airbrushing and just letting people go up there.

I have been over a fair section of tucki mountain, blackwater and tucki wash… unfortunately after 3 years of using it and on the ground intelligence ,I’m honestly telling you google earth is limited that place looks completetly different in person, you can’t even see cliffs from furnace creek with a telescope the heat waves distort your vison.

I’ve found several caves on foot” not the underground city though” that are simply not visible in any way on google earth or from standing at furnace creek with a high powered telescope; you have to be there climbing on those cliffs and 500 ft or less and just stumble on them.

That being said there are the scorpions and a way to find them back after google earth’s air brushing.

Good luck to you fellow adventurers, but as a heads up Death Valley is no joke, weather can kill you in the winter, spring, fall and summer only ~ 2 months are relativey friendly, cell phones don’t work if you get into trouble, you are 1/2 a days hike out to the nearest road if you are un injured, coyotes are in my camp every night, the place is littered with rattlesnakes, sidewiders, black widows and scorpions and last winter I stood face to face with a mountain lion…and me without my gun…. one wrong step on those cliffs to slip off and they wont find your body.. why do I go back?

I’ve pulled 100 year old, newspaper articles, geological fault maps, indian legends as far east of Arizona…none of them does anything but CONFIRM this… its there my friends.. see pic attached of last year (top, left) “I could see furnace creek directly below and the wash behind it” at 4000-4500 ft elevation.. if I can see what they saw I’m getting close and Ill be going back every winter until I find it..

I’ll be happy to share some of my learnings if I can figure out how to post to s8int..”

Scot S. June 16, 2010
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The Song Remains the Same; Fossil X Remains Unchanged

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Jun 16 2010

Science had discovered that a certain type of wasp -the fig wasp-which was discovered in amber considered to be millions of years old, are virtually identical to those same wasps living today.

In yesterday’s Post, science was surprised that mammal hair had remained unchanged (unevolved) for “over 100 million years”.

In “Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave, When at First We Practice to Deceive”–science was surprised that “165 miilion year old spiders were unchanged (unevolved).

In March 2009, our post was about the discovery of a “95 million year old” octopi in which yes, science was surprised it hadn’t changed (evolved).

In “Scientists Find Lamprey A ‘Living Fossil’: 360 Million-year-old Fish Hasn’t Evolved Much”, –read that to mean that they hadn’t changed at all (evolved) and that yes, science was surprised.

“The Coelacanth allegedly dates back 400 million years. Other organisms unchanged after supposedly millions of years of evolution include:

Alligators and Crocodiles – The crocodile family is thought to have lived 230 million years ago and remains virtually unchanged since that time. Army Ants supposedly date back 100 million years to the time of the dinosaur.

The cockroach dates back 350 million years according to evolutionists. The Crinoid or Sea Lilly has been found in sedminents dating back 150 million years and yet the modern living variety is virtually identical.

The dragonfly dates back 230 million years, according to evolution and geology but is unchanged in almost every detail. The horseshoe crab – Believed to have lived 300 million years ago, but remain almost identical today. The nautilus – believed to have lived 500 million years ago, but remains almost completely unchanged”…New World Creation

A trend seems to be developing….s8intcom

Ancient Fossils Show Fig Wasps Remain Unchanged

Research found that the wasp fossils contained similarities to modern wasps A study of three ancient fossils found on the Isle of Wight in the 1920s has revealed that evolution has not altered the fig wasp in 34 million years.

The specimens, housed at London’s Natural History Museum, were previously thought to be of ants but a new examination confirmed their origins.

Dr Steve Compton, of the University of Leeds, said the fig wasp fossils were “fascinating” because of their age.

He also highlighted their similarity to the modern species.

‘Complex relationship’

Dr Compton, who led the study, explained: “This means that the complex relationship that exists today between the fig wasps and their host trees developed more than 34 million years ago and has remained unchanged since then.”

Fig wasps attach themselves to an individual tree and spread its pollen Fig wasps attach themselves to an individual tree and spread its pollen.

Each tree is exclusively pollinated by just one or two species of wasp.

Modern fig wasps carry the pollen they collect in special pockets beneath their bodies.

Dr Compton’s team was able to identify pollen pockets on the wasp fossils, and even grains of fig pollen within them.

Article Source-BBC News