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Did Ancient Americans Hunt Sauropod Dinosaurs-or Did They Just Draw Bison with Really Long Necks?

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May 03 2010

In the fine tradition of our prior post; Did Ancient Americans Ride the Parasaurolophus Dinosaur?-Or Did They Just Exaggerate the Size of Their Sheep? we bring you this “companion” article-in the form of a Powerpoint Slideshow.

You can click “Menu” on the Slide, bottom left, to see this full page. Look, maybe noone should be making strong claims about what ancient Americans hunted or co-existed with based on ancient art on a rock–but you can be sure that to the extent that it verifies what science already believes-no problem. But if there is a real or perceived anomaly you can bet it will be categorized as mythological, or perhaps exaggeration etc.

We’re just saying that if you can recognize the ordinary creatures in their arts-then why wouldn’t you at least wonder if perhaps they had really seen the extraordinary…