The Civil War Pterosaur Shot No One’s Allowed to See; The Most Obfuscated Photo in History?

Posted by Chris Parker
Apr 21 2010

A doppelganger picture? Yes! Because there exists a second, virtually identical imitation of this sepia photo, a yellowish photo with very similar content, that most people also don’t know the origin of! But more on that later. Here are the two pictures. The first we shall call the real “Sepia (colored) shot” & the second the fake “Yellow shot“:

1) The First “Sepia Shot!” — Study carefully! Click on photo to see big size.

2) The 2nd “Yellow Shot” imitation.

What’s up with these photos?

•Both photos show 6-7 American soldiers with similar Civil War uniforms & similar guns.
•Both photos show a dead, non-decomposed carcass of a recently shot pterosaur!?
•Both hunters have similar positions with their left foot on the pterosaur’s head.
•Both photos’ soldiers hold similar positions in similar open spots in a forest.
•Both photos have blurred edges, but the 2nd one’s blur seems applied & more artificial.
•Both photos have a similar fold line going vertically through the picture.
•Both photos have similar scrape marks at virtually similar spots. Coincidence?
•In the 1st sepia shot details are clearer than in the 2nd blurry yellow shot.
•Sun-faded spots in the 1st photo look more genuine than lightened parts in the 2nd.
•It seems that the 2nd is an imitation of the 1st one, except for the pterosaur size!
•Both photos’ content is very CONTROVERSIAL, to say the least!

Photography during the civil war was very developed and already produced detailed clear pictures. Although details on the sepia photo’s edge are not as clear as the middle of the photo most likely due to chromatic abberation (6), there’s no reason for the second photo to be so equally blurred, other than by design. Also the Civil War uniforms & equipment in the sepia shot are more correct than in the yellow one, where the belts are incorrect. Also the “dino” looks kind of flat and non-descript.

We can safely say that the second photo is not as old as the first and was purely intended as a copy of the first, a “doppelganger” like Winston Churchill’s look-alikes during World War II, hired to protect him! How easy it is to deceive the nations.

Question; Why create a fake of a fake? EXCERPTED FROM ORIGINAL ARTICLE:HERE–Click to Read the Remainder

Excerpted by permission.

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