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Death Valley Giants Cave Complex Satellite Photo Blurred Out?

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Apr 28 2010

“Ancient Civilizations, Giants, Tunnels Beneath Southern California?” , re a cave complex discovered in Death Valley with the remains of nine foot tall giants. Some time later, a reader suggested that he had found the cave opening via Google Maps.

That reader was Wouter Weyland. As you can see from the prior posts, several others joined the conversation. Recently, we received this addtional update from Mr. Weyland.


Something recently changed on Google Maps, concerning the “Giants’ Cave Complex” in Death Valley (see your blogs for Dec 2008 and Jan 2009)….

It’s been airbrushed out!! I think you should know. It must have happened about 2 weeks ago or a few days longer ago.

I contacted the CIA through their contact form, hoping to be brought in touch with the institution responsible for the coverup in google maps, in order to be able to ask for the reasons for the coverup, and how long it will last.

There must be some way in which the people can monitor what the government is up to with this, it’s what the democratic system is all about. I hope they will have the time and occasion to reply to me, even though they are a bit understaffed.

Best regards,
Wouter Weyland, The Hague, NL

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The Coordinates:

Evangelists Claim Noah’s Ark Found; Mount Ararat Explorers: ‘We Think It is 99.9 Percent That This Is It’

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Apr 28 2010


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Evangelists Claim Noah’s Ark Found;Mount Ararat Explorers: ‘We Think It is 99.9 Percent That This Is It’By Joe Kovacs
© 2010 WorldNetDaily, April 27, 2010

A new claim is being made for the discovery of Noah’s Ark, as evangelical explorers from China and Turkey believe they may have found the remnants of the legendary biblical vessel.

“It’s not 100 percent that it is Noah’s Ark but we think it is 99.9 percent that this is it,” Yeung Wing-cheung, a Hong Kong documentary filmmaker and member of the 15-person team from Noah’s Ark Ministries International, told Agence France-Presse.

The team says it recovered wooden specimens from a structure on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey at an altitude of 13,000 feet and that carbon dating suggested it was 4,800 years old.

Is this a beam from Noah’s Ark? Explorers with Noah’s Ark Ministries International have released this photo of a wooden structure it says it has documented at an altitude of 13,000 feet on Mount Ararat in Turkey

Several compartments, some with wooden beams, are said to be inside and could have been used to house animals, the group indicated.

Another NAMI explorer, Yuen Manfai, said at the Hong Kong news conference: “The search team and I personally entered a wooden structure high on the mountain. The structure is partitioned into different spaces. We believe that the wooden structure we entered is the same structure recorded in historical accounts and the same ancient boat indicated by the locals.”

The group of archaeologists ruled out an established human settlement, explaining one had never been found above 11,500 feet in the vicinity.

“The search team has made the greatest discovery in history,” said Prof. Oktay Belli, an archaeologist at Istanbul University. “This finding is very important and the greatest up to now.”

Photo:In this photo from Noah’s Ark Ministries International, an explorer is investigating a wooden structure on Mount Ararat in Turkey that may be the remnant of Noah’s Ark mentioned in the Bible.

Ahmet Ertugrul, leader of the search team, was first to get information on the location before commencing the hunt.

“I got to know the secret location in June 2008,” he said. “The source told me that this is Noah’s Ark. I took a team there for the search around the region and found a wooden structure. I took some photographs of the interior structure. Since I have worked closely with NAMI for some years, I informed them of the discovery.”

The team also said local officials would ask the national government in Ankara to apply for United Nations World Heritage status so the site can be protected during an archaeological dig.

As WND has reported, after centuries of scouring the Earth for Noah’s Ark, numerous claims have been flooding in over the past few years regarding possible discoveries of the Old Testament ship.

In June 2006, a 14-man crew that included evangelical apologist Josh McDowell said it returned from a trek to a mountain in Iran with possible evidence of the ark’s remains.

The group, led by explorer Bob Cornuke, found an unusual object perched on a slope 13,120 feet above sea level.

They said some of the wood-like rocks they tested proved to be petrified wood.

Meanwhile, another ark hunter is the late Edward Crawford, a former draftsman illustrator for the U.S. military who taught Christian theology at Evergreen Bible Presbyterian Church in the Seattle area.

Crawford made numerous climbs up Ararat and said in 1990, he discovered a large, rectangular structure buried in the ice at an elevation of 14,765 feet.

“I don’t have any doubt about it at all, and the Turks don’t either,” he told WND.

He said the structure sits under snow and ice, which he called “ridiculously hard stuff.”

Crawford put much of his discovery online at a website called Project von Bora, where photographs and diagrams are available, and he believed the structure has 90-degree angles.

Edward Crawford believed a rectangular Noah’s Ark lies at this location on Mount Ararat (courtesy Edward Crawford).

“Those don’t happen in nature,” he said. “If you think someone went up there to build that, it would take a greater miracle than the Flood [of Noah] itself.”

Not far from Crawford’s “structure” on Mount Ararat is something which made headlines in March 2006 with the release of a new, high-resolution digital image of what has become known as the “Ararat Anomaly.”

Satellite image of ‘Ararat Anomaly,’ taken by DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird Satellite in 2003 (courtesy: DigitalGlobe).

The location of the anomaly on the mountain’s northwest corner has been under investigation from afar by ark hunters for years, but it has remained unexplored, with the government of Turkey not granting any scientific expedition permission to explore on-site.

“I’ve got newfound optimism … as far as my continuing push to have the intelligence community declassify some of the more definitive-type imagery,” Porcher Taylor, an associate professor in paralegal studies at the University of Richmond, said at the time.

For more than three decades, Taylor has been a national security analyst, and has also served as a senior associate for five years at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

“I had no preconceived notions or agendas when I began this in 1993 as to what I was looking for,” he said. “I maintain that if it is the remains of something man-made and potentially nautical, then it’s potentially something of biblical proportions.”

The anomaly remains ensconced in glacial ice at an altitude of 15,300 feet, and Taylor says the photos suggest its length-to-width ratio is close to 6:1, as indicated in the Book of Genesis.

The Source for This Story, larger and additional Photos and Story Located Here

An Alternate Take on the “Discovery” by Clifford Paiva, Retired senior physicist and satellite-imagery analyst for the U.S. Navy’s Naval Surface Warfare Center

Ian of Ian’s Creation Blog believes its a Hoax on the Chinese Scientists. He seems to be an Insider.

Michael S. Heiser is also of the opinion that this is all an elaborate hoax

Thanks To: Shane, and K. Griffith.

Did Ancient Americans Ride the Parasaurolophus Dinosaur?-Or Did They Just Exaggerate the Size of Their Sheep?

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Apr 26 2010

Photo: Ancient Native American Petroglyph Near El Paso, Texas. Click to View larger Version
Annual report of the Bureau of American Ethnology to the secretary…..1886 I came across some of the Oakley glyph but.. it was described elsewhere as being four feet by six feet and I didn’t see the portion with the man, beast and reptile.

However, I did began look around in the book and soon found a drawing of a tattoo that looked like a bi-pedal dinosaur. The writer said that it was a fierce wolf-like creature that roamed the mountains.

Still in pursuit of the Oakley Petroglyph, I came upon Picture-Writing Of The American Indians V1 By Garrick Mallery which had a nice reproduction of a portion of the Oakley glyph. Either this was still not the portion described as featuring beasts, reptiles and a man or there just wasn’t anything very exciting there.

Photo: Comparison to Parasaurolophus. Click to View larger Version
On page 116 of that same book there is a very curious ancient petroglyph from the El Paso Texas area. It showed Native Americans on the backs of two creatures that clearly dwarfed them. Two creatures with distinctive horns as we will show.

Some may say that they represent big horned sheep; some may say buffalo. I say that they are more or less the spitting image in terms of profile and scale of parasaurolophus, a “duck-billed” dinosaur. However, the two Native American gentleman are 1)laying prone on the back of one creature and 2)standing upright on the creatures backs; an impossible feat on a bighorned sheep and a dangerous and impossible one on a buffalo. In point of fact, the drawing may even show a stool by which means our rider was able to climb aboard.

The parasaurolophus however, is thought to have been a docile vegetarian and was certainly large enough to accomodate either a prone or a standing Native American on its back. As you know, our section Dinosaurs In Literature, Art and History has been presented to prove that “dinosaurs” did not live millions of years ago but rather within historical time. We have the art, the history and the literature of ancient peoples to prove that.

Of note on this topic is this quote from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science:

“The duck-billed dinosaurs Parasaurolophus and Kritosaurus and the horned dinosaur Pentaceratops were the most common dinosaurs living in northwestern New Mexico during the Late Cretaceous. An extremely important specimen of Parasaurolophus, discovered in 1995, is on display at the museum”.

El Paso, the location of this petroglyph was from 1680 to 1950 a part of New Mexico-not Texas and the areas are in close proximity to each other.

Photo:Big Horned sheep and parasaurolophus

Parasaurolophus meaning “near crested lizard” in reference to Saurolophus is a genus of ornithopod dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period of what is now North America, about 76-73 million years ago. It was a herbivore that walked both as a biped and a quadruped. Three species are recognized: P. walkeri (the type species), P. tubicen, and the short-crested P. cyrtocristatus. Remains are known from Alberta (Canada), and New Mexico and Utah (USA). It was first described in 1922 by William Parks from a skull and partial skeleton in Alberta.

Parasaurolophus is a hadrosaurid, part of a diverse family of Cretaceous dinosaurs known for their range of bizarre head adornments. This genus is known for its large, elaborate cranial crest, which at its largest forms a long curved tube projecting upwards and back from the skull. Charonosaurus from China, which may have been its closest relative, had a similar skull and potentially a similar crest. The crest has been much discussed by scientists; the consensus is that major functions included visual recognition of both species and sex, acoustic resonance, and thermoregulation. It is one of the rarer duckbills, known from only a handful of good specimens.

See Also: A Few (of Many) Other Native American Dinosaurs:

Companion article:”Did Ancient Americans Hunt Sauropod Dinosaurs-or Did They Just Draw Bison with Really Long Necks?

Authenticated Poinsett County Arkansas Corythosaurus/Hypacrosaurus from 400 to 700 Years Ago?

Anasazi Dinosaur Motif On Pottery

The Civil War Pterosaur Shot No One’s Allowed to See; The Most Obfuscated Photo in History?

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Apr 21 2010

A doppelganger picture? Yes! Because there exists a second, virtually identical imitation of this sepia photo, a yellowish photo with very similar content, that most people also don’t know the origin of! But more on that later. Here are the two pictures. The first we shall call the real “Sepia (colored) shot” & the second the fake “Yellow shot“:

1) The First “Sepia Shot!” — Study carefully! Click on photo to see big size.

2) The 2nd “Yellow Shot” imitation.

What’s up with these photos?

•Both photos show 6-7 American soldiers with similar Civil War uniforms & similar guns.
•Both photos show a dead, non-decomposed carcass of a recently shot pterosaur!?
•Both hunters have similar positions with their left foot on the pterosaur’s head.
•Both photos’ soldiers hold similar positions in similar open spots in a forest.
•Both photos have blurred edges, but the 2nd one’s blur seems applied & more artificial.
•Both photos have a similar fold line going vertically through the picture.
•Both photos have similar scrape marks at virtually similar spots. Coincidence?
•In the 1st sepia shot details are clearer than in the 2nd blurry yellow shot.
•Sun-faded spots in the 1st photo look more genuine than lightened parts in the 2nd.
•It seems that the 2nd is an imitation of the 1st one, except for the pterosaur size!
•Both photos’ content is very CONTROVERSIAL, to say the least!

Photography during the civil war was very developed and already produced detailed clear pictures. Although details on the sepia photo’s edge are not as clear as the middle of the photo most likely due to chromatic abberation (6), there’s no reason for the second photo to be so equally blurred, other than by design. Also the Civil War uniforms & equipment in the sepia shot are more correct than in the yellow one, where the belts are incorrect. Also the “dino” looks kind of flat and non-descript.

We can safely say that the second photo is not as old as the first and was purely intended as a copy of the first, a “doppelganger” like Winston Churchill’s look-alikes during World War II, hired to protect him! How easy it is to deceive the nations.

Question; Why create a fake of a fake? EXCERPTED FROM ORIGINAL ARTICLE:HERE–Click to Read the Remainder

Excerpted by permission.

True Suppressions: Remembering the “Granby Idol” Unfakeable Relic Showing Dinosaur Human Mastodon Interaction in Pre-Glacial Granite

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Apr 18 2010

Photo:The Granby Idol. Click for enhanced photo. Source: various internet

by Chris Parker, Copyright 2010

If dinosaurs and humans lived on earth at the same time as Christians say they did, where is all the evidence? Recent polls show that the majority of Americans reject the theory of evolution and believe in the literal account of creation in the Bible. With respect to dinosaurs and humans interacting, that same public is not so sure.

One of the things we’ve come to understand about that topic while researching over the years is; 1)there actually is plenty of evidence that man and dinosaurs interacted and 2)this information has been and continues to be suppressed.

As an example of “how science works” to marginalize or discredit information that doesn’t fit the evolutionary paradigm we offer this short incident which is wholly unrelated to the subject if this post;

August 8, 1955 The Le Mars-Globe

“A skeleton found in a gravel pit here—a fairly complete skeleton, has been declared by Dr. Reynold Ruppe, state University of Iowa archaeologist, to be the remains of an ice-age man, who lived near the south edge of the glaciers which once covered Plymouth

Photo right :Granby Idol. Click to enhance size.

The Monona County ice-age man, who lived at least 10,000 years ago, ..was not like a modern Indian. He’s something older—and something new.

Bones of a dinosaur were found in the same deposit—about 10 feet deeper.

At first this led to speculation that the dinosaur was the aborigine’s pet, but that didn’t hang together. Dinosaurs disappeared from the earth a million years before the first, man showed up.

So the dinosaur must have left his bones a long, long time before the man died, was drowned or trapped in quicksand at the spot near, Turin where his skeleton was recovered.”

The reader sitting on the edge of his seat when he initially began to read this was quickly calmed by the explanation that this could not be what it might have seemed to be– he was reminded that there was no evidence that dinosaurs and man ever lived together! Science!

Though this scene in various forms, in various venues and with a variety of potential proofs has no doubt been played out thousands of times in thousands of locales, the Atheist continues to ask “where is the evidence” or “why hasn’t evidence of this interaction ever been found” and many Christians wonder also while nevertheless holding on to their beliefs. The relevant information is being suppressed-sometimes “automatically” because it doesn’t fit the paradigm.

The “Granby Idol” The Suppressed Human Dinosaur Interaction Artifact

Photo right :Granby Idol showing dinosaurs and mastodon. Source:The Le Grand Reporter 1923. Click to enhance size.

“If this stone can be proven genuine, it is the biggest find in all anthropological research and antedates anything on the American continent and is going to establish the remote antiquity of man.

I have never seen such remarkable outlines of dinosaurs and mastodons!”…..Jean Allard Jeancon, archaeologist and Curator of the Colorado Historical and Natural History Society and one time special archaeologist for the Bureau of Ethnology at the Smithsonian.

Have you ever heard of this potentially “biggest find in all anthropological research”? Of course not! Dinnosaur human interaction is impossible according to the paradigm as is dinosaur mastodon interaction. Jeancon, a prominent archaeologist of the period was the author of many books both before and after this discovery but as far as we can tell he never mentioned it again.

This despite the fact that many universities were simultaneously studying rubbings of the object in 1923; despite the fact that it clearly represented man, dinosaur and mastodon together and despite the fact that it was virtually “un-fakeable”.

Is Pre-Glacial Man Coming Back?
Mammoth Animals are Outlined in Some of the Colorado Explorations
Hutchison News, January 5 1923

“Denver , Colo., Jan. 6 — Make way for the pre-glacial man or memories of him! That’s what scientists are doing in temporarily discarding the chronologies of Indians, Moundbuilders and even the Aztecs of Old Mexico, in their efforts to establish, if possible the pre-glacial usage of a rock image unearthed by W.L. Chalmers near Grand Lake high in the Colorado rockies .

……..“He found the 66 pound stone six feet below the surface while enlarging an irrigation reservoir on his homestead.

Photo right :Granby Idol showing dinosaurs and mastodon outlined in color. The “carnivorous” dinosaur has the “mean” expression. The three-fingered gentleman is outlined in green. Click to enhance size.

Mammoth animals outlined in the stone of blue granite rock are contemporaneous with the Cro_magnon period.

The flat nose is generally associated with a race preceding the Aztec’s according to J. Allard Jeancon curator of the Colorado Historical and Natural History Society.

The image/sculpture basically shows a three-fingered man holding a tablet covered with a strange, unknown script. According to W.L. Chalmers the discover, scientists in New York, Washington and Santa Fe were at work trying to decipher the script. Other museums and university’s who had no doubt been in touch with Jeancon were seeking to obtain a rubbing from the granite piece.

Difficult to Carve Image Today

“The image through changes in the consistency of the rock, has become harder than steel. Geologists who have seen the stone say it would be impossible to make these impressions today by rubbing with flint implements. It is fourteen inches high, nine inches across the tablet and about 12 inches through to the back.

According to T.M. van Tuhl, who had not seen the rock image, alternate light and dark bands in the Denver Park area had convinced him that the mountains could date back to the “Archean” period, near the creation of the world. Other geologists who had seen it said that it (the artifact) could be thousands or even millions of years old.

What is It? Who Made it? What Does it Say?
The Pinedale Roundup, April 26, 1923

“WHAT is it? Who made it? What does it say?

Photo:Comparison graphic for the mastodon/sauropod impaired :0)

“It” is a curved chunk of granite just dug up on the western edge of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado—a sort of rock image. I haven’t the slightest idea myself. That’s not surprising- But neither does anyone else, apparently. And that is surprising, considering the expert knowledge of the men who frankly admit that they don’t know, and can’t even guess.

In effect the stone is the image of a sitting man who holds in front of him with hands that have but three fingers a tablet inscribed with unknown characters. One picture shows the representation, above the arm and leg of the man holding the tablet, of a huge, land reptile.

Some of the experts say it is a sauropod, a vegetable-eating dinosaur. Another picture shows a different kind of dinosaur. This, the experts say, is a carnivorous dinosaur. Beneath it is a carving of a mastodon, as anyone can see.

As to the symbols -or hieroglyphics carved on the tablet, they are undecipherable to date. The experts say they are not anything known to archaeologists.

…The prehistoric man who carved this chunk of granite may have drawn the mastodon, from life. But where did he get models for his two very lifelike dinosaurs?”

…Altogether, it must be conceded that the sculptor, whoever he was and whenever he did his work, is an artist. His dinosaurs and mastodon are life like. His three-fingered man stirs the Imagination. His hieroglyphics are apparently unique. But we end where we began. What is it? Who made it? What does it say?”


“These three views of what is probably a Stone Idol, were sent to me by Mr. F. V. Hammar of Saint Louis.

In his letter of June 23rd, 1926, Mr. Hammar says:—”This queer relic was found by a man named Jordan (sic )near Granby, Colorado. Mr. Jordan was excavating for a garage or a cellar and uncovered this stone at a depth of 12 feet.

He found many utensils, etc., in the same place, thus giving the presumption of a settlement. The stone is exceedingly hard green material, and like nothing ever known of in the neighborhood. It may have been brought from a distance.”

This sculptured stone is of unusual interest to me because it shows, carved in high relief, the figures of two dinosaurs and an elephant. The inscriptions are also of great interest, and some of them are similar to those I saw in the Supai Canyon.

It is significant that the dinosaur and elephant are close together in the Supai drawings, and here they are sculptured together on the back of the same figure.

The dinosaurs suggest either the “brontosaurus” or the “diplodocus,” while the elephant has a long curved tusk.”…Samuel Hubbard Jr. Curator of the Oakland Museum and Discoverer of dinosaur petro glyphs in the Grand Canyon of Colorado, along with giant petrified human beings. < ---Click Here to Read That Article

Mysteries and Legends of Colorado: True Stories of the Unsolved and Unexplained
By Jan Murphy

“Was the Granby idol proof of these voyages? (Dr. Cyclone Covey is Professor Emeritus at Wake Forest University and a prolific writer in the area of ‘alternative” history. He has a theory that the Americas were visited in ancient pre-Columbian times by the Chinese who left a few artifacts featuring ancient Chinese writing.)

Dr. Covey believed that the skill of ancient Chinese mariners made these voyages probable, but no artifacts had been found to prove it.

….His final conclusions were that the stone was some type of a marker for travelers and the stone was made of fine-grained dolomite, a heavy stone common to northern China. Words on the stone that he was able to translate were “north” “river”, “fruit” and “fish”.

….Unfortunately the “Granby idol” itself was never again found…”


The artifacts that would prove that man and dinosaurs coexisted have been found. They are stored in basements or storerooms, lost, ignored, declared to be hoaxes, destroyed and reburied. The “Granby Idol” is another in a long list of such proofs that were placed in the hands of “science” and then “disappeared”.

Scientists who examined it at the time believed it to be genuine. When J.Allard Jeancon came out and suggested that it was likely a true artifact and that it depicted man dinosaur and mastodon together—he proved at least for a very short time to be a brave man. So God created the Great Dragons” …Genesis 1:21 The Latin Vulgate

See Also:True Suppressions Series
Dinosaurs in Literature, History and Art

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Weathermen Cool to Global Warming: Forecast Continued Storms for Global Warming Research?, Science | Posted by Chris Parker
Apr 13 2010

A survey released by researchers at George Mason University found that more than a quarter of television weathercasters agree with the statement “Global warming is a scam,” and nearly two-thirds believe that, if warming is occurring, it is caused “mostly by natural changes.”

A Gallup Poll indicates that about half the general public believes that the global warming threat has been greatly exaggerated according to Kolbert, a climate change “believer”. Maybe half the population remembers the widespread fear (of scientists) and dire consequences predicted of global cooling in the 1960′s and 1970′s (a new ice age; ahhhh!)

571 weatherman were polled by the George Mason pollsters (about half actual meteorologists). Why are weathermen/meteorologists as a group so skeptical of climate change science? Maybe they understand that the science has its limitations. They know that they get mail when they predict rain and it remains dry or if they predict sunny weather and it rains. They know how hard it is to always be right when delivering a forecast just 10 days in the future.

It’s gotten very bad for climate change scientists like Phil Jones, Director of the Climate Research Unit at a prominent English University, who was at the center of the “scandal” that ensued after thousands of emails were linked indicating that climate scientists in some cases were altering data, or deliberately skewing data, ignoring “bad” data and not playing fair with scientists holding opposing or divergent views.

The whole man made climate change enterprise appears to be on the brink of collapse along with Phil Jonesas described in this full length article in Spiegel Magazine.

Spiegel Magazine Article.

X-Woman a New Species? Don’t Tell Me; Evolutionists X-Pect it Will Cause a Rewrite of “Human Evolution”? Well, Not X-Exactly.

Church of Darwin,, Science, Uncategorized | Posted by Chris Parker
Apr 06 2010

(When Neanderthal DNA was finally tested, it was found that it matched yours and mine to 99.99%)This, even if they are eve found in association with “modern” humans it is an article of faith that they never interbred. Here with “X-Woman” they have to make the same claim although the finger was found in association with Neanderthal “artifacts”. It’s clear as our opening quote states, there is no evolutionary ladder–there are rather, a number of fossils, some of which are apes or monkeys and some of which are men.

They are basing their “separate species” claims on the alleged recovery of mitochondrial DNA. The problems with this approach are manifold and technical so may I just say that the claims they have made are grandiose, speculative and silly? Well, here is an article excerpt that might shed some light on the problems. The subject of the article is the mythical mitochondrial Eve:

“The validity of these assertions (re MtDNA Eve) is dependent upon two critically important assumptions: (1) that mtDNA is, in fact, derived exclusively from the mother; and (2) that the mutation rates associated with mtDNA have remained constant over time.

The fact is (again, as we pointed out in the earlier article), we now know that both of these assumptions are wrong!

Ann Gibbons authored an article for the January 2, 1998 issue of Science titled “Calibrating the Mitochondrial Clock,” the subheading of which read as follows: “Mitochondrial DNA appears to mutate much faster than expected, prompting new DNA forensics procedures and raising troubling questions about the dating of evolutionary events.”

In that article, she discussed new data which showed that the mutation rates used to obtain mitochondrial Eve’s age no longer could be considered valid.

Evolutionists have assumed that the clock is constant, ticking off mutations every 6000 to 12,000 years or so. But if the clock ticks faster or at different rates at different times, some of the spectacular results—such as dating our ancestors’ first journeys into Europe at about 40,000 years ago—may be in question (279:28).

Gibbons then quoted Neil Howell, a geneticist at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, who stated: “We’ve been treating this like a stopwatch, and I’m concerned that it’s as precise as a sun dial. I don’t mean to be inflammatory, but I’m concerned that we’re pushing this system more than we should” (279:28). Gibbons concluded:

Regardless of the cause, evolutionists are most concerned about the effect of a faster mutation rate. For example, researchers have calculated that “mitochondrial Eve”—the woman whose mtDNA was ancestral to that in all living people—lived 10,000 to 200,000 years ago in Africa. Using the new clock, she would be a mere 6,000 years old (1998, 279:29, emp. added).

“Mitochondrial Eve” a mere 6,000 years old—instead of 200,000?! Gibbons quickly went on to note, of course, that “no one thinks that’s the case,” (279:29). She ended her article by discussing the fact that many test results are (to use her exact word) “inconclusive,” and lamented that “for now, so are some of the evolutionary results gained by using the mtDNA clock” (279:29).

Which brings us to the point of this article. As we pointed out in our introductory sentence, the news gets worse. The “evolutionary results gained by using the mtDNA clock” are not just “inconclusive.”
They’re wrong! In the January 2003 edition of the Annals of Human Genetics, geneticist Peter Forster of Cambridge published an article (“To Err is Human”) in which he documented that, to use his words, “more than half of the mtDNA sequencing studies ever published contain obvious errors.”

He then asked: “Does it matter? Unfortunately, in many cases it does.” Then came the crushing blow for “Mitochondrial Eve”: “…fundamental research papers, such as those claiming a recent African origin for mankind (Cann, et al., 1987; Vigilant, et al., 1991)…have been criticized, and rejected due to the extent of primary data errors” (67[1]:2, emp. added).

Then, as if to add salt to an already open and bleeding wound, Dr. Forster acknowledged that the errors discovered thus far are “only the tip of the iceberg…,” and that “there is no reason to suppose that DNA sequencing errors are restricted to mtDNA” (67[1]:2,3).

One month later, Nature weighed in with an exposé of its own. In the February 20, 2003 issue, Carina Dennis authored a commentary on Forster’s work titled “Error Reports Threaten to Unravel Databases of Mitochondrial DNA.” Dennis reiterated the findings that “more than half of all published studies of human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences contain mistakes.”

Then, after admitting that “published mtDNA sequences are popular tools for investigating the evolution and demography of human populations,” she lamented: “[T]he problem is far bigger than researchers had imagined. The mistakes may be so extensive that geneticists could be drawing incorrect conclusions to studies of human populations and evolution” (2003, 421:773,…
Apologetics Press: How Many Times does “Mitochondrial Eve” have to Die? by Bert Thompson, Ph.D. and Brad Harrub, Ph.D.

As we’ve stated; we fully expect the claims about “X-Woman” to be significantly dialed back once the actual DNA tests come back. In the past few years the harshest critics of this kind of ‘science” tend to other evolutionists with either competing theories or else a certain naïveté about their reasonable criticisms remaining in house.

Do we need to mention what happened to Ida last year? That “fossil” went from the missing link that would “change everything” to just “missing” in about six months. Ardi, another much ballyhooed missing link is also in danger of finding “himself” dead again.

Every few months these days there is a fossil find that evolutionists claim is going to “rewrite” human evolution. Here are a few of such claims going back several years.

Archaeological Finds Add New Chapter To Japanese History .
Oct 21, 1981
stone tools found in Japan supposedly 50,000 years old were going to require rewriting textbooks.

Evolution .Fossils Read To Decipher Human History .
Apr 20, 1994

the private Institute of Human origin in Berkeley, Robert (Walter and his .studies may even rewrite— — the history of human evolution over the past 4 million yean. …

Fossil find could rewrite human history
Thursday, 10 December, 1998, 10:24 GMT
“[This is] probably the most momentous palaeoanthropological find ever made in Africa,” Tobias said of Tanzanian four foot fossil

Article: The Observatory; In the world of anthropology, hypotheses compete for survival.
Jun 16, 1999
Recently as 1500 Years Ago Could Rewrite the Timeline for Human Evolution Mystery Skulls ……

New fossils heat up the battle over who was the first human.(EVOLUT…
Jul 23, 2001)

(EVOLUTION)(Society)(Brief Article) … find Newsweek articles. … Wood of George Washington University, you “have to rewrite human evolutionary history. …
Paleontologists working at a cave in Spain have found 780000-year-old fossils of what they say is a new species on the human family tree. …

Discovery of human-like fossils may rewrite the history of evolution
Jul 12, 2001

Scientists say the new fossils suggest strongly that humans split from apes and walked upright between seven million and nine million years ago …

Skull may rewrite our evolution — Fossil called start of human lineage By MARK
07-11-2002, EVANS,
In what may be the most startling fossil find in decades, scientists in central Africa say they have unearthed the oldest trace of a pre- human ancestor – a remarkably intact skull of an apelike species that may have walked upright as far back as 7 million years ago.
The thick-browed, flat-faced skull was found in Chad,

European fossils rewrite human evolution: Canadian professor
February 19, 2002
CBC News Fossils of ancient human relatives suggest the beginning of the evolution of apes and humans occurred in Europe, not Africa, says a University of Toronto anthropologist

Prehistoric Dwarf Skeleton May Rewrite Human Evolution .
Bangor Daily News – Google News Archive – Oct 28, 2004

Fossils rewrite human evolution – Oct 8, 2007

WELL PRESERVED: An ancient Homo erectus skull was found alongside a Homo habilis jawbone, suggesting early human ancestors may have lived together.

New ape species rewrites our evolutionary history
23 August 2007
Fossil teeth from Africa of a gorilla-like species suggest that the great apes may have evolved more slowly than thought …Emma Young

Ancient Skull May Rewrite Human History
Beijing Review – Mar 11, 2008

Li said that although Xuchang Man was not as old as other discoveries, the skull could “fill a huge gap in our knowledge of human evolution.” …

Georgian bones rewrite story of human evolution
ABC Regional Online – ABC Regional Online – Sep 26, 2009

So I think what we are getting now, the new evidence, is helping us to think more about how little we know about human evolution. …

Discovery suggests humans, apes evolved separately
National Post – Oct 1, 2009

And surprisingly, it’s also rewriting the story of our relation to gorillas and … a complete rewrite about what is known about human and ape evolution, …

Darwin’s theory stands on both feet
Edmonton Journal – Nov 13, 2009

A Canadian scientist has spearheaded a study that could rewrite a key chapter in the story of human evolution, tracing the emergence of one of our defining …

Ardi rewrites human history
Winnipeg Free Press – Feb 8, 2010

Ida: This Changes Everything! This fossil Will Rewrite Human History
April 2009