Update on Giant Amazon Snake

Posted by Chris Parker
Jun 10 2009

From Markus Hemmler “The Fronitiers of Zoology Usenet group”:

“My first thought as I’ve read this story was that I know this picture before… I’ve tried it with a search for Sucuriju with Google-Picturesearch and you know what? I found it on the first site! Some deeper research and I found the site from which I know it:


Published some years before and probably taken by a man named André Issi. So if this picture is that which they claim to have taken – it’s a hoax.

But then I got a very polite note from one of the members of the expedition:


This is Greg Warner. I was with my Father Mike when we made the discovery. He is downstairs relexing after our Sunday BBQ. I’m both excited and surprised to see this blog. One thing we hadn’t planned for was a fight to convince fellow crytozoologists. We are putting togther our paper to be submitted to scientific journals as a start of phase two of our project.

However, your questions and concerns are valid and I will bring my father upstairs soon to address these questions. Sometimes the truth is extraordinary.”‘

Greg, if you read this I would be very interested to talk to both you and your father. Yes, your claims are indeed extraordinary, but I would be very interested in seeing your evidence. Email me on jon@eclipse.co.uk

The way I see it is that whatever transpires, if all involved behave like gentlemen, (and ladies, of course, where appropriate) then we can continue to push back the boundaries of human knowledge.

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