The Biggest Out of Place Artifacts Ever? Immense, Stupendous Petrified Trees of the Black Hills, South Dakota

Posted by Chris Parker
Feb 17 2009

Photo: Query: What’s the diameter of that tree stump, 25, 30 feet?
Answer”…it is really not a stump. It is actually a very small twig from a larger tree.

“An entire island, 50 x 100 miles, completely petrified. Covered with the petrified remains of a forest of super giants. Trees of incredible/impossible size, destroyed by a cataclysm that collapsed the island itself into the surrounding sea.

Having remained secret for all time. Now, this place has decided to make itself known.

Here is just the beginning of an astounding photographic documentation of this petrified island. A little glimpse of an entirely unknown condition upon the Earth. Giants indeed.” Joseph C. Bennett

Scientists recently concluded that the maximum height of a tree is 425 feet. So how does one account for trees in the past of such huge size as to be impossible to imagine–up to 1/2 mile in circumference (distance walking around it)–and larger? For instance, a 900 foot petrified tree found in Texas in 1927 had “upright trunks are so large that they appear from a distance to be great symmetrical columns of natural rock.”

If what Joseph has found in the Black Hills of South Dakota is true, then as he says;

“It is a major historical discovery and will cause a major upheavel in the “science”; and religous sectors.

……..”this isn’t “rocket science”. Any self respecting boy scout can identify petrified wood.”

…….”When you get to the top of one particular ridge, overlooking a long meadow to the south and a larger valley to the south east, you see a vast landscape, littered everywhere with large petrified tree sections similar to the ones you have seen so far. Then when you look out a little further, you notice right away that things get a lot bigger and you realize that everything else you have seen is most certainly smaller giant trees and branches of much larger giant trees.

Wow. Time to burn some brain calories. First, is this for real?”..Update

Joseph Bennett made these discoveries while hiking in the Black Hills of South Dakota himself. As he says, these artifacts aren’t going to go away. Anyone with the time, a little knowledge and the inclination can verify these discoveries-and their implications themselves.

Check out the beginning of the photographic record and a current update here.

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  1. Michael Haus says:


    I just wanted to say thanks a lot for creating the website. I’ve spent a lot of time reading the articles, and they have helped shore up my faith in God plus provide an interesting Sabbath afternoon activity when needed.

    Michael Haus

  2. juanhunglow says:

    I would also like to say THANKS for all the great articles you bring to us. I am fascinated by Pre-flood civilizations and all things having to do with THE WORD OF GOD(Bible). I always knew the truth about REAL history was out there and I’m just glad i found it.

  3. Administrator says:

    Thanks guys. Energy to get through a few more bleary-eyed mornings.;0)

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