Vampire of the Air; Some Children Have Been Carried Off By Large Birds

Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 22 2009

Shown: Actual very sad Photo of Condor with child on “Lofty Rock”

Hamilton Evening Journal
August 1926

“VALPARAISO. ALL that remains of little Pepito Tamalque,
of San Raphael, near Mendoza, in the Argentine, are a few sun-bleached
bones in .the foothills.

No kidnaper, no bandit, no child torturing human fiend caused t h e two-year-old infant’s
death, but a ferocious, swift winged vampire of the air— the monster condor of the

Once again this titan of the vulture family has struck terror, dismay and repugnance
into the hearts of South Americans. Once more the quest is on for some sure means of combatting
this scavenger giant of cloudland, this feathered swooper whom science compares, to the fabulous
roc which bore Sinbad the sailor aloft.

Tiny Pepito’s parents, inconsolable with grief and remorse over the slaughter of their dearly-beloved child, live in the village of San Raphael, directly east of Santiago.”

The article did not explain the source of this “actual photo” of the child and the condor but one hopes that the photographer tried to do something about it. This story enhances the plausibilty of stories suggesting that large birds of one type or another had tried and sometimes succeeded in carrying off children.

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