Is This Nahuelito? Seamonster Sighting.

Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 21 2009

Original Source in Spanish translation using:AltaVista Bablefish; Prompt Online and Six years of grade school Spanish

Is this “ The Nahuelito ”?

A man sent this photograph to a newspaper in Bariloche and sowed again some doubt about the real existence of this “mythical” animal. This time, the image was captured on Lake Mascardi.

The images published yesterday in the Matutinal Rionegrino of Cordillerano show an animal similar to a snake that appears on the surface of the water.

“ I was thinking that they were otters, when I saw it rotating below the surface of the water, but when it began to show itself again I taken by surprise. It looked a little like a creature that I had seen earlier, and we were afraid of it when it reappeared, reported the reader who sent the photograph in to the newspaper.

For true believers, this might be a test of the existence of the “Nahuelito”. But for skeptics, it is only a question of a trunk floating in the water.

The history of the “Nahuelito”

It is a question of an unknown aquatic creature that, according to the popular belief, lives in the lake Nahuel Huapi, in Argentina. The legend goes back to indigenous stories and the first registered sighting dates back to 1910, when George Garret caught sight from approximately 400 meters distance, of a creature whose visible part measured between 5 and 7 meters long and which rose above the water approximately two meters.

Photo right: Current Nahuelito with past photo of Nahuelito

Beginning in 1897, Dr. Clemente Onelli, the director of the Buenos Aires Zoo began to receive sporadic reports about a strange creature inhabiting the Patagonian lakes and organized a search expedition. that failed to provide any positive results.

More recently, in 1960, the Argentina Navy chased an unidentified submarine object in the lake for 18 days, without managing to identify it.

The most popular hypothesis is that of the prehistoric monster, ” Nahuelito ” would be a survivor of the epoch of the dinosaurs, probably a ” “plesiosaurus”.

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4 Responses

  1. Shiv says:

    WOW! This is exciting for me! This is why i come to this website!
    I dont know what it is in the photo, but i am happy that someone managed to get a photo.

  2. Shiv says:

    I may make a video of this photo and show it on youtube.

  3. Shiv says:

    Looks like a giant eel.
    But a trunk of a tree? LOL, thats the kind of ***** that Benjamin Radford would come up with
    I do think that the photo of Incanyamba is also very good (provided it isnt fake).

  4. Shiv says:

    I have looked into this photo and as the author said, it has been dismissed as a tree trunk. The skeptics go on to say that fake eyes were inserted as well as fake teeth.

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