God, Help the Poor Men of Learning

Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 20 2009

1 Corinthians 1:20
Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?

Puzzles Men of Learning
Whether Petrified Sole of Shoe is a Fossil or Freak of Nature is Question
Moberly Democrat
May 23, 1922

The story of the “Lovelock shoe” is not near to us, but as we were specifically researching stories about giants in news articles of the past we came across this article which was contemporaneous with the discovery. It didn’t quite fit what we were researching but there were enough astounding statements in the article, stated so matter of fact-ly that we had to blog it.

It began; “What appears to be a petrified sole of a carefully made shoe has been submitted by John T. Reid, a mining engineer of Lovelock, Nev. To Dr. James F. Kemp, professor of geology at Columbia university, and to Dr. William D. Matthew, paleontologist of the American Museum of Natural History.

If it is what it looks like, it is proof that human beings were walking about in shoes of finer workmanship than are made today on this continent, between 10,000,000 and 300,000,000 years ago, the New York Times states.”

Today, those “geological periods” have been pushed even further back than they were in 1922. It was found in “blue limestone” Now, for evolution to be true, the discovery of a fossilized shoe in this strata presents unsolvable problems. This is not the case with the Biblical version of the history of this planet.

The two eminent scientists of the time, after a thorough examination of the fossil declared it “the most surprising imitation by nature of the workmanship of man which had ever come to their attention…”

Wow. Really? Indeed!

The initial part of their statement is “ironic” and no doubt lead to the “puzzlement” experienced by these men of learning.

Listen now to the full weight of their knowledge being brought to bear; the scientific method at work no doubt; to conclusions one could only reach after years of dedicated study and strict reliance on the Darwin paradigm.

“it would be absolutely impossible that it could be a genuine fossil because the evidence was overwhelming that the career of human beings on earth was not over a half million years, whereas the Triassic rock of the neatly sculptured sole is made more ancient”.

Concerning the ‘shoe” the symmetry of the sole was reported to have remained perfect throughout. The shoe was reported to be of a size to nicely fit a 10 to 12 year old boy of the 1920’s. There was reported to be a clearly defined double line of stitching around the circumference of the sole. There appeared to be hundreds of tiny holes in the sole in the places where one would expect the shoe and the sole to be sewed together.

Unpuzzle yourselves. Maybe the world isn’t really billions of years old. Maybe some of your sophisticated ancestors were around when the rock was formed-not so many years ago? Question: are we going to believe the wise men of this age–or are we going to believe our own “lying eyes”? ;0)

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  1. Daniel Moore says:

    Examination of this “fossil”, if it were extant, might prove interesting. As with “human” footprints found in rock, X-ray and other analyses might yield supporting evidence of authenticity (and has before now). I believe that some (though certainly not all) of the “giant” footprints may have been left by “bigfoot” type (Meganthropus?) bipedal apes, which seem to leave spoor indistinguishable from human. Two important points must be made about these tracks: (1) fossilization can apparently occur with extreme rapidity, under the right circumstances; and (2) Young Earth Creation (YEC) neatly disposes of the “Why were men walking around during the Jurassic?” scenario. With all due respect to the FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY (Cremo & Thompson) camp, which helped to popularize “erratics” and “ooparts”, the YEC position makes more sense.

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