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A Response to A Christian Friend on His Theory Suggesting How Creationists and Evolutionists Might Both Be Correct

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Jan 31 2009

by chris parker,

I read your article last night and of course various thoughts came up either in support or disagreement with the various ideas and theories you shared. It would have been better to respond last night when my recollection was fresh. I couldn’t at that time so here are some initial thoughts from the best of my recollection.

First, thanks very much for sharing because as the Bible says, iron sharpens iron. I appreciated that you endeavored to use scripture as support for your thoughts as well. Here are a few of my thoughts on your paper as I think of them now, probably out of order.


Notwithstanding your own definition of creationism, I have often made the claim that I am not a “creationist” because it is an ill-defined term subject to the whim of the one who would define it. What I am, is a Christian, and as such believe that God created the universe in six days. But if such a belief makes me a creationist, then I am also a “global floodist”, a Son of God-ist”, a “resurrectionist ” etc. These things I believe as a consequence of being a “Bible believing Christian” or more to the point, a Christian.

All Christians should in fact be all of those things-and more. There are those, presumably all in the camp of non-Christian, who believe that the universe is “self creating” and that it was “accidental” and non-purposeful–those are materialists;- and there are those, called Christians, who believe that the earth and the universe were purposely created by God.

Whatever your precise definition, it seems to me that those are the essential differences that matter. Do you believe the Bible’s account or do you believe science’s account is the question. As for myself, I am a Christian, and this encompasses certain beliefs– and to try to define me by one of them seeks somehow to “divide and conquer” me from the totality of my acceptance of what the Bible teaches.

Splitting the Difference

In the years up to 1850 or so, most scientists were “Christians” or at least believers in God and sought to explain God’s universe. In those days, Newton, Galileo and many others advanced the cause of science but did so without seeing a conflict between God and science, because they believed in God. Their sceince was for the purpose of illuminating God’s universe. Atheists prior to Darwin had various beliefs, but no real scientific construct to fit them in.

Darwinism and then the Big bang theory gave these Atheists a plausible scientific framework upon which to build their own system of belief. This is what led famous Atheist Richard Dawkins to say over 20 years ago that Darwinian evolution allowed him to become “an intellectually fulfilled atheist.”

As you know, behind such doctrines or beliefs are the devil as you wrote, and you were right to see that. However, I think that you have failed to see that some of the false beliefs that they’ve put out there have “survived” and caused good men to react by seeking a way to harmonize what the Bible says with what science says. I think that you’ve rightly seen much of that which is false, but have assumed that some of what merely props up the system to actually be scientific and true (when its not) and that this then needs to also be incorporated into your Biblical belief system.

This results in my opinion to splitting the difference between creationism (Christianity) and materialism (Atheism).

On the Origin of the Universe

The First Law, of Physics, or the First Law or the Conservation of Matter and Energy states that: “Matter can neither be created nor destroyed” (matter can be converted from one form to another). This is true, and is believed by all science and scientists, but what are its implications?

The implication of the First Law is; either the Universe is eternal, that it has always existed, or; that matter and energy were created outside the laws of this Universe itself (because within the laws of the universe matter never could have been created). As to the first, hypothesis; the Universe can not be eternal because of the Second law of Physics; entropy.

That is, all systems become more unstable over time, break down and eventually stop–unless more energy is put into the system. Unfortunately for those who believe the universe is eternal, the amount of matter and energy has remained constant because no matter is being created or destroyed (first law). The Universe cannot be eternal where entropy exists. It would have wound down by now. Put another way, the universe is like a clock that eventually winds down -unless it is rewound (energy put in).

This is why there is a “big bang theory”; because Christians and materialists agree that the Universe had a beginning. Now if it had a beginning, how was matter created when given the laws of this universe, matter cannot be created (or destroyed)? The answer is that the Universe was created by someone or something–outside of the universe itself and outside the laws of this Universe itself.

This points, rather plainly to a Creator who can work outside the laws of this universe-and who can create the laws under which the universe will exist. Genesis, Hebrews and John 1:1 tell us that the Lord Jesus Christ, was the actual Creator. One thing I take note of is that Hebrews says that He “sustains all things”. This is continuing and ongoing.

“Long ago God spoke to our ancestors in many and various ways by the prophets, 2but in these last days he has spoken to us by a Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, through whom he also created the worlds. 3He is the reflection of God’s glory and the exact imprint of God’s very being, and he sustains all things by his powerful word. When he had made purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high, 4having become as much superior to angels as the name he has inherited is more excellent than theirs.” (NRSV Hebrews 1: 1-4)

Note this with that in mind; there is something called the “Quantum Enigma”, this is something that science keeps close to the vest and that you won’t hear from materialists. The enigma is an offshoot of “quantum mechanics” a set of principles underlying the most fundamental known description of all physical systems; more fundamental than classical mechanics and classical field theory.

Cutting to the chase, scientists have discovered an enigma that can only be explained if the universe is “conscious” in some respect. My own theory is that the universe exists in the “mind” of God. If you want to read about this enigma, here’s a link: The Quantum Enigma Online

This idea that the universe exists in the mind of God may at first seem trivial or possibly like bad science fiction. But I have Max Planc, Nobel prize winner in physics and one who some call the father of quantum theory backing me up as it were:

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much:

There is no matter as such.

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.

We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter”.

Again, scripture in the form of a letter written by the Apostle Paul to the Collosians says much the same thing when describing the “Incomparable Christ”:

“He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.

For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities–all things have been created through Him and for Him.

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together…Col 1:17

On Evolution

In early 2008, a bear was shot and killed and discovered (in Alaska?) to have been part grizzly and part polar bear, if memory serves. This was thought to be a big deal. Over the years I’ve been sent snarling emails by non-believers asking about; polar bears on the ark, or penguins or other cold weather creatures and asked where did they find these in the desert of Palestine or in Turkey etc.

The answer is of course that there probably were no polar bears on the ark. There were however, bears. The mating of those two types of bears last year showed that by and large bears can mate with bears. The polar and grizzly bears are just examples of the variation already built in by the Creator. (Also there are penguins that live in South Africa so they only needed penguins on the ark, not Arctic penguins)

You mentioned the “evolution” of plants and animals by breeding. This is the use of the genetic variation already built in to all plants and animals. The mistake Darwin made, and one that I believe you are making–and that in fact materialists and evolution defenders make is that this variation is “evolution”. This is in fact the intentional breeding of inherent characterics which were built in so that plants and animals could adapt to the various environments on earth.

What you can’t do however is to create a new species using this inherent variation. You cannot make a dog into a cat for example. Unfortunately, this ability (to make a new species by using inherent variation) either by man or by “natures” intervention is exactly what is needed for “evolution” to work or to be true.

I don’t know how long the polar and grizzly bears were separated–hundreds of years, maybe a thousand–but because they were still bears, even after this long time, they could still breed. Lions, tigers, panthers are all from the same stock and can breed. So can, wolves, dogs and foxes. So, yes there is the ability for animals and plants to adapt–but there is no ability for them to evolve. This is a myth.

Stephen Jay Gould, famous Harvard evolutionist said; “The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of paleontology. The evolutionary trees that adorn our textbooks have data only at the tips and nodes of their branches … in any local area, a species does not arise gradually by the gradual transformation of its ancestors; it appears all at once and fully formed.”

This guy, the most famous paleontologist of the century, an ardent evolutionist, confirms the Biblical text:

Gen1:11 Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. 12 The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good. 13 And there was evening, and there was morning—the third day.

24 And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: livestock, creatures that move along the ground, and wild animals, each according to its kind.” And it was so. 25 God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.

Gould lets out perhaps the worst kept “trade secret” in history; that there are no transitional forms and that each species appears in the fossil record, “fully formed”. If a non-believing scientist admits what the Word of God states, how does a Christian continue to believe that perhaps God created using “evolution”? There is no evidence that this was the case either in scripture–or in the fossil record.

But let’s go further. This is what Michael Denton, PhD, an evolutionist said about The Disappointing Promise of Molecular Biology for the Theory of Evolution–in an article of that name; “Instead of revealing a multitude of transitional forms through which the evolution of the cell might have occurred, molecular biology has served only to emphasize the enormity of the gap.

We now know not only of the existence of a break between the living and non-living world, but also that it represents the most dramatic and fundamental of all the discontinuities of nature.

Between a living cell and the most highly ordered non-biological system, such as a crystal or a snowflake, there is a chasm as vast and absolute as it is possible to conceive….

Molecular biology has also shown that the basic design of the cell system is essentially the same in all living systems on earth from bacteria to mammals. In all organisms the roles of DNA, mRNA and protein are identical. The meaning of the genetic code is also virtually identical in all cells. The size, structure and component design of the protein synthetic machinery is practically the same in all cells.

In terms of the basic biochemical design, therefore no living system can be thought of as being primitive or ancestral with respect to any other system, nor is there the slightest empirical hint of an evolutionary sequence among all the incredibly diverse cells on earth.

For those who hoped that molecular biology might bridge the gulf between chemistry and biochemistry, the revelation was profoundly disappointing.”…….Michael Denton, Phd

Darwin himself, no doubt a cheerful sort, whined; “the number of intermediate varieties which have formerly existed on Earth must be truly enormous. Why then is not every geological formation and strata full of such intermediate links?……….this perhaps is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory”.

Yes. Exactly.

There is no need for a system of thought that seeks to incorporate both “creationism” and “evolutionism” as you’ve defined them. The Christians (creationists) are right!

On the Age of the Earth and Ape men

Believing that science was reporting the facts in a straightforward and unbiased manner, certain Christians sought to harmonize the “cave-men” who according to science lived millions of years ago with scripture which suggested that man was created in God’s image a few thousand years ago.

This is what has happened since; all of these supposed ape men have turned out to be either men or apes–there are no creatures now thought to be transitional between apes and men. That is why the search goes on for the missing link. Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon, whose early depictions caused some weak kneed Christians to formulate the “Gap theory” -in order to protect the Bible from science, have in the case of Cro-Magnon been recognized as fully modern; in the case of Neanderthal all but a few stubborn scientists also recognize as being fully human.

In a way, the ape-men bolstered the supposed age of the earth as millions and billons of years old. This is because if there really were ape men and cavemen–some Christians wondered, when did they live and where did modern man come from? In reality, the caveman existed only in the mind’s eye of evolutionists and on the canvases of illustrators for science publications. The DNA and the artifacts found with these men prove that they were simply men-some of which lived in caves. As an example, a scientist in Germany managed to sequence Neanderthal DNA and found that it matched “modern man’s” to 99.999%. This is the same degree to which your DNA matches your next door neighbors.

In his book “Shattering the Myths of Darwinism”, Richard Milton, a science writer, in the chapter called “Rock of Ages”, on dating methods relates that, Dr. Melvin Cook, a physical chemist, and then a professor of metallurgy at Utah University and a world renowned expert on explosives, was prevented from publishing a book entitled “Anomalous Chronometry in the Atmosphere and Hydrosphere” because it provided direct evidence of the short-time chronometry of the earth and its oceans.

This chapter of Milton’s book relates the various problems with all “scientific” dating methods and reveals the wide disparity of results achieved using the various methods and the basic problems with each method. His summation aside, clearly you must understand that there can be no objective way to date the universe or the Earth–only a set of assumptions, some built on top of other assumptions, none of which can be proven or unproven.

Milton gives an example of one errant, published, reading using the potassium-argon method. This method was created specifically to overcome some of the problems inherent in other dating methods such as radiocarbon or uranium lead. Volcanic rocks from Mount Kilauea, which were known to have been created in a volcanic eruption in 1801 gave a potassium-argon date of 3,000,000,000 years.

Milton ends that chapter with this:

The fact is that presently it is impossible to say with any confidence how old the earth is, beyond the obvious fact that it predates the calendar of human history’.


Materialism is a system of beliefs intended to provide a way to be intellectually fulfilled as non-believers in God. Evolution is one of its major tenets as is an old Earth, made necessary only because evolution requires it. If you have the opportunity to read their own writings and combine that along with logic, it is easy to see that these systems of belief are “faith based” and not supported by objective evidence.

I understand that in the past, the Catholic church and perhaps other denominations either adopted or co-opted some of the customs of foreign peoples once converted and included those customs into their versions of Christianity.

There is no need to sully the faith of Christianity with that of the faith of Materialism. No need to explain cave-men or ape-men. These are not mentioned in Genesis so that there is no need to stretch the text and no need to “protect” the Bible from the advancement of science. There is no need for a way to explain vast ages before Adam and no need to explain how creatures evolved. This has not occurred as verified by the science of breeding, by biology and by the fossil record.

Alberta Sun Temple has 5,000-Year-Old Calendar

Science, Sophistication of Ancestors, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 30 2009

Jan 29, 2009

Bob Weber

Photo:An aerial view of a 5,000-year-old stone cairn and other structures in southern Alberta that a maverick Edmonton scientist believes are the central features of an ancient sun temple and calendar that accurately marks the solstices and the equinoxes. THE CANADIAN PRESS

EDMONTON – An academic maverick is challenging conventional wisdom on Canada’s prehistory by claiming an archeological site in southern Alberta is really a vast, open-air sun temple with a precise 5,000-year-old calendar predating England’s Stonehenge and Egypt’s pyramids.

Mainstream archeologists consider the rock-encircled cairn to be just another medicine wheel left behind by early aboriginals. But a new book by retired University of Alberta professor Gordon Freeman says it is in fact the centre of a 26-square-kilometre stone “lacework” that marks the changing seasons and the phases of the moon with greater accuracy than our current calendar.

“Genius existed on the prairies 5,000 years ago,” says Freeman, the widely published former head of the university’s physical and theoretical chemistry department.

Freeman’s fascination with prairie prehistory dates back to his Saskatchewan boyhood. He and his father would comb the short grasses of the plains in search of artifacts exposed by the scouring wind. That curiosity never left him and he returned to it as he prepared to retire from active teaching.

Looking for a hobby, he asked a friend with an interest in history to suggest a few intriguing sites to visit. On a warm late-August day in 1980, that list drew him to what he has come to call Canada’s Stonehenge, which is also the title of his book.

A central cairn atop one of a series of low hills overlooking the Bow River, about 70 kilometres east of Calgary, had been partially excavated in 1971 and dated at about 5,000 years old. But as he approached it, Freeman strongly felt there was much more there than previously thought.

“As we walked toward the hilltop, I saw all kinds of patterns in the rocks on the way up. As I walked around the hilltop, I could see patterns that I doubted very much were accidental.”

Freeman photographed what he saw and showed the images to archeologists. They told him the rocks, some of which weigh up to a tonne, had been randomly distributed by melting glaciers.

But those rocks and rock piles, Freeman said, had been “highly engineered,” shimmied and balanced and wedged in ways he couldn’t believe were natural. And so began a magnificent obsession – 28 years of photographing the site in summer and winter, observing the alignment of rocks and how they coincided with the recurring patterns of sun, moon and stars.

Freeman estimates he and his wife Phyllis have spent a total of seven months living at the site. Twelve thousand photographs with precise times and dates are neatly catalogued in his files.

What he found:

The central cairn is surrounded by 28 radiating stone lines, four of which align with the cardinal points of the compass. Those lines are encircled by another ring of stones.

A few metres away lies a stone semicircle, with a large stone between it and the central cairn. The left edge of the semicircle lines up with both the central stone and the right edge of the cairn, and vice versa.

To Freeman, those features represent the sun, the crescent moon and the morning star.

As well, there are secondary cairns on nearby hills and rock assemblages that seem to correspond to constellations.

And after years of rising before dawn, in all seasons and weather, to carefully photograph the positions of the sun, Freeman found the rocks once thought to be simply strewn across the prairie instead mark the progression of the year with uncanny accuracy.

The rising and setting sun on both the longest and shortest days of the year lines up precisely with V-shaped sights in the temple’s rocks. The spring and autumn equinoxes, when day and night are equal, are similarly marked. They are not the equinoxes of the Gregorian calendar currently used, however, but the true astronomical equinoxes.

Freeman is convinced the temple contains a lunar calendar as well, because the 28 rays radiating from the central cairn correspond to the length of the lunar cycle.

“I thought I would complete that study in a couple years,” says Freeman, a laughing, vigorous 78. “Twenty-eight years later we’re still making discoveries.”

Mainstream archeology hasn’t been exactly welcoming. Despite being highly regarded in his own field, Freeman says journals have rejected his papers and conferences have denied him a platform.

Professionals in any field resist interlopers from other disciplines and archeology is no exception, he says. But he suggests conventional wisdom can restrict insight.

“If you have preconceptions, you’re never going to discover anything.”

Although he hasn’t read “Canada’s Stonehenge,” University of Alberta archeologist Jack Ives is familiar with Freeman’s theories.

He says recent research suggests some astronomical knowledge developed in Central and South America flowed north to the plains, where it was adapted by people for their own purposes.

“There is some basis for thinking there was sophisticated astronomical knowledge,” says Ives.

But what exactly is manifested in the medicine wheels?

“They may certainly reflect solstices and equinoxes. How much more sophisticated beyond that has been a subject of debate.”

But Ives points out the terrain in question is an ancient glacial moraine, full of naturally occurring rocks.

“You have to be very careful about what you line up.”

Freeman, however, is convinced. He looks forward to the academic debate to come.

“I know my song well before I sing it,” he says, quoting Bob Dylan.

Meanwhile, Freeman hopes to use any publicity generated by his book to push for preservation of the site. Part of it is privately owned, but most is Crown land and open to both the energy industry and casual, possibly destructive, visitors.

“The place is so far away from anything that it’s not adequately protected.”

Freeman is a man of science, trained to trust hard data and believe evidence over sensation. But after 28 years unravelling a message in mute stones, the wind in his hair and the sun on his face, absorbed in ancient mysteries, the site has come to evoke in him something akin to reverence.

“I can go down there with a headache and within a day everything is gone. It’s just like a cure. There is something down there. I just don’t know how to describe it.

“I just feel very comfortable there. I just feel comfortable.”

Texas Rock Wall Exhibit at Royse City Museum, Science, Sophistication of Ancestors, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 29 2009

Would you please post this announcement at your site for the benefit of those interested in the Rockwall subject who may be able to visit?

There will also be a brown bag seminar at the courthouse in Rockwall sponsored by the Rockwall
Historical Foundation in February. Dates will be announced on their webpage which currently features a chronology of investigations of the rock walls ending with John Lindsey’s statement in 1998 that evidence is growing that the walls are manmade. Thanks.

The Royse City Museum is currently displaying an exhibit featuring Virgil Ray Holt’s research on the rock walls of Rockwall. I had the good fortune to meet Ray Holt a few years ago when he visited John Lindsey at his old house on Ridge Road.

Later, Ray invited me to his home to view numerous artifacts he had obtained in the course of conducting estate sales of collectors in the area. Ray also gave me a map of various old springs and wells throughout Rockwall County which have since been covered by the construction explosion since 1965 when Lake Ray Hubbard was completed.

Some of these old mineral and hot springs are a valuable clue to the neglected geology of Rockwall County. Ray has long been a member of the Rockwall Historical Foundation and a lifelong resident of Rockwall with a great interest in the rock walls.

As soon as I can make it down to the exhibit I will give a more detailed description. Meanwhile, those interested can find directions and more information on the
museum here:
Royse City Museum Link

Best regards,
David Campbell

Original Texas Rockwall Story

Reader Comments on Great Pyramid Articles | Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 27 2009

There are three main articles on dealng with the mysteries of the Great Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid, Egypt
Ancient Enigma
True Suppressions

We recently recieved some interesting comments re the articles and the Great Pyramid itself that we are not neccessarily going to answer any time soon. Perhaps other interested readers might have some input…

Comment 1
I’ve read a few pages at your site. Very interesting! I have corrections, and suggestions…

Re: The markings “discovered” by Vyse are not chalk, they are red ochra. It’s not scribbled, and it’s not a “slight resemblance”… I too suspect that Vyse did not make them, but the exaggeration makes you look doubtful. (no offense) If you want, I can find a picture of the markings…

You didn’t mention the astounding flat/straightness of the descending passage… something like ¼” runout over 350 feet, most of it through solid bedrock… (it’s been a few years since I studied this stuff. I think it was Petrie that measured. He did some good work.)

I think you misquote petrie “…to do so withOUT cement in the joint seems almost impossible”. As I recall, there’s no cement, except holding the plugs in ascending passage.

The pointing of shafts to stars can only be speculation, based on when you think it was built. (earth wobbles). The shafts also bend, so it’s not observation point.

The robot encountered a block in each shaft, but no indication that it’s a door.

G Worthey

Comment 2

I very much enjoyed your excellent article on the great pyramids, and I was particularly captivated by your writing on the dilemma of how the large limestone blocks were so finely cut…

Given that the extant copper or bronze tools only have MOHS hardness of 3.5 to 4.5, on their upper limits, it appears you correctly surmise they would be unable to cut through limestone which has a greater hardness; that is more than 4.5…

However, it appears a simple solution has been overlooked by the Egyptologists who identify the copper or bronze cutting or sawing tools when they are asked with what were the pyramid stones cut:

Here it is: it is undisputed that early civilizations utilized an extremely hard stone, easily “knapped” to both sharp and extremely sharp edges. This common stone, with a MOHS hardness of 7.0, is of course chert. Given that chert (otherwise known as flint) freely occurs in limestone, shales, and other soft stones, the quarry site itself–that producing the limestone–would have furnished plentiful amounts of cutting rock, namely, the chert.

As you may know, chert retains its hardness and sharp edge when cutting through softer stone; moreover, it can be easily sharpened if dulled by use…

Under the circumstances, I was hoping you would amend your fine article to incorporate the above concerning a stone with an undisputed MOHS hardness of 7.0, called “chert” commonly found with and around limestone and shales…after you research same to your satisfaction, of course!

Aside from the above, keep in mind that chert (flint) was the main component of the early “flintlock rifles.” The (very hard) flint piece struck the metal plate which produced a spark. The spark in turn ignited the gunpowder…by all accounts, the flint lasted quite a long time before it had to be replaced…

If you believe this brief email merits a response, I would like to hear from you !


R R Lenard

A Brief Review of a Selection of Incredible, Lost, Forgotten or Ignored News from Our Recent Past; Part IV……Mostly Giants

Church of Darwin, Crypto, Fin De Siecle, Giants in Those Days,, Science, Sophistication of Ancestors, The Flood of Noah, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 24 2009

by Chris Parker, Copyright January 2009

Photo:Discoverer examines the head of a South American mummy discovered in a cave along with several others of similar height. This mummy is only 7 1/2 feet long (eight feet tall in life?)so he was one of the smaller giants.

Numbers 13:33
We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.”

If there are not hundreds of news stories in the newspapers of the last 300 years about the discovery of sensational ancient remains; giants, petrified humans, petrified human giants and other finds unaccounted for by science—then there are thousands of such stories. Rocks supposedly millions and in some case billions of years old have contained the fossilized or petrified remains of giant humans, mega versions of familiar animals all as reported in the hundreds of newspapers in print throughout the world.

The response of science has been consistent over those 300 years; human beings don’t petrify it declares despite report after report documenting there discovery. Despite the testimony of other scientists and despite photographs.

These things can’t exist under the current scientific paradigm, so—they don’t exist. In fact, we’ve seen that exact argument used by scientists; yes such and such an object looks exactly like a human skull or a giant fossilized human foot—but that is impossible.

That’s a little known scientific method.

As to giants, science does recognize Meganthropus and Gigantopithecus as giant versions of ancient man—but we want to know how science deals with dogs larger than current horses and “modern” men the height of a two story home?

This article is a survey of a number of anomalous finds which taken as a whole contradict the “scientific’ story of earth’s history and which taken as a whole overturn the evolutionary/geological time scale. Back in the middle 1850′s a “hoax” was perpetrated on science and the general population known as the Cardiff Giant. Hoax is in quotes because one of the owners of the giant, 10 foot petrified man believed until his death that the giant was real. A Mr. Hull supposedly perpetrated the hoax, but here’s the point; science has tried to use the Cardiff Giant as a means to cast doubt on the hundreds of other similar “discoveries” before and since.

The Cardiff Giant Hoax did not occur in a vacuum. There had been many reports of giant human remains and petrifed human remains in the newspapers of that era; pre Cardiff and post Cardiff. Science has always mananged to throw a little dirt on such discoveries in order to protect the paradigm–witness the Calaveras Skull, often referred to as a hoax because it was “impossible” though in fact it was not.

If the jury is still out on Darwinism, they have taken the following position to shore up their case; if the evidence doesn’t fit, it must be counter-feit!

Mystery of the Giant Mummy

Memphis Doctors Say it is Over Nine Feet Long and Weighs 400 Pounds
August 23,1894

After a mummy was found not far from Memphis, three medical doctors had a chance to examine it at Jackson Mound Park. “Dr. H.L. Williford, formerly president of the Shelby county board of health; Dr. B.F. Turner, professor in the Memphis Medical college and an ethnologist of some note, and Dr. Pate have visited Jackson Mound and examined the mummy. They found the body to weigh about 400 pounds and to be 9 feet ½ inches long.”

The body was said to have been in a ‘splendid” state of preservation. No doubt, a 9 foot mummy may have been 10 feet in height in life. The teeth were reported to have been intact, the hair was long and stiff and black in color.

The skin was still pliable according to the doctors and the thumb nails could still be seen. The mummy was bare except for animals skins covering its head and its feet.

The physicians could detect no sign in this case of petrification or ossification and speculated that the body might be that of a North American Indian.

A Race of Giants

The Tioga Eagle
Wednesday Feb 4, 1846

According to the article the Mobile Herald had first reported that the fossil remains of a “huge biped” had been dug up a few days previously in Williamson County, Tenn. It was initially doubted by some that the find was the skeleton of a man but that now that it had received a “full report” of the discovery it was now certain that the skeleton was in fact human.

As the article describes the events, a Mr. Shumale was digging a deep hole on his property in search of water, on a hill located in the mountainous section of the county when the bones were discovered some 60 feet below the surface.

The bones were embedded, it was reported in a strata of hard clay and filled a large crevice in the rock. The position of the bones, said to weigh 1500 lbs was reclining. The bones were reported to be only partially petrified.

According to the Tioga report, there was no doubt in the minds of any of the witnesses that the bones “belonged to the genus Homo’. As it is told, all the larger characteristic bones were fully intact; the skull, arms and the bones of the thigh, shoulders, the knee pan and collar bones were clearly and unmistakably human.

It is reported that the whole skeleton was approximately 18 feet high and it was surmised that the gentleman or woman stood 19 feet high. The bones of the thighs it was reported, stood at 6 feet 6 inches.

The skull was sized in the mind of the reader by saying that it was 2/3 the size of a flour barrel and by noting that a coffee cup cut fit comfortably within its eye sockets. The jaw and teeth were reported to be very much intact with various teeth, still attached estimated to weigh from 3.5 to 5 pounds. Wear was evident on the teeth.

It was reported that an “eminent physician” was engaged in assembling the full skeleton with small deficiencies to be supplied by art. It was reported that $50,000 had been offered for the skeleton.

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Vampire of the Air; Some Children Have Been Carried Off By Large Birds

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Jan 22 2009

Shown: Actual very sad Photo of Condor with child on “Lofty Rock”

Hamilton Evening Journal
August 1926

“VALPARAISO. ALL that remains of little Pepito Tamalque,
of San Raphael, near Mendoza, in the Argentine, are a few sun-bleached
bones in .the foothills.

No kidnaper, no bandit, no child torturing human fiend caused t h e two-year-old infant’s
death, but a ferocious, swift winged vampire of the air— the monster condor of the

Once again this titan of the vulture family has struck terror, dismay and repugnance
into the hearts of South Americans. Once more the quest is on for some sure means of combatting
this scavenger giant of cloudland, this feathered swooper whom science compares, to the fabulous
roc which bore Sinbad the sailor aloft.

Tiny Pepito’s parents, inconsolable with grief and remorse over the slaughter of their dearly-beloved child, live in the village of San Raphael, directly east of Santiago.”

The article did not explain the source of this “actual photo” of the child and the condor but one hopes that the photographer tried to do something about it. This story enhances the plausibilty of stories suggesting that large birds of one type or another had tried and sometimes succeeded in carrying off children.

Is This Nahuelito? Seamonster Sighting.

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Jan 21 2009

Original Source in Spanish translation using:AltaVista Bablefish; Prompt Online and Six years of grade school Spanish

Is this “ The Nahuelito ”?

A man sent this photograph to a newspaper in Bariloche and sowed again some doubt about the real existence of this “mythical” animal. This time, the image was captured on Lake Mascardi.

The images published yesterday in the Matutinal Rionegrino of Cordillerano show an animal similar to a snake that appears on the surface of the water.

“ I was thinking that they were otters, when I saw it rotating below the surface of the water, but when it began to show itself again I taken by surprise. It looked a little like a creature that I had seen earlier, and we were afraid of it when it reappeared, reported the reader who sent the photograph in to the newspaper.

For true believers, this might be a test of the existence of the “Nahuelito”. But for skeptics, it is only a question of a trunk floating in the water.

The history of the “Nahuelito”

It is a question of an unknown aquatic creature that, according to the popular belief, lives in the lake Nahuel Huapi, in Argentina. The legend goes back to indigenous stories and the first registered sighting dates back to 1910, when George Garret caught sight from approximately 400 meters distance, of a creature whose visible part measured between 5 and 7 meters long and which rose above the water approximately two meters.

Photo right: Current Nahuelito with past photo of Nahuelito

Beginning in 1897, Dr. Clemente Onelli, the director of the Buenos Aires Zoo began to receive sporadic reports about a strange creature inhabiting the Patagonian lakes and organized a search expedition. that failed to provide any positive results.

More recently, in 1960, the Argentina Navy chased an unidentified submarine object in the lake for 18 days, without managing to identify it.

The most popular hypothesis is that of the prehistoric monster, ” Nahuelito ” would be a survivor of the epoch of the dinosaurs, probably a ” “plesiosaurus”.

Prior Story on Nahuelito

God, Help the Poor Men of Learning

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Jan 20 2009

1 Corinthians 1:20
Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?

Puzzles Men of Learning
Whether Petrified Sole of Shoe is a Fossil or Freak of Nature is Question
Moberly Democrat
May 23, 1922

The story of the “Lovelock shoe” is not near to us, but as we were specifically researching stories about giants in news articles of the past we came across this article which was contemporaneous with the discovery. It didn’t quite fit what we were researching but there were enough astounding statements in the article, stated so matter of fact-ly that we had to blog it.

It began; “What appears to be a petrified sole of a carefully made shoe has been submitted by John T. Reid, a mining engineer of Lovelock, Nev. To Dr. James F. Kemp, professor of geology at Columbia university, and to Dr. William D. Matthew, paleontologist of the American Museum of Natural History.

If it is what it looks like, it is proof that human beings were walking about in shoes of finer workmanship than are made today on this continent, between 10,000,000 and 300,000,000 years ago, the New York Times states.”

Today, those “geological periods” have been pushed even further back than they were in 1922. It was found in “blue limestone” Now, for evolution to be true, the discovery of a fossilized shoe in this strata presents unsolvable problems. This is not the case with the Biblical version of the history of this planet.

The two eminent scientists of the time, after a thorough examination of the fossil declared it “the most surprising imitation by nature of the workmanship of man which had ever come to their attention…”

Wow. Really? Indeed!

The initial part of their statement is “ironic” and no doubt lead to the “puzzlement” experienced by these men of learning.

Listen now to the full weight of their knowledge being brought to bear; the scientific method at work no doubt; to conclusions one could only reach after years of dedicated study and strict reliance on the Darwin paradigm.

“it would be absolutely impossible that it could be a genuine fossil because the evidence was overwhelming that the career of human beings on earth was not over a half million years, whereas the Triassic rock of the neatly sculptured sole is made more ancient”.

Concerning the ‘shoe” the symmetry of the sole was reported to have remained perfect throughout. The shoe was reported to be of a size to nicely fit a 10 to 12 year old boy of the 1920’s. There was reported to be a clearly defined double line of stitching around the circumference of the sole. There appeared to be hundreds of tiny holes in the sole in the places where one would expect the shoe and the sole to be sewed together.

Unpuzzle yourselves. Maybe the world isn’t really billions of years old. Maybe some of your sophisticated ancestors were around when the rock was formed-not so many years ago? Question: are we going to believe the wise men of this age–or are we going to believe our own “lying eyes”? ;0)


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Biologist; Director of the Perrott-Warrick Project; author of A New Science of Life. In reply to the question posed by “The Edge Foundation: What Will Change Everything? What game-changing scientific ideas and developments do you expect to live to see?”

Credit crunches happen because of too much credit and too many bad debts. Credit is literally belief, from the Latin credo, “I believe.” Once confidence ebbs, the loss of trust is self-reinforcing. The game changes.

Something similar is happening with materialism.

Since the nineteenth century, its advocates have promised that science will explain everything in terms of physics and chemistry; science will show that there is no God and no purpose in the universe; it will reveal that God is a delusion inside human minds and hence in human brains; and it will prove that brains are nothing but complex machines.

Materialists are sustained by the faith that science will redeem their promises, turning their beliefs into facts. Meanwhile, they live on credit. The philosopher of science Sir Karl Popper described this faith as “promissory materialism” because it depends on promissory notes for discoveries not yet made. Despite all the achievements of science and technology, it is facing an unprecedented credit crunch.

In 1963, when I was studying biochemistry at Cambridge I was invited to a series of private meetings with Francis Crick and Sydney Brenner in Brenner’s rooms in King’s College, along with a few of my classmates. They had just cracked the genetic code. Both were ardent materialists.

They explained there were two major unsolved problems in biology: development and consciousness. They had not been solved because the people who worked on them were not molecular biologists – nor very bright. Crick and Brenner were going to find the answers within 10 years, or maybe 20. Brenner would take development, and Crick consciousness. They invited us to join them.

Both tried their best. Brenner was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2002 for his work on the development of the nematode worm Caenorhabdytis. Crick corrected the manuscript of his final paper on the brain the day before he died in 2004. At his funeral, his son Michael said that what made him tick was not the desire to be famous, wealthy or popular, but “to knock the final nail into the coffin of vitalism.”

He failed. So did Brenner. The problems of development and consciousness remain unsolved. Many details have been discovered, dozens of genomes have been sequenced, and brain scans are ever more precise. But there is still no proof that life and minds can be explained by physics and chemistry alone.

The fundamental proposition of materialism is that matter is the only reality. Therefore consciousness is nothing but brain activity. However, among researchers in neuroscience and consciousness studies there is no consensus. Leading journals such as Behavioural and Brain Sciences and the Journal of Consciousness Studies publish many articles that reveal deep problems with the materialist doctrine.

For example, Steven Lehar argues that inside our heads there must be a miniaturized virtual-reality full-colour three-dimensional replica of the world. When we look at the sky, the sky is in our heads. Our skulls are beyond the sky. Others, like the psychologist Max Velmans, argue that virtual reality displays are not confined to our brains; they are life-sized, not miniaturized. Our visual perceptions are outside our skulls, just where they seem to be.

The philosopher David Chalmers has called the very existence of subjective experience the “hard problem” of consciousness because it defies explanation in terms of mechanisms. Even if we understand how eyes and brains respond to red light, for example, the quality of redness is still unaccounted for.

In biology and psychology the credit-rating of materialism is falling fast. Can physics inject new capital? Some materialists prefer to call themselves physicalists, to emphasize that their hopes depend on modern physics, not nineteenth-century theories of matter. But physicalism’s credit-rating has been reduced by physics itself, for four reasons.

First, some physicists argue that quantum mechanics cannot be formulated without taking into account the minds of observers; hence minds cannot be reduced to physics, because physics presupposes minds.

Second, the most ambitious unified theories of physical reality, superstring and M theories, with 10 and 11 dimensions respectively, take science into completely new territory. They are a very shaky foundation for materialism, physicalism or any other pre-established belief system. They are pointing somewhere new.

Third, the known kinds of matter and energy constitute only about 4% of the universe. The rest consists of dark matter and dark energy. The nature of 96% of physical reality is literally obscure.

Fourth, the cosmological anthropic principle asserts that if the laws and constants of nature had been slightly different at the moment of the Big Bang, biological life could never have emerged, and hence we would not be here to think about it. So did a divine mind fine-tune the laws and constants in the beginning?

Some cosmologists prefer to believe that our universe is one of a vast, and perhaps infinite, number of parallel universes, all with different laws and constants. We just happen to exist in the one that has the right conditions for us.

In the eyes of skeptics, the multiverse theory is the ultimate violation of Occam’s Razor, the principle that entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily. But even so, it does not succeed in getting rid of God. An infinite God could be the God of an infinite number of universes.

Here on Earth we are facing climate change, great economic uncertainty, and cuts in science funding. Confidence in materialism is draining away. Its leaders, like central bankers, keep printing promissory notes, but it has lost its credibility as the central dogma of science. Many scientists no longer want to be 100% invested in it.

Materialism’s credit crunch changes everything. As science is liberated from this nineteenth-century ideology, new perspectives and possibilities will open up, not just for science, but for other areas of our culture that are dominated by materialism. And by giving up the pretence that the ultimate answers are already known, the sciences will be freer – and more fun.

Updating the Update of the Death Valley Giants Cave Complex-with Coordinates

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There’s been a huge amount of interest in this story or at least in trying to duplicate this unknown desert artifact. We can’t at all be sure that it is a cave opening nor can we tie it conclusively to the antique news story about giants and treasure in a cave complex under Death Valley. In any case, here are the requested coordinates…

“Sorry for the delay. I was away, and now have a backlog to catch up.

Attached is a picture of the structure in Death Valley. It cannot
be told from the photo if this is a cave opening. It may be
completely unrelated. At the bottom are the coordinates.”

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