Daily Bible 2009

Posted by Chris Parker
Dec 30 2008

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Our local congregation (ParkWay church of Christ) is beginning a class called “The Daily Bible” wherein by committing to a Bible reading every day in 2009 one will be able to read the entire Bible.

We will be using a book called “The Daily Bible” by Lagard Smith, a member of the church of Christ, which conducts one from the Old to New Testaments in chronological order. This might mean one day you would be in Genesis and the next in Psalms if it was chronological.

At the end, you will have completed the entire text. The author also includes commentary at the beginning of each reading to help set the stage.

We will have a discussion group for readers of the book although it is not completely clear how that will be used. Certainly we will try to use it as a means for discussing what we’re reading. We”ll see how that goes.

If you live hundreds of miles away and can’t attend the weekly class at Parkway, we’re sure you’d still benefit by reading the book on your own or by joining our discussion group and either lurking or actively participating.

The book is available on Amazon for between 10 and 15 dollars depending on compact, soft or hard cover. Look for “the Daily Bible” (not devotional) by Lagard Smith. Also here at Books for Christins.com

The readings for the first week, beginning January 1, are as follows:

Jan 1: Gen 1:1-Gen 3:24

Jan 2 Gen 4:1-Gen 5;32

Jan 3 Gen 6:1-Gen 9:29

Jan 4 Gen 10:1-Gen 11:32

Jan 5 Gen 12:1-Gen 14:20

Jan 6 Gen 15:1-Gen 17-27

Jan 7 Gen 18:1-Gen 19-38

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