Ancient Costa Ricans Faced Winged Terror from Above; and Things Weren’t Always So Sanguine on the Ground Either-Stone Metates of Central America

Posted by Chris Parker
Dec 08 2008

by Chris Parker
Copyright 2008

Figure 1 shows detail from an ancient stone metate from Costa Rica. Two bird-like creatures attack men by the head on either side of this stone table.

Based on the art they left behind, the Ancient Costa Ricans worried a bit about terror from the skies and for that matter, there appeared to be giant reptiles on the ground (the scientific paradigm calls them crocodilians or reptilians) that elicited a bit of concern as well.

Hello, I’m’s Chris Parker. You know, science tells us that dinosaurs and pterosaurs died out 40 million and 65 million years ago respectively. Here at, we do the kind of research that thankfully takes no skill or special knowledge at all. We look at pictures of ancient art and visit museums. Our research tells science is off by 99.99% or so.”.

Costa Rica which means “Rich Coast” is a Central American country bordered by the countries of Nicaragua and Panama to the east and south and by the Pacific on its southern and western border and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Many people find it to be a choice vacation destination.

It’s possible that the proximity of its coastlines to the Pacific Ocean and Carribean Sea may account for its ancient fascination with death and terror from the skies. Maybe these giant flying creatures, if they really existed stopped in on their way to someplace else?

Photo 2: Costa Rican gold figures show reptilian monsters, dragons, dinosaurs–or crocodiles if you believe the hype; one with a warrior in his mouth, A.D. 1-500. .The size represented as well as the height of the “monsters” contra-indicate a crocodile or an alligator identification.
Museo del Oro

Art from Costa Rica looks different than other Pre-colombian art. They were at the edge of the civilizations we call Aztec. Frequent themes of ancient Costa Rican and of its neighbors Nicaragua and the Honduras frequently featured birds, the jaguar, trophy heads and reptilian figures which science always neatly explains away.

One interesting artifact found all over pre-Columbian South and Central America is the stone metate which was used for grinding corn and other foodstuffs. Some of the metates of Costa Rica however, were especially ornate and included three dimensional figures like birds, “giant flying creatures”, “monkeys, jaguars, warriors and again saurians or reptilian figures.

The author has seen approximately 100 examples of these ancient stone metates and more than a handfull of them show represenatations of large “bat winged creatures”, attacking lions , monkey’s and/or men from above.

One can certainly argue about what each of these flying creatures represent; birds, pterosaurs or mythological creatures but certainly for some unknown reason it is clear that the Costa Rican’s imagined or witnessed attacks from giant flying creatures. Note that bats do not have the long bills represented. Some birds and some pterosaurs did or do…

Below we provide examples of several ancient Costa Rican stone metates with the features we’ve described. Our intial metate, Figure 1, displays one obvious pterosaur depiction attacking the head of a man. Our speculation that at least one pterosaur is being represented goes as far as to suggest that the head crest puts us in mind of an Azhdarchids an often giant pterosaur which includes the very large and difficult to spell; Quetzalcoatlus.

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