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Discovery of Vast Prehistoric Works Built by Giants? The Geoglyphs of Teohuanaco

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Nov 20 2008

You’ve probably already gotten on to this one, and I missed it.

Just in case . . . David Flynn, of, announced the discovery of an extensive series of geoglyphs surrounding the Lake Titicaca region last February. These are similar to the Nazca lines but more extensive. They are very old and many are built into the bedrock, under the flood sediments.

This is incredible stuff! Whole hills were carved into various configurations. David has two special reports: (an initial news item…it gives an e-mail address and phone number for interviews) and a more extensive report with many pics…SEE LINKS BELOW

This is really dynamite stuff; estimated age: 13,000-15,000 b.p. I’m not sure if Flynn is a Christian and creationist. He keeps talking about the difficulty of constructing Tiwanaku and the geoglyphs at extreme altitude.

The best theory I’ve seen (Cataclysm! by Allan and Delair, and many others) is that the Flood event fractured the crust and re-arranged the continents. Even Darwin speculated that the whole southwest end of South America was lifted up hundreds or thousands of feet. Tiwanaku was originally a seaport!–Dan Moore

By David E. Flynn
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The size and scope of David Flynn’s Teohuanaco discovery simply surpasses comprehension. Mammoth traces of intelligence carved in stone and covering hundreds of square miles. For those who understand what they are seeing here for the first time, this could indeed be the strongest evidence ever found of prehistoric engineering by those who were known and feared throughout the ancient world as gods.
~ Thomas Horn

This satellite image (above) is a portion of the Andean foothills surrounding Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, South America. It is a small sample of a vast network of patterns that surround the lake and extend for more than one hundred miles south into the Bolivian desert.

The patterns display geometric repetition and intelligent design. There are interlocking rectangular cells and mounds, perfectly straight lines and tree like arrays that are uncharacteristic with natural erosion. These cover every topographical feature of the high plateau surrounding the lake, over flood plains, hills, cliffs and mountains.

Although these geoglyphs are remarkable in their obvious strangeness, what is more astounding is that they have remained in obscurity until now. In the same way modern archeologists recently found the ruins of hidden Mayan temples in the Guatemalan jungle by using earth orbiting satellites, we have discovered what could be one of the greatest finds of our time.

Directly South of Lake Titicaca the foothills are embossed with mound and rope arrangements of earth and rock. These form a contiguous ‘geomantic’ and ‘circuit like’ network visible only from the air.

The combined mass of the walls on these mountains below easily rivals Hadrian’s 73 mile long wall in England.

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