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Authenticated Poinsett County Arkansas Corythosaurus/Hypacrosaurus from 400 to 700 Years Ago?

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Nov 11 2008

by Chris Parker
Copyright 2008

Suppose that you are an antiquities dealer, specializing in Early American and Native American artifacts such as arrowheads, bowls, flint knives clay effigies etc.. You make a nice living.

Now, suppose that you obtain an artifact (a bowl) that has affixed to it the head of a known dinosaur type. What are your choices?

If you want to sell it, here are your choices: Call it; “bird headed”, “zoomorphic” or “unknown”. You certainly can’t mention that it looks like a dinosaur. Call it that and it becomes a fake—because the artist could not have known anything about dinosaurs 400 to 700 years ago—according to science.

Call it bird-headed and everyone will be happy. Of course, its never going to a museum, it can only go to a private collector. This will always be the case.

So, even though there are in fact many artifacts that would make it clear that these creatures were alive a very short time ago rather than the millions of years science insists, no one, including scientists, Atheists, the general public nor Creationists, knows that this evidence exists.

This artifact is described by the dealer as a bird. It’s certainly possible that bird was his best guess.But, what kind of bird? We here at recognize the creature represented by the artifact as a lambeosaurine dinosaur like Corythosaurus or Hypacrosaurus. Many of these artifacts representing dinosaurs have been shown in our Dinosaurs in Literature section.

This item has been authenticated by Jeff Baker of Baker Authentication. Here’s how it is described on its certificate: “Effigy Bowl. Origin: Poinsett County, Arkansas. Measurement: 3” x 5.5 inches.

Condition:Excellent. Grade 9.5. Material; Shell Tempered Pottery,

Notation: A middle to late Mississippian artifact suggested to date from 700 to 400 years before present. Description for this type is a miniature size effigy bowl depicting a bird’s head. These types are commonly found along the Tyronza River in Northeast Arkansas. The workmanship is consistent with ancient techniques….”

Is this a bird headed bowl–or a dinosaur headed bowl? You decide.

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