Interesting Antique Metal Piece from Mali

Posted by Chris Parker
Oct 10 2008

In our photo above shows; top left, the antique Mali figure, and bottom right, a mesh drawing of a certain bi-pedal creature from the rear.

We’ve made the case previously that if a piece is too “interesting”, it ends up in private collections, not in museums. And in that vein we’ve seen some interesting museum pieces which have been photographed from strange angles. (Yes, it could be paranoia–now who said that?!)

For instance, remember this piece, at the bottom right, from the Zhou Dynasty that showed only the reverse side? It took us quite a while to find a photo showing it from the front. We think that perhaps it looked too “dinosaury”.

This antique piece is from Mali and is identified as a “standing figure” and so it is. It is in the hands of a private collector. The photo is from the book; “THE ART OF METAL IN AFRICA Edited by Marie-Th6rese Brincard The African-American Institute, New York, 1982. 160 pp.

It would have been nice to see the reverse (front) of this piece, perhaps it would then prove itself to be a monkey or a bi-pedal lizard…..The tail of the piece, has been lost, so it begs the question, why was the back view of more interest than the front…

What is it? What is represented? A mythical creature? Perhaps? A standing figure, for sure.

That previously backwards Zhou Dynasty piece can be seen here.

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