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In Search of Mokele-mbembe – Africa’s Living Dinosaur

Crypto,, Science, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Oct 02 2008

From Bill Gibbons:

“Hello All,

Just a note to let you all know that the new book, In Search of Mokele-mbembe – Africa’s Living Dinosaur, is nearing completion. I have almost completed part 2, which I will be sending Rob for editing by the end of the week.

Part 3 will be chapters devoted to three out of the six mystery animals we have been investigating. These chapter will be completed fairly quickly and the entire book will be completed and ready to be sent to Chad Arment at Coachwhip Publications by the end of October. This will give Chad enough time to get the book to the printer for a December relase.

I will be discussing the artwork with Bill Rebsamen this week so that everything will be finalized. I am sure you will all be happy with the final result, which contains enough information on our research without giving specific details on precise locations of research away to the reader.

The next book will be entitled, The Mystery Animals of Equatotrial Africa, and should be completed by late 2009 without too much trouble, however I might delay the project until we are able to return to Cameroon and make further progress in our research.”

Bill’s new website, detailing his cryptozoological expeditions and research is here: