Updates And Reviews, Re: Days of Peleg
by Jon Saboe

Posted by Chris Parker
Jul 07 2008

Peleg’s Log is an infrequent and sporadic newsletter from Daysof Peleg.com, bringing news and stories about the successes, reviews, and responses that The Days of Peleg has elicited.

The big news is that The Days of Peleg has been selected by Allbooks Review International as their Featured Historical Fiction Book-Of-The-Month! Here is an excerpt from the review by Shirley Roe:

“Take a spoonful of history, mix it gently with some science fiction, add three tablespoons of ideology, a believable hypothesis, a dash of religion and a very large imagination and you have Jon Saboe’s The Days of Peleg.

Difficult book to categorize because the author has taken a sci-fi plot but instead of placing it far in the future, it is set in Ancient Mesopotamia….

Sometime in every man’s life, his beliefs and values are challenged but Peleg experiences more than a mere awakening. To say he finds himself is an understatement. He is shaken to his very core of reality, or reality as he knows it. He spends twelve years on a journey of strange colorful characters, foreign tongues, odd and almost unbelievable customs and monstrosities. When the journey is done will he return home or is his fate and the fate of his descendents changed forever?”

Another wonderful, almost embarrassing review can be found by Alicia Karen Elkins at the Rambles.net Cultural Arts Magazine HERE: Rambles Review

I just wanted to thank you for all of the support, words of encouragement, and friendship which you have shown me over this past year. I am always amazed and humbled at the diversity of readership that I have been blessed with. Already, The Days of Peleg has been the focus of diverse discussions such as Orthodox Jewish interpretations of the Zeh-Ra and indigenous Mesoamerican culture.

Also, with summer upon us, this is a great time to get that gift copy for a friend for their summer reading! Amazon is currently offering 10% off, and many people need a good fiction novel for their “stay-cation” this year!

May the Creator and His Seed bless you in the coming months!


Jon Saboe

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