Out of Place Artifacts and Ancient Technology; 1852 Style

Posted by Chris Parker
May 17 2008


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In 1978 Brad Steiger wrote a book entitled “Worlds Before Our Own” which advanced a theory about an ancient, global civilization, supported by his chronicling of hundreds of out of place artifacts.

His book may not have been the only one of its kind or the first but much of the interest which exists today in out of place artifacts—and ancient civilizations began there. It was certainly one of the inspirations for s8int.com—albeit from a Christian perspective.

Mr. Steiger’s book was not well received by the powers that be—one angry reviewer actually called for it to be burned, because it made it clear that there was something very wrong with the theory of evolution or at least with its time scale. As it happens, Mr. Steiger is out with an updated version of his 1978 book which can be found Here

Just over 125 years prior to the publishing of Worlds Before Our Own, Wendell Phillips gave a lecture along very similar lines that was covered by the New York Times. Call it out of place artifacts-1852. He called it the “Lost Arts”.

Wendell Phillips was born on November 29, 1811, in Boston. He graduated from Harvard Law School, but gave up his life of status and wealth in order to join the anti-slavery movement.

Phillips recommended that the South should be expelled from the Union until slavery was abolished. After the Emancipation Proclamation, he worked to better the lives of the newly freed men and women.

After the war ended, Phillips worked for the women’s movement, civil rights, voter’s rights, temperance and Native American rights……. Perspectives in American Literature.

NEW YORK TIMES, December 2, 1852

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