Pterosaurs Alive? Not So Prehistoric?

Posted by Chris Parker
May 05 2008

PHOTO:Woetzel in Cameroon 

Dave Woetzel is a Christian, creationist, cryptozoologist, researcher adventurer who is also a New Hampshire businessman in his spare time. We met him online a couple of years ago. Among other things, he runs a great website called Genesis Park is an entirely chairbound exercise but Dave gets out there in the real world and gets his hands dirty, having searched for the Mokele Mbembe in Africa and the ropen (a pterosaur) in Papua New Guinea.

Coincidentally, I was doing research on whether or not pterosaur eyewitnesses ever reported receiving burns and an article I found confirming that this was the case was on Dave’s site. ( Some relevant text is excerpted below). The very next morning I received an e-mail from him about an interesting internet find.

The real exciting news though is that Dave and his group have reportedly found a colony of live pterosaurs which are seen and tracked on a nightly basis. They are being hush, hush, about the location but we hear things. The plan is to actually attempt to capture one alive this summer using a net gun. Keep your eyes and ears peeled this summer. Evolutionists; get your excuses ready.

Here are three short pieces that serve to indicate, as so many in this section have that pterosaurs still exist. The first is a description from 1880, the second story is a convincing tale from south of the border in which the witness was so frightened that he…..The third is interesting because the writer assumes that what he was witnessing on the Solomon Islands was a UFO. It might have been a bioluminescent pterosaur sighting, especially when you consider that the locals called it the “dragon snake”.

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  1. Shiv says:

    The problem with evolutionists is that they will twist everything and make it fit their theory. They did this with the Coelocanth. They never admitted to the world they made a huge error and simply twisted things to suit them. They will try to do the same with Pterosaur if it is captured.
    So creationists just get on with your great work and forget about those intellectual prostitutes and what they think.

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