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Between The Ropes:
A Young Christian’s Dialogue with the World(liness)
Chris and Terry’s Song

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Apr 30 2008

by Chris Parker, Copyright 2008 

You keep telling me we don’t see eye to eye,
But I’ll keep coming at you ‘til the day you die
With a world full of pleasures that you can’t deny
And I know you’re tempted so don’t you even lie

Your pressure on me has been real intense
But the Lord Jesus Christ has come to my defense
Through trial and temptation he has been my strength
In prayer and study which I’m about to commence

Don’t you suppose, the way you wear your clothes
Your movies, your music and your t.v. shows
All the things you own haven’t all exposed
Between world and salvation you already chose?

I have to live in this world, and cannot separate
There’re worldly things in my life- that I can’t debate
I’m going to work overtime until I get them straight
But the Lord’s sacrifice, I’ll never desecrate (Lord it’s so hard)

You’ve won one round but don’t you sing and shout
You can’t win on points, you’ll never knock me out
I go all sixteen rounds that’s what I’m all about
I’ll be fresh as a daisy when you’re all worn out

Taking on the world alone would be a heavy weight
But I don’t fight alone, so make no mistake
We’ll go round after round but there’s no debate
With the Lord in my corner you’ll take a standing eight

You are young and foolish and the truth be told,
That a worldly life would feel like solid gold
Eternal life is just a story they sold,
But my worldly things, reach out and touch and hold

I have made my choice, I”ll listen to His Voice
You can keep coming at me but now its just noise
I came up out of the water, and the angels rejoiced
And when I suffer for the Lord, I will count it all joy

Resisting the world will simply cause you pain
But sin is  like hiding out from the rain
You get hit by a drop or two now and then
Before you know it you’ll be soaked to the skin

Listen, me and mine are going to serve the Lord,
He is my shield, and very great reward
He sends me out to battle with my armor and sword
And when I repent of sin He makes me as before

Your will is strong and there’s no mistake
But now listen closely while I escalate
I Give you Seven deadly sins all without restraint
Go to church every Sunday and still participate

No, A Verse from the Bible will en-cap-su-late
My reply to you, so let me e-lu-ci-date
Resist the Devil and He will run away
That’s in James Chapter 4: between six and eight

I go back to back, I go cheek to cheek
Standing so close to you, you can feel the heat
Giving in to the world wouldn’t be defeat
It would make you happy, make you feel complete

We’re not cheek to cheek, so get up off my back
And you neglect to tell about the things you lack
You put God’s plan for the world fully under attack
I need the Lord’s salvation, can you deal with that?

I offer gold and silver, and I got all the dough
The fancy suits and the cars that are apropos
Wine women and song , and fine places to go
Best get out there now before you grow too old

I want to go to Heaven, so I must forego
And I’m taking nothing with me now, when I go
No sense to take your offer and then lose my soul
Get behind me, Satan! And get back below,

Yes, He is from above, and I am from below
Makes me just a little closer to you, don’t you know?
Live in sin a little while and then back you go
And you won’t even have to reap what you sow

As an adversary you have my full respect
Thank God your assault is having no effect
You’ll be trying even harder now, I suspect
And the Lord forgive me if I miss a step

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want
But I want you with me Father, can we talk
This world is the valley of the shadow of death
And it keeps coming at me, I can’t catch my breath

Lay me down in green pastures and restore my soul
In front of my foes ,anoint my head with oil
Live my life by quiet waters, Lord by my side
Then surely goodness, mercy and eternal life

Copyright 2008 and Chris Parker