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How Science Works 121A–Celebrating 80+ Years of Scientific Suppression

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Apr 25 2008

He Tells Kansas City Convention that Ridicule His Retarded the Work of Archaeologists
Special to the New York Times
January 2, 1926 

Kansas City, Mo. Jan 1.__Abundant evidence has now been gathered in the Southwest, in California and in Mexico to establish the existence of men in the country during the age of glaciers in association with mammoths , mastodons and other extinct animals, according to Dr. Byron Cummings, Professor of Archaeology of the University of Arizona , who spoke today at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

The general acceptance of proof of the existence of ancient man in America has been delayed, according to Dr. Cummings, by the attitude of a few anthropologists of great note who prematurely committed themselves to the opinion that the first dwellers in America came only a few thousand years ago and have been defending their position by denouncing men who tell of the discoveries of Pleistocene , or ice age, human remains and relics.

The controversy between the anthropologists who hold that the first American immigrated here 7,000 or 8,000 years ago and those who hold that men were on the continent twenty, thirty of fifty thousand years ago, has been smoldering for years , but has reached an acute stage recently over the meaning of human bones and relics found in association with mammoth bones in Florida and elsewhere.

The conservative school, which regards the American aborigines as late immigrants from Asia, have insisted that the human bones and relics in question belong to comparatively recent times, but by digging operations, or the action of streams, or by some other cause, have become mixed with the bones of extinct animals of an earlier time. It is recognized, according to Dr. Cummings, that the American who finds ancient human remains on this continent will become the target for withering criticism from a group of men of great eminence among anthropologists.


“Full investigation and careful tabulation of results,” he said “have too often been retarded by the storm of ridicule and abuse that has been heaped upon the heads of those who brought to light anything unusual. Some of our leading anthropologists have condemned without a hearing facts that are really incontrovertible, and good men have been hounded from the profession by others who happened to hold the centre of the stage at the time.

A few years ago some United Stated geologists were making investigations in Southern Arizona. One of them was kind enough to address the Faculty and students of the University of Arizona on some skeletal remains of the mammoth that had been found in our country. I suggested to the speaker that it would if he and his associates would continue their investigations in this old lake bed until they uncovered the fossil remains of man. The answer came back quick and straight—“Not on your life; if we find any human bones in these fossil beds, we’ll bury them instanter, pack our luggage and ask to be transferred to some other locality . We are not going to risk our professional reputation by finding any Pleistocene man.”

“Primitive crania are found in the ancient caves of the arid plateau of our Southwest—and in Mexico thirty feet below the surface, buried eighteen feet beneath an ancient lava flow: but the chins of these crania do not conform with the Neanderthal type of Europe and therefore, cannot be primitive.………

The point is not that we agree with the evolutionary dating scheme, it’s that science is not the objective search for the truth that many imagine and that “science” claims for itself. The ruling, evolutionary paradigm is often just as willing to turn on its own as it is on creationists.His final complaint is especially instructive. Scientists had decided to call Neanderthal “primitive” even though what they really had were a populaton with similar physical features. Men found at a depth elsewhere which would make them older that Neanderthal, (according to science) were unacceptable because they appeared too “Modern”, i.e. with differing facial consructions than Neanderthal. The truth is, all men are modern and having a thicker skull or a fuller chin does not confer superiority or inferiority–or “evolutionary advantage”. 

If only Virginia Steen-McIntyre had read this article before she published her controversial (out of the accepted time sequence) claims, she might still have her career.