“Modern” Depiction of Bagaceratops/Proteratops on Ashanti Masterpiece from 1800-1900?

Posted by Chris Parker
Apr 19 2008

 Judge: (As he walked in, the courtroom comes to its feet at the bailiff’s direction.) “The court will come to order. Please be seated. Back on the record. Mr. Smith, You may call your next witness.”

Mr. Smith for the Defense: Thank you, your honor. I call to the stand, the defendant, Chris Parker from s8int.com.


Chris Parker comes forward and takes a seat in the witness box.


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2 Responses

  1. Brook Tyler says:

    Hi Bro Chris!

    Thanks for the wonderful piece on the Ashanti storage container! How refreshing to read about these cool creatures and to have a good laugh at the same time!!

    Take care,

    Bro Brook Tyler
    Mississauga Ontario

  2. the purks says:

    Chris , The humor is a groaner , but amusing. And sadly ,very close to the truth.
    be alert, the conspiracy theorists aren’t that far off track!

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