Did Nodosaurus Really Become Extinct Between 63 Million and 95 Million Years Ago-Or Did He Live in The Recent Past?

Posted by Chris Parker
Apr 13 2008

In this section we’ve already identified a number of Ankylosaur dinosaurs in ancient art. A Nodosaurus is basically an anklyosaur without the club tail.

In fact, our prior “identifications” of ankylosaur could more specifically be seen as representations of some Nodosauridae, which as far as I can tell could be nothing more than the female version of the anklyosaur.

One thing is certain, Nodo was around a few million seconds ago at the very least.


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2 Responses

  1. tahlia says:

    woah what is a nodosaur and anklyosaur! ive never heard of them myself but what do you mean a few million seconds ago?

  2. Administrator says:

    We are contrasting seconds with years. The point is, they have been around quite recently

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