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Between The Ropes:
A Young Christian’s Dialogue with the World(liness)
Chris and Terry’s Song

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Apr 30 2008

by Chris Parker, Copyright 2008 

You keep telling me we don’t see eye to eye,
But I’ll keep coming at you ‘til the day you die
With a world full of pleasures that you can’t deny
And I know you’re tempted so don’t you even lie

Your pressure on me has been real intense
But the Lord Jesus Christ has come to my defense
Through trial and temptation he has been my strength
In prayer and study which I’m about to commence

Don’t you suppose, the way you wear your clothes
Your movies, your music and your t.v. shows
All the things you own haven’t all exposed
Between world and salvation you already chose?

I have to live in this world, and cannot separate
There’re worldly things in my life- that I can’t debate
I’m going to work overtime until I get them straight
But the Lord’s sacrifice, I’ll never desecrate (Lord it’s so hard)

You’ve won one round but don’t you sing and shout
You can’t win on points, you’ll never knock me out
I go all sixteen rounds that’s what I’m all about
I’ll be fresh as a daisy when you’re all worn out

Taking on the world alone would be a heavy weight
But I don’t fight alone, so make no mistake
We’ll go round after round but there’s no debate
With the Lord in my corner you’ll take a standing eight

You are young and foolish and the truth be told,
That a worldly life would feel like solid gold
Eternal life is just a story they sold,
But my worldly things, reach out and touch and hold

I have made my choice, I”ll listen to His Voice
You can keep coming at me but now its just noise
I came up out of the water, and the angels rejoiced
And when I suffer for the Lord, I will count it all joy

Resisting the world will simply cause you pain
But sin is  like hiding out from the rain
You get hit by a drop or two now and then
Before you know it you’ll be soaked to the skin

Listen, me and mine are going to serve the Lord,
He is my shield, and very great reward
He sends me out to battle with my armor and sword
And when I repent of sin He makes me as before

Your will is strong and there’s no mistake
But now listen closely while I escalate
I Give you Seven deadly sins all without restraint
Go to church every Sunday and still participate

No, A Verse from the Bible will en-cap-su-late
My reply to you, so let me e-lu-ci-date
Resist the Devil and He will run away
That’s in James Chapter 4: between six and eight

I go back to back, I go cheek to cheek
Standing so close to you, you can feel the heat
Giving in to the world wouldn’t be defeat
It would make you happy, make you feel complete

We’re not cheek to cheek, so get up off my back
And you neglect to tell about the things you lack
You put God’s plan for the world fully under attack
I need the Lord’s salvation, can you deal with that?

I offer gold and silver, and I got all the dough
The fancy suits and the cars that are apropos
Wine women and song , and fine places to go
Best get out there now before you grow too old

I want to go to Heaven, so I must forego
And I’m taking nothing with me now, when I go
No sense to take your offer and then lose my soul
Get behind me, Satan! And get back below,

Yes, He is from above, and I am from below
Makes me just a little closer to you, don’t you know?
Live in sin a little while and then back you go
And you won’t even have to reap what you sow

As an adversary you have my full respect
Thank God your assault is having no effect
You’ll be trying even harder now, I suspect
And the Lord forgive me if I miss a step

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want
But I want you with me Father, can we talk
This world is the valley of the shadow of death
And it keeps coming at me, I can’t catch my breath

Lay me down in green pastures and restore my soul
In front of my foes ,anoint my head with oil
Live my life by quiet waters, Lord by my side
Then surely goodness, mercy and eternal life

Copyright 2008 and Chris Parker







How Science Works 121A–Celebrating 80+ Years of Scientific Suppression

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Apr 25 2008

He Tells Kansas City Convention that Ridicule His Retarded the Work of Archaeologists
Special to the New York Times
January 2, 1926 

Kansas City, Mo. Jan 1.__Abundant evidence has now been gathered in the Southwest, in California and in Mexico to establish the existence of men in the country during the age of glaciers in association with mammoths , mastodons and other extinct animals, according to Dr. Byron Cummings, Professor of Archaeology of the University of Arizona , who spoke today at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

The general acceptance of proof of the existence of ancient man in America has been delayed, according to Dr. Cummings, by the attitude of a few anthropologists of great note who prematurely committed themselves to the opinion that the first dwellers in America came only a few thousand years ago and have been defending their position by denouncing men who tell of the discoveries of Pleistocene , or ice age, human remains and relics.

The controversy between the anthropologists who hold that the first American immigrated here 7,000 or 8,000 years ago and those who hold that men were on the continent twenty, thirty of fifty thousand years ago, has been smoldering for years , but has reached an acute stage recently over the meaning of human bones and relics found in association with mammoth bones in Florida and elsewhere.

The conservative school, which regards the American aborigines as late immigrants from Asia, have insisted that the human bones and relics in question belong to comparatively recent times, but by digging operations, or the action of streams, or by some other cause, have become mixed with the bones of extinct animals of an earlier time. It is recognized, according to Dr. Cummings, that the American who finds ancient human remains on this continent will become the target for withering criticism from a group of men of great eminence among anthropologists.


“Full investigation and careful tabulation of results,” he said “have too often been retarded by the storm of ridicule and abuse that has been heaped upon the heads of those who brought to light anything unusual. Some of our leading anthropologists have condemned without a hearing facts that are really incontrovertible, and good men have been hounded from the profession by others who happened to hold the centre of the stage at the time.

A few years ago some United Stated geologists were making investigations in Southern Arizona. One of them was kind enough to address the Faculty and students of the University of Arizona on some skeletal remains of the mammoth that had been found in our country. I suggested to the speaker that it would if he and his associates would continue their investigations in this old lake bed until they uncovered the fossil remains of man. The answer came back quick and straight—“Not on your life; if we find any human bones in these fossil beds, we’ll bury them instanter, pack our luggage and ask to be transferred to some other locality . We are not going to risk our professional reputation by finding any Pleistocene man.”

“Primitive crania are found in the ancient caves of the arid plateau of our Southwest—and in Mexico thirty feet below the surface, buried eighteen feet beneath an ancient lava flow: but the chins of these crania do not conform with the Neanderthal type of Europe and therefore, cannot be primitive.………

The point is not that we agree with the evolutionary dating scheme, it’s that science is not the objective search for the truth that many imagine and that “science” claims for itself. The ruling, evolutionary paradigm is often just as willing to turn on its own as it is on creationists.His final complaint is especially instructive. Scientists had decided to call Neanderthal “primitive” even though what they really had were a populaton with similar physical features. Men found at a depth elsewhere which would make them older that Neanderthal, (according to science) were unacceptable because they appeared too “Modern”, i.e. with differing facial consructions than Neanderthal. The truth is, all men are modern and having a thicker skull or a fuller chin does not confer superiority or inferiority–or “evolutionary advantage”. 

If only Virginia Steen-McIntyre had read this article before she published her controversial (out of the accepted time sequence) claims, she might still have her career.



Sensational Discovery at a Depth of 360 Feet In Coal Mine, Moberly Missouri, 1885

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Apr 23 2008

By Terrence P., s8intcom 2008

Photo: This is not a photo of the Moberly giant femur, but one of that size (4.5 feet) reportedly found near Turkey.


According to Wikipedia, Epigraphy is the study of inscriptions or epigraphs engraved into stone or other durable materials, or cast in metal, the science of classifying them as to cultural context and date, elucidating them and assessing what conclusions can be deduced from them.

Got that?

Epigraphic societies, which exist all over the U.S usually publish and maintain esoteric historical records cataloguing such things as ancient writing, ancient monuments and ancient artifacts of the geographical area. Epigraphic societies have been the source of some of the data featured here at

That being the case, why is the Midwestern Epigraphic Society apparently engaged in suppressing the most important information about a sensational Moberly, Missouri coal mine discovery in 1885?

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“Modern” Depiction of Bagaceratops/Proteratops on Ashanti Masterpiece from 1800-1900?

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Apr 19 2008

 Judge: (As he walked in, the courtroom comes to its feet at the bailiff’s direction.) “The court will come to order. Please be seated. Back on the record. Mr. Smith, You may call your next witness.”

Mr. Smith for the Defense: Thank you, your honor. I call to the stand, the defendant, Chris Parker from


Chris Parker comes forward and takes a seat in the witness box.


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Seriously Funny- Ben Stein Takes on the Debate-Phobic Darwinian Establishment in “Expelled”

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Apr 15 2008

by Marvin Olasky, World Magazine, April 5, 2008

“The shot heard round the world” that started the American Revolution came on April 19, 1775. On April 18 this year, a seriously funny documentary is scheduled to hit 1,000 theaters across America and fire a shot that will go unheard if debate-phobic Darwinists get their way.The 100-minute documentary, Expelled, is perfect for adults and children of middle-school age or above: It should be rated R not for sex or violence but for being reasonable, radical, risible, and right. (It is rated PG for thematic material, some disturbing images, and brief smoking.) The expelling of Intelligent Design (ID) proponents from universities is not a laughing matter, but star Ben Stein is amusing as he walks, in dark suit and bright running shoes, from interview to interview with scientists and philosophers on both sides of the evolution debate.

, is perfect for adults and children of middle-school age or above: It should be rated R not for sex or violence but for being reasonable, radical, risible, and right. (It is rated PG for thematic material, some disturbing images, and brief smoking.) The expelling of Intelligent Design (ID) proponents from universities is not a laughing matter, but star Ben Stein is amusing as he walks, in dark suit and bright running shoes, from interview to interview with scientists and philosophers on both sides of the evolution debate.Expelled rightly equates Darwinian stifling of free speech with the Communist attempt to enslave millions behind the Berlin Wall. One Expelled scene shows Stein, mathematician David Berlinski (a sophisticated Paris resident), and nuclear physicist Gerald Schroeder (wearing a yarmulke), all now ID advocates, discussing the importance of freedom as they visit a remnant of the Wall. All three are Jewish, and they don’t look or talk like the hicks portrayed in Inherit the Wind.

Stein, giving the Darwinists he interviews plenty of time to make their case, is particularly effective in his conversation with Richard Dawkins, atheistic author of the best-selling The God Delusion. Dawkins astoundingly admits that life on earth could be the result of ID, as long as the designer was a being from outer space who was himself the product of atheistic evolution. No God allowed!

Expelled‘s showing of the connection between evolutionary doctrine and Nazi eugenics has already infuriated some in academia and the media: University of Minnesota professor P.Z. Myers blasted Expelled as “ludicrous in its dishonesty,” and Orlando Sentinel reviewer Roger Moore raged about “loaded images, loaded rhetoric.” But since a movie is not a dissertation, films show linkages by juxtaposing clips rather than pages of footnoted type. The real question is: Did Darwinism bulwark Hitlerian hatred by providing a scientific rationale for killing those considered less fit in the struggle for survival?

The answer to that question is an unambiguous yes. When I stalked the stacks of the Library of Congress in the early 1990s, I saw and scanned shelf upon shelf of racist and anti-Semitic journals from the first several decades of the last century, with articles frequently citing and applying Darwin. If you read an anti-Expelled review that dodges the issue of substance by concentrating merely on style, you’ll be seeing another sign of closed minds.

April 18 will bring an interesting test of whether Expelled, or any other documentary so conceived and so dedicated, can endure in movie theaters past the first weekend. Michael Moore’s fatuous documentaries have done good box office with the help of sympathetic reviewers and network news producers. Ben Stein’s excellent one might rely on evangelicals and others who are tired of being ridiculed by the closed minds of the Evolution Establishment.

Did Nodosaurus Really Become Extinct Between 63 Million and 95 Million Years Ago-Or Did He Live in The Recent Past?

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Apr 13 2008

In this section we’ve already identified a number of Ankylosaur dinosaurs in ancient art. A Nodosaurus is basically an anklyosaur without the club tail.

In fact, our prior “identifications” of ankylosaur could more specifically be seen as representations of some Nodosauridae, which as far as I can tell could be nothing more than the female version of the anklyosaur.

One thing is certain, Nodo was around a few million seconds ago at the very least.


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Did Platybelodon Really Become Extinct Between 5 Million and 25 Million Years Ago-Or Did He Live in The Recent Past?

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Apr 13 2008

 If dogs had become extinct 400 to 500 years ago, evolutionists probably would have created an elaborate family tree and asserted that the various types had evolved over millions of years. Maybe the Pekinese, Chihuahuas and Boxers would have been selected as the older more primitive dogs who would later, in this evolutionary scenario would have evolved into the physically larger more gracile forms such as the Collie, the German Shepherd, the Greyhound and the Whippet.

No doubt the wolf and other dog breeds would be in the middle branches somewhere.

Evolutionists see the animal tree as essentially a vertical one where millions of years are needed for creatures to evolve from one form to another. Creationists believe that the relationship between animals is horizontal with all forms living at the same time and/or genetic variations of the same type separated by time or distance. The polar bear and the brown bear are still bears, who exhibit their built in genetic variation.

The elphant as we know him is supposed to have evolved from more primitive forms of the order Proboscidea. One such “primitive” elephant was Platybelodon, supposedly extinct before the evolution of modern man. But hey, why is one perched on top of this ancient Sudanese hat?

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Man and Dinosaur In Mongolia.
More Proof That Dinosaurs and Men Co-Existed as Per Genesis

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Apr 11 2008

  By Chris Parker,, Copyright April, 2008 

Photo: Dr. Andrews of the American Museum of Natural History claimed to have found the Skull of a creature the size of the Woolworth Building. demo

By the time Charles Darwin published his book “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life” in 1859, those with an Atheistic or naturalistic view of the universe already had read and discussed plenty of scientific thought trending along those lines which had provided them with a degree of “intellectual fulfillment”. Darwin’s own grandfather, Erasmus Darwin had proposed around 1796 ideas hypothesizing  common descent with organisms “acquiring new parts” in response to stimuli., and then passing these changes down to their offspring.

In other words, Darwin’s book wasn’t written in a vacuum. In 1809, sixty years prior to the publishing of DarwinÂ’s work, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, had proposed a theory which postulated that organisms were changed by their environments and that those changes were then passed on to their progeny. This came to be known as Lamarckian evolution.

The point is, the scientific world was fully ready for Darwin’s book and were early adapters of it. Though the theory was broadly accepted by “science” and certain of the intelligencia, it remained just as is the case today, that most of the public resisted it and continued to believe in creationism.

It’s interesting to read news articles of the early 1900’s and to see how thoroughly Darwinism had already been accepted, so relatively soon after the publication of the book. One can clearly see the ridicule heaped on believers as is done today but, it was still a more innocent time and news articles or opinions that would be edited out or not reported because of the Darwin police still managed to sometimes get through.

This is one of the reasons that this author has searched the archives of that time. If ever there was a time when one might have an opportunity to see reported stories and ideas in the popular press that would challenge or contradict the theory of evolution, one imagines anyway that this would have been the time; when the Darwinian paradigm was not as thorough an editor and shaper of the world one got to see as it is today.

In a 1984 debate with Dr. Duane Gish, a creationist, a Dr. Mayer, an evolutionist, stated,

“Creationists have stated that humans and dinosaurs were contemporaries in time…Were this momentous statement true the names of its discoverers would thunder down the corridors of time as individuals who made one of the most outstanding discoveries of the twentieth century”.

Dr. Mayer wasn’t the first evolutionist to throw down that particular gauntlet. In fact, this “momentous statement”, that man and dinosaur co-existed, has been proven true any number of times, including here on, if we can reach around far enough to pat ourselves on the back. The problem is evolutionists deem evidence of this “momentous statement” as false on a de facto basis.

As a matter of fact, the continued discovery of living coelacanths, a rather unattractive fish that evolutionists thought looked prehistoric, and thought by evolutionists to have become extinct even Before the time of the dinosaurs, should have already taught evolutionists like Mayer some caution in this area but such proved not to be the case. Evolutionists still hold that man and dinosaur missed each other by 40 plus million years.

In this article, we will prove once again that man and dinosaur coexisted in Mongolia as discovered by leading scientists of the time and as reported in the New York Times and the Associated Press, and we will see if our names or anyone else’s will “thunder down the corridors of time”, as Dr. Mayer, famous perhaps for his all meat hotdog if not for his debating skills, predicted.

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