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Iranian Bigfoot/Sasquatch from 900 B.C.? South American BF from 800 A.D

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Mar 31 2008

No one could be less in to bigfoot slash sasquatch more than we here at However, when we come across anomalous data, we like to examine it. Did you know that the gorilla was considered a myth or tall tale up until about 1900? So what if there is another primate out there which until now might be “unknown” to science?

One of the most famous pieces of “bigfoot” evidence is the Patterson Gimlin film allegedly filmed on October 20, 1967 by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin. We noted an close resemblance between the Patterson Gimlin “creature” and a richly detailed raised relief sculpture from nearly three thousand years ago. (We’ve also included a previously discussed South American version)

If it (the Iranian piece)doesn’t represent such a creature, what does it represent? No one seems to know.

Here’s a chance for you to make up your own mind.  Included is a portion of the Patterson Gimlin film.

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Mar 31 2008


By Terrence P., s8intcom 2008

Item; according to several sources, including Wikipedia, the length of a mature person’s foot correlates to about 15% of his height.

Another way to put this is that your foot size or footprint, multiplied by six should give a fairly accurate idea of your height, on average. Keep that little statistic in mind; we’ll come back to it.

Item; my grandmother once explained her refusal to come and watch coverage of the Apollo astronauts splashdown and recovery by declaring; “ain’t no man been to no moon”! I would learn much later that this was her version of an important scientific tool skillfully utilized today by scientists and skeptics, alike. Thanks Grandma!

Item, evolutionists have tried to counter a statement made here at that evolution really doesn’t account for giant human beings, and that the Bible does by pointing out references to Gigantopithecus and Meganthropus in the scientific literature. We also discuss Giganto and Meganthropus in these pages, but the evolutionists are missing the point.

Item, evolutionists have claimed that mutation acted on by natural selection is the driving force of evolution. However, Michael Behe, in his new book; “The Edge of Evolution” establishes the severely limited ability of mutation to make effective changes to the genome.

Respected Cornell geneticist, John Sanford, rejects Darwinism in his recent book, and also comes to a startling conclusion; the human genome, is deteriorating at the rate of 1% to 2% per generation.

I shall now skillfully weave each of the aforementioned items into the following story. Check that. I will now weave each of these items into the following story in a workmanlike manner.

In this story, a 10 foot giant couldn’t even get himself arrested…
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