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The Scott Norman “Pterosaur” Sighting:

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Mar 19 2008

Scott Norman (pictured) was a believer and a cryptozoologist who had previouly gone on an expedition to the continent of Africa in search of Mokele-Mbembe, a giant cryptid. He failed to see Mokele-Mbembe. Tragically, he died recently after revealing to a close circle of friends that he had seen a living pterosaur, at a distance of 20 feet, here in the U.S.. These searchers play it close to the vest when it comes to sources, methods and locations and no doubt more details about the sighting, including any evidence collected, will be forthcoming. Here are a few details about the sighting from multiple sources as amalgamated in Jonathan Whitcombs’ Newsletter. 

Jonathan Whitcomb’s Living Pterosaurs Newsletter,# 008
Living Pterosaurs Newsletter 1-8

The Scott Norman “Pterosaur” Sighting: His Own Words (edited by Chad Arment):

(July 22, 2007)

“Got back from——- and have a very productive and interesting research trip!”

. . . “Both Garth and David were tired and went to sleep and I stayed up till 4AM. Here’s the kicker, the skeptic between 1:30-2:30AM, probably closer to 2AM, has a sighting!

On the property is a house and a shed, we had chairs and equipment set outside of the shed facing a pasture. I was sitting in a chair, sideways towards the shed looking up at the starry skies, when this animal came gliding just over the shed and into the field and then I lost it. . . .

“The animal I saw had an 8-10 foot wing span, the wings were bat-like in shape, the inside had that wavy type of look. The body was about 5-6 feet in length, the neck about 1-2 feet in length, the head was about four feet in length, and the head was key for me: it has a crest that was about 2 feet in length, fit that of a pteranodon, don’t know how else to describe it.

Our contact had a similar type of sighting three years ago in daylight. In his sighting he saw a long tail, I did not see one . . .

“I only saw the silhouette of the animal against the a stars in the sky and saw no real details, the animal was black, could not see any color to it. The animal was only 20 feet from me, our contact told us his shed is 18 ft high, and the animal was about two feet above that and probably it was a little closer as it flew by me and down into the pasture. The animal was gliding, it did not flap its wing and it did not make any sounds, so if I had not been looking where I was I would probably have not seen it.”

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Mar 19 2008 because SAINT.COM and other similar names was taken. s8int is pronounced “saint”!

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Acts 26:10
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