A Brief Review of Certain Anomalous Accounts of the Recent Past–And What Stinks About Them

Posted by Chris Parker
Mar 08 2008

by Chris Parker, Copyright 2008 by s8int.com


Living, Giant, Angry, Prehistoric Monster Seen by Scientific Expedition in New Guinea. 

Approximately 100 years ago, “one of the most remarkable scientific discoveries ever made” was reported from the “wilds” of New Guinea. Setting aside the hyperbole, a “prehistoric monster” much larger than an elephant had been discovered and encountered not by common folks like me and you, but by “scientists”. Well, British scientists, just for the sake of full disclosure.

New Guinea is and was a huge Island north of Australia, the home itself of some fairly unusual fauna. In addition, the scientists had come across a “marvelous race of pigmies” who averaged just over four feet in height.

The huge mammal was at that time in the process of decimating that tribe of pigmies “discovered” by British scientists.

According to the article in the Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Gazette, published August 31, 1910: “The expedition was sent out by a committee appointed by the British Ornithologist’s union to explore the great Snow mountains in Dutch New Guinea, and consists of several famous scientists, headed by Walter Goodfellow, the naturalist.”

Returning to the pigmies for a moment, what is interesting about them is that in the same Islands, but in a different location were the “typical Paupuans”, who averaged just over seven feet in height. Clearly, the two populations had become separated genetically, one group destined to excel as jockeys and the others in the NBA.

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