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Updates to Cliff Paiva’s Site

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Mar 03 2008

. Some additions to science page:


a. Ark:
…better processing for the Ark and the surrounding, exceedingly dangerousテつcrevasse system.テつ Dr. Ahmet Arslan, who photographed the ship stated that he could not venture closer.;; and

b. No Big Bang:
…showing the hydrogen/helium solid bridges for the M-51 Whirlpool galaxy, both systems areテつwith discordant redshifts, hence could not be connected over assumed cosmological ages (>4.5 billion years).テつ Most folks insist these are not physically connected…well…as they say…you can lead a horse to water but…..

c. Large Reptiles:
…some of Ser Marco Polo’s (1280 A.D.) and Josephus (90 A.D.)…oh…I use B.C and A.D., and I use the term “mankind”…and a host of other preferences.テつ Ser Polo discusses unusual, allosaur type animals and the Ark; Josephus discusses the Ark.

d. Fluvial Processes Are Not Ships:
…take a good look at the geo-hydrodynamic bar systems in the vicinity of the Durupinar site.テつ Durupinar is the result of fluvial (mud-lava) processes.テつ The Arkテつis a few hundred feet from the summit of Mt.Ararat.テつ

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