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Iranian Bigfoot/Sasquatch from 900 B.C.? South American BF from 800 A.D

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Mar 31 2008

No one could be less in to bigfoot slash sasquatch more than we here at However, when we come across anomalous data, we like to examine it. Did you know that the gorilla was considered a myth or tall tale up until about 1900? So what if there is another primate out there which until now might be “unknown” to science?

One of the most famous pieces of “bigfoot” evidence is the Patterson Gimlin film allegedly filmed on October 20, 1967 by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin. We noted an close resemblance between the Patterson Gimlin “creature” and a richly detailed raised relief sculpture from nearly three thousand years ago. (We’ve also included a previously discussed South American version)

If it (the Iranian piece)doesn’t represent such a creature, what does it represent? No one seems to know.

Here’s a chance for you to make up your own mind.  Included is a portion of the Patterson Gimlin film.

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Mar 31 2008


By Terrence P., s8intcom 2008

Item; according to several sources, including Wikipedia, the length of a mature person’s foot correlates to about 15% of his height.

Another way to put this is that your foot size or footprint, multiplied by six should give a fairly accurate idea of your height, on average. Keep that little statistic in mind; we’ll come back to it.

Item; my grandmother once explained her refusal to come and watch coverage of the Apollo astronauts splashdown and recovery by declaring; “ain’t no man been to no moon”! I would learn much later that this was her version of an important scientific tool skillfully utilized today by scientists and skeptics, alike. Thanks Grandma!

Item, evolutionists have tried to counter a statement made here at that evolution really doesn’t account for giant human beings, and that the Bible does by pointing out references to Gigantopithecus and Meganthropus in the scientific literature. We also discuss Giganto and Meganthropus in these pages, but the evolutionists are missing the point.

Item, evolutionists have claimed that mutation acted on by natural selection is the driving force of evolution. However, Michael Behe, in his new book; “The Edge of Evolution” establishes the severely limited ability of mutation to make effective changes to the genome.

Respected Cornell geneticist, John Sanford, rejects Darwinism in his recent book, and also comes to a startling conclusion; the human genome, is deteriorating at the rate of 1% to 2% per generation.

I shall now skillfully weave each of the aforementioned items into the following story. Check that. I will now weave each of these items into the following story in a workmanlike manner.

In this story, a 10 foot giant couldn’t even get himself arrested…
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Evolutionists Fail to Use Their Un-Chimp-Like Brains

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Mar 24 2008

Who has more faith than an evolutionist? Who believes in secret black box processes more than an evolutionist? Who takes the story as given without any critical analysis more than a evolutionist? Who believes in chance more than an evolutionist and who has a better imagination? A few months ago, one of them suggested, quite seriously that perhaps a change in a single chimp “jaw muscle” protein  led to the development of smaller jaws and thus, created the room for the “evolvement” of the large human brain. You can imagine what kind of excitement that kind of speculation caused in the evolutionary faith because they had been kind of stuck on that. (Why didn’t some chimp just evolve a bigger head?) 

Problem is, the kind of speculation that evolutionists engage in daily is not science, just because you have a PhD and wear a white lab coat. Smaller jaw—secret, unknown, unimagined black box processes, mix in a few million years and poof!—A larger fully functioning and wholly integrated larger brain.

Now, if we assume that the latest Intel chip had a few hundred inventor-engineers behind its development, how is it that an organ which is literally trillions of times more complex could develop by chance, with no designer? A single human brain is still more powerful than all the computers ever invented-put together.

In the following article, scientists argue that a language feature unique to the human brain is evidence for evolution when of course; it’s actually evidence for design. Natural selection is supposed to utilize mutations that give its host some kind of advantage in its environment, thus increasing its survival potential and permitting the host to pass along its evolutionary advantage to its progeny.

The problem here is that the human brain could not possibly evolve from a single mutation, or from a dozen. It would literally take tens of thousands of not millions of little tiny steps, each of which would have to build on and integrate not only with the previous mutations on this journey, but with the previously existing brain. The problem is that these little intervening steps impart no evolutionary advantage for natural selection to “select”. Only the whole human brain, some millions of years and no doubt millions of mutations in the future will actually provide some reason for natural selection to operate on this host.

If you read this article with an open mind, we believe that you can easily detect the elements of design but realize that if chimps were fine as they were, and they certainly seem to be, that there is no reasonable explanation as to why they needed a larger brain to survive or how they survived all those years while waiting for the untold thousands and millions of random mutations needed to turn them into an evolutionist.

Language Feature Unique To Human Brain Identified

ScienceDaily (Mar. 24, 2008) — Researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University, have identified a language feature unique to the human brain that is shedding light on how human language evolved. The study marks the first use of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), a non-invasive imaging technique, to compare human brain structures to those of chimpanzees, our closest living relative.

To explore the evolution of human language, Yerkes researcher James Rilling, PhD, and his colleagues studied the arcuate fasciculus, a pathway that connects brain regions known to be involved in human language, such as Broca’s area in the frontal lobe and Wernicke’s area in the temporal lobe. Using DTI, researchers compared the size and trajectory of the arcuate fasciculus in humans, rhesus macaques and chimpanzees.

According to Rilling, “The human arcuate fasiculus differed from that of the rhesus macaques and chimpanzees in having a much larger and more widespread projection to areas in the middle temporal lobe, outside of the classical Wernicke’s area. We know from previous functional imaging studies that the middle temporal lobe is involved with analyzing the meanings of words. In humans, it seems the brain not only evolved larger language regions but also a network of fibers to connect those regions, which supports humansÕ superior language capabilities.”

“This is a landmark,” said Yerkes researcher Todd Preuss, PhD, one of the study’s coauthors. “Until DTI was developed, scientists lacked non-invasive methods to study brain connectivity directly. We couldn’t study the connections of the human brain, nor determine how humans resemble or differ from other animals. DTI now makes it possible to understand how evolution changed the wiring of the human brain to enable us to think, act and speak like humans.” The study will be published in the online version of Nature Neuroscience.

Adapted from materials provided by Emory University, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS.


Declaration of Independence from Darwinism?:
Altenberg! The Woodstock of Evolution?

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Mar 20 2008

Tuesday, 4 March 2008, Article: by Suzan Mazur in SCOOP Independent News 

Painting: Declaration of Independence? Not quite but; there is going to be a convention. Some of the insurrectionists debating the madness of King Charles; Left to right;John Beatty, University of British Columbia, Greg Wray, Duke University, Stuart Kauffman, Stanley Salthe, David Sloan Wilson, Binghamton University, Michael Purugganan, New York University, Eva Jablonka, Tel-Aviv University, Jerry Fodor, Stuart Pivar, John Odling-Smee, Oxford University.

“It’s not Yasgur’s Farm, but what happens at the Konrad Lorenz Institute in Altenberg, Austria this July promises to be far more transforming for the world than Woodstock.

What it amounts to is a gathering of 16 biologists and philosophers of rock star stature – let’s call them “the Altenberg 16″ – who recognize that the theory of evolution which most practicing biologists accept and which is taught in classrooms today, is inadequate in explaining our existence.

It’s pre the discovery of DNA, lacks a theory for body form and does not accomodate “other” new phenomena. So the theory Charles Darwin gave us, which was dusted off and repackaged 70 years ago, seems about to be reborn as the “Extended Evolutionary Synthesis”.

Papers are in. MIT will publish the findings in 2009 – the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s publication of the Origin of Species. And despite the fact that organizers are downplaying the Altenberg meeting as a discussion about whether there should be a new theory, it already appears a done deal. Some kind of shift away from the population genetic-centered view of evolution is afoot….”

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Scientists Say Differences Between “Neanderthal” and “Moderns” Not Due to Natural Selection

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Mar 20 2008

Science continues to wrestle with its own creation; the primitive cave man. There was no such thing, of course. (There were people who lived in caves). Once more, a reminder that science has already determined that “Neanderthal” and “Modern man” are genetically identical; ie each man’s DNA is 99.99% the same as any other man’s. 

Culture, Not Skulls, Gave Humans Edge Over Neanderthals
By Clara Moskowitz, LiveScience Staff Writer
posted: 2008-03-17

The first modern humans had something Neanderthals didn’t. About 30,000 years ago, our Neanderthal neighbors died off while we survived. Scientists are unsure what gave us an edge, but new research could help narrow down the possibilities.

A team of anthropologists has compared measurements of Neanderthal skulls to modern human skulls, and argues that most variations among them are the result of random changes that occur over time, and not of adaptations driven by natural selection.

“We’re actually saying that the differences between modern humans’ skulls and Neanderthals’ are not due to changes that increased people’s ability to survive and reproduce,” said researcher Tim Weaver, an anthropologist at the University of California, Davis. “Whatever advantages humans had over Neanderthals didn’t have to do with the size and shape of the cranium.”

In other words, modern humans don’t seem to have developed skeletal adaptations that gave them better eyesight, hearing or smell than Neanderthals.

Dating the divergence

The skull analysis allowed the researchers to calculate that Neanderthals and modern humans last shared a common ancestor about 370,000 years ago. This estimate closely matches the time frame for human-Neanderthal divergence previous researchers calculated using DNA-dating methods. Weaver and his colleagues calculated the date using a model that assumed none of the differences in skull shape affected survival and reproduction. Their system attributed any variations to chance mutations, not functional adaptations. The fact that their findings agree with the previous calculation based on DNA-dating supports the researchers’ assumption, Weaver said.

“It was a check to see if this model was correct,” Weaver told LiveScience. “If we had gotten a different estimate, then it might mean that the differences were more based on natural selection. We used this as evidence in support of the idea that most of the differences were due to chance and not functional adaptations.”

A counterintuitive hypothesis

This finding may contradict a common belief that humans won out over Neanderthals because they acquired helpful physical changes in their skulls. “Most researchers over the past 150 years, since we’ve known about Neanderthals, have thought that the differences between their skulls and our skulls were due to natural selection,” Weaver said. “On the surface it sounds counterintuitive that in a cranium that’s performing all these vital functions, the differences are due to chance.” Erik Trinkaus, an anthropologist at Washington University in St. Louis who did not work on the study, said the research cannot establish absolutely that natural selection did not create skull differences between Neanderthals and modern humans, or even that the divergence date of 370,000 years is accurate, because both dating methods are only looking at chance mutations.

“I think the main thing their paper contributes is it shows that when you look at a series of anatomical characteristics that are likely to be neutral, they paint the same kind of evolutionary picture as molecular genetic data,” Trinkaus said.

The Balance of this article can be found here…

The Scott Norman “Pterosaur” Sighting:

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Mar 19 2008

Scott Norman (pictured) was a believer and a cryptozoologist who had previouly gone on an expedition to the continent of Africa in search of Mokele-Mbembe, a giant cryptid. He failed to see Mokele-Mbembe. Tragically, he died recently after revealing to a close circle of friends that he had seen a living pterosaur, at a distance of 20 feet, here in the U.S.. These searchers play it close to the vest when it comes to sources, methods and locations and no doubt more details about the sighting, including any evidence collected, will be forthcoming. Here are a few details about the sighting from multiple sources as amalgamated in Jonathan Whitcombs’ Newsletter. 

Jonathan Whitcomb’s Living Pterosaurs Newsletter,# 008
Living Pterosaurs Newsletter 1-8

The Scott Norman “Pterosaur” Sighting: His Own Words (edited by Chad Arment):

(July 22, 2007)

“Got back from——- and have a very productive and interesting research trip!”

. . . “Both Garth and David were tired and went to sleep and I stayed up till 4AM. Here’s the kicker, the skeptic between 1:30-2:30AM, probably closer to 2AM, has a sighting!

On the property is a house and a shed, we had chairs and equipment set outside of the shed facing a pasture. I was sitting in a chair, sideways towards the shed looking up at the starry skies, when this animal came gliding just over the shed and into the field and then I lost it. . . .

“The animal I saw had an 8-10 foot wing span, the wings were bat-like in shape, the inside had that wavy type of look. The body was about 5-6 feet in length, the neck about 1-2 feet in length, the head was about four feet in length, and the head was key for me: it has a crest that was about 2 feet in length, fit that of a pteranodon, don’t know how else to describe it.

Our contact had a similar type of sighting three years ago in daylight. In his sighting he saw a long tail, I did not see one . . .

“I only saw the silhouette of the animal against the a stars in the sky and saw no real details, the animal was black, could not see any color to it. The animal was only 20 feet from me, our contact told us his shed is 18 ft high, and the animal was about two feet above that and probably it was a little closer as it flew by me and down into the pasture. The animal was gliding, it did not flap its wing and it did not make any sounds, so if I had not been looking where I was I would probably have not seen it.”

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E-mail here to put yourself on the Newsletter list: ( Because “” Was Taken

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Mar 19 2008 because SAINT.COM and other similar names was taken. s8int is pronounced “saint”!

God’s followers were called “saints” in both the old and new testaments.

Capiche? (capiche 1940s slang, from Italian. capisci? “do you understand?” (also coppish, kabish, capeesh, etc.).

Psalm 16:3
As for the saints who are in the land, they are the glorious ones in whom is all my delight.

Acts 26:10
And that is just what I did in Jerusalem. On the authority of the chief priests I put many of the saints in prison, and when they were put to death, I cast my vote against them.

A Brief Review of Certain Anomalous Accounts of the Recent Past–And What Stinks About Them

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Mar 08 2008

by Chris Parker, Copyright 2008 by


Living, Giant, Angry, Prehistoric Monster Seen by Scientific Expedition in New Guinea. 

Approximately 100 years ago, “one of the most remarkable scientific discoveries ever made” was reported from the “wilds” of New Guinea. Setting aside the hyperbole, a “prehistoric monster” much larger than an elephant had been discovered and encountered not by common folks like me and you, but by “scientists”. Well, British scientists, just for the sake of full disclosure.

New Guinea is and was a huge Island north of Australia, the home itself of some fairly unusual fauna. In addition, the scientists had come across a “marvelous race of pigmies” who averaged just over four feet in height.

The huge mammal was at that time in the process of decimating that tribe of pigmies “discovered” by British scientists.

According to the article in the Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Gazette, published August 31, 1910: “The expedition was sent out by a committee appointed by the British Ornithologist’s union to explore the great Snow mountains in Dutch New Guinea, and consists of several famous scientists, headed by Walter Goodfellow, the naturalist.”

Returning to the pigmies for a moment, what is interesting about them is that in the same Islands, but in a different location were the “typical Paupuans”, who averaged just over seven feet in height. Clearly, the two populations had become separated genetically, one group destined to excel as jockeys and the others in the NBA.

Click here for the rest of the Live dinosaur story; a brief review of the Japanese Plesiosaurus story, the series of live and dead “dinosaurs” seen in Alaska and Siberia, the (Petrified?)Lady in the Woods, and Other Stories.

Updates to Cliff Paiva’s Site

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Mar 03 2008

. Some additions to science page:


a. Ark:
…better processing for the Ark and the surrounding, exceedingly dangerous crevasse system.  Dr. Ahmet Arslan, who photographed the ship stated that he could not venture closer.;; and

b. No Big Bang:
…showing the hydrogen/helium solid bridges for the M-51 Whirlpool galaxy, both systems are with discordant redshifts, hence could not be connected over assumed cosmological ages (>4.5 billion years).  Most folks insist these are not physically connected…well…as they say…you can lead a horse to water but…..

c. Large Reptiles:
…some of Ser Marco Polo’s (1280 A.D.) and Josephus (90 A.D.)…oh…I use B.C and A.D., and I use the term “mankind”…and a host of other preferences.  Ser Polo discusses unusual, allosaur type animals and the Ark; Josephus discusses the Ark.

d. Fluvial Processes Are Not Ships:
…take a good look at the geo-hydrodynamic bar systems in the vicinity of the Durupinar site.  Durupinar is the result of fluvial (mud-lava) processes.  The Ark is a few hundred feet from the summit of Mt.Ararat. 

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In the Recent Past, Scientists Wondered if Giant Petrified Trees (and Other Giants) Proved that the Earth was Shrinking-Along with Gravity

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Mar 01 2008

by Chris Parker, Copyright, s8intcom 2008 


The Ancient Texas Rock Wall

Don’t Mess with “Prehistoric” Texas? Prehistoric, Megalithic Construction in the Lone Star State

Ancient “Tiled” Floor Declared Nature, Not Nurture

The Problem of 200 lb. Eagles “Gliders and sailplanes have wings made for maximum lift and, hence, relatively lumbering flight. Fighter aircraft have wings made for aerial maneuver and fast flight, but nowhere near as much lift.

For that reason, if a C5-A is the largest transport plane which modern technology allows us to build, and it is, then you do not expect to see a fighter plane five times the size of a C5-A, the reasons being fairly obvious.

Likewise, the albatross and certain condors are bird equivalents of sailplanes and transports and, at 30 – 35 lbs. or so, albatrosses have enough trouble with takeoffs and landings for sailors to call them “gooney birds”.

You therefore do not expect to see an eagle or a hawk, or anything like that, basically a bird equivalent of a fighter aircraft made for maneuver and pursuit, five times the size of the largest albatross, for the same reason which you do not see a fighter five times the size of the C5-A.

If, on the other hand, you DID see something like that in prehistoric times, then you have to figure something was very different in the extent to which gravity itself, the limiting factor here, operated in prehistoric times.” Ted Holden,

Speaking generally, if you’re a bible believer you believe in a worldwide flood. Such a flood would have been so catastrophic, that much of what is seen today with respect to the earth’s past would have to be seen through that lens.

If on the other hand you’re an evolution believer, you need uniformism to be the order of the day so that you can make accurate statements about the past based on the present. Evolution is built on uniformism and relies on it; catastrophism means that we can not understand the past at all based on what we see in the present.

There was something going on with gravitation in earth’s distant or not so distant past that is unaccounted for by current scientific theories and which might help us understand which is these viewpoints is correct. Birds with wingspans of up to twenty-five feet lived and flew in those days. Much smaller birds have trouble even getting airborne these days.

There existed in the past sauropod dinosaurs which were well over 100 feet from head to tail. In today’s gravity, those creatures would not be able to hold their heads up even to stand.. Basically, the larger an animal becomes the larger and thicker will his bones have to be. However, the gross weight of large animals increases faster than that same animal’s musculature and strength. 

At some point, the animal’s weight would be unsupportable by bone and muscle. Estimates of this maximum possible weight ranges from 20,000 to 40,000 pounds under earth’s current gravity. The largest elephants weigh in at about 20,000 pounds and all they can get up to is a brisk walk.

The largest sauropods were thought to have weighed as much as 360,000,000 pounds, some nine times the estimated upper limit for a land animal in today’s gravity.

Dinosaurs weren’t the only mega creatures in the earth’s past. As we’ve shown in the section of called “Mega Fauna” in the past virtually everything was bigger; i.e. a rhino, 17 feet at the shoulders, deer, eight feet at the shoulder, pigs the size of cows, a type of sloth the size of a monkey today was over 18 feet long in the past, a fifteen foot penguin, dragon flies with two foot wing spans.etc..

Not only that, “there were giants in those days”, according to the Bible and to the fossil record. Skeletons of men have been reportedly found which were ten, eleven and even thirteen feet high-or more.

Samuel Hubbard reportedly found three fossilized giant humans in the Grand Canyon which were eighteen feet tall. There are historical accounts of even taller human beings. There is no easy explanation for these phenomena in the current evolution uniformism paradigm.

We come finally to the subject of this short article. How can petrified trees provide additional support to the idea that gravity was attenuated in the past as compared to today?

To answer that question, we first go to science.

Much as some have worked to establish the maximum size of a land vertebrate under current gravity conditions, scientist George Koch and colleagues believe that they have established the upper limit for tree height. In an article entitled “Study Limits Maximum Tree Height”, by Jonathan Amos, which appeared in the BBC News Online in April 2004, that maximum tree height is about 425 feet.

They studied giant redwoods, the tallest trees on earth in Humboldt County California to reach these conclusions. They hypothesized and verified experimentally that as trees reached the height of 425 they could pump less and less water and nutrients up to new growth at that level. No current tree in the world has reached this height.

  In effect, maximum tree growth is limited by gravity and friction.

Back in 1938, some scientists were speculating that the earth was shrinking and gravity along with it because of a huge petrified pine tree, well over three hundred feet tall found in the Rainbow Petrified Forest in Arizona.

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