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Feb 23 2008

Author Jonathan Whitcomb, a lawyer by profession is out with the Second Edition of his very interesting and thought-provoking non-fiction book; ‘Searching for Ropens, Living Pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea’.According to his own description of the book:

“The book examines two controversial ideas: the truth about living pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea and the fiction of the General Theory of Evolution, Darwin’s philosophy.”

Those are some of the things that we also try to cover on this site.

Book Description

Expanded second edition: An American flight instructor, an Australian psychologist, many natives on tropical islands, an Australian couple, a Baptist minister, a teenaged farm-boy—each saw a giant living pterosaur. Each was amazed, or terrified, or shocked by a brown or dark-colored featherless creature: long-tailed and with a wingspan as great as fifty feet. Why have many Western scientists been wrong about universal extinctions?

Read how standard models of macro-evolution have actually caused the problem, indoctrinating millions into believing that pterosaurs are extinct and ancient. They live now.

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Jon Saboe’s book has previously been mentioned and positively reviewed here and is an excellent, page turning, biblio-historical novel.

Click here to see a youtube promotional video for the novel.

Also, Mr. Saboe was interviewed about “The Days of Peleg” earlier in January 2008 by Dr. Bob Hieronimus, of 21st Century Radio (Yes, that’s his real name!). That interview is Archived Here.

Was This A Close Encounter With A Thunderbird?

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Feb 23 2008

by Stan Gordon

“The eyewitness says that the closest thing that he could find to this creature after researching it is the terratorn, an extinct bird.

Certain aspects of his description however–large beak; wings as muscular arms and shoulders; muscular chest; height etc.. make us think that an identification as a type of pterosaur is also possible. We wonder if he researched his sighting under extinct flying creatures or under birds only?”……

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