Those Ancient, Mysterious Kotoko “Horsemen” Rode Some Strange Horses

Posted by Chris Parker
Feb 13 2008

The ancient Kotoko warriors/horsemen left around some interesting figurines often depicting anywhere from one to four warriors riding stylized “horses”.

Some of the “horses” look like horses, but many others of them look positively “reptilian”. Add to that the notion that if its hard to get more than two warriors on the back of a single horse, these depictions may sometimes be of something larger than a horse. Another point is the way the head and necks of the long-necked creatures are tied–not the way one would tie a horse. (see other “sauropodian” head and neck creatures at the Hamill site).

Let the reader judge all for himself/herself, as always.

It is not the position of the Hamill Gallery or other exhibitors that these minatures represent “extinct reptiles”, that’s just us.

The Kotoko were inheritors of an ancient people known as the Sao who lived in the southern Lake Chad region as early as the fifth century B.C.

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