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Ancient Mesopotamian “Sauropod” is Diplodocus Longus

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Jan 10 2008


One of the earliest works of art that we examined here at in our section entititled; “Dinosaurs in Literature, History and Art” was a Mesopotamian Cylinder Seal from 3,300 years before Christ. We’ve always hypothesized that it was a clear representation of a sauropod, “dinosaur”as we show here .

Well, we’re here today to anoounce/show/prove/demonstrate conclusively that in fact the ancient seal represents a specific sauropod dinosaur; the Diplodocus Longus. We make a point by point skull comparison, which to our little minds, looks conclusive.

This evidence can be seen in detail. Plus, for the kids, there are cute and furry pterosaurs!

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Also, see proof (skeptics, take a deep breath) that this same sauropod has been represented in the ancient art of many peoples, by clicking here