Juvenile “Dinosaur” in Chimu Culture (1100 A.D. to 1400 A.D.) Ceramic?

Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 04 2008

Science says that man and dinosaurs missed each other by more than 40 million years. For this reason, they cannot accept that any art showing man interacting with a dinosaur is genuine. If they believe the piece to be genuine, then it follows that whatever is bing represented is not a dinosaur-no matter how apparent is the resemblance.

Conversely, creationists, or more specifically, we here at s8int.com do believe that dinosaurs co-existed with man in the recent past and that therefore, ancient art will be found which proves that this interaction took place. For this reason, we are liable to see a “dinosaur” when in fact the animal is actually something less mysterious. We all have to deal with our biases.

This is the 73rd page in this section and we feel confident that we’ve discovered at least a few pieces that prove the proposition that man and dinosaur coexisted.

We believe that this Chimu piece shows a man with a rope or a cloth tied around the neck of a juvenile dinosaur, which is either a pet or is being prepared for sacrifice. We’ve identified the type of dinosaur as possibly a maiasaur or an iquanodon, two related dinosaurs. As usual, everyone is encouraged to make up his/her own mind….s8intcom

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