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DNA; A Message From God–Terrence on Okra’s Show

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Jan 28 2008

A second unofficial YouTube Video from Terrence P.


A Few More, Lost Forgotten or Ignored Stories of the Past–Remember When..?

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Jan 24 2008

by Christopher Parker, Copyright 2008

Silver Shoe Nails Found in Alaska
Discover Believes They Were Made by Prehistoric Man
New York Times
December 1, 1901

“Tocoma, Washington November 30… F.X. Beaudet of this place has brought from the Klondike . He exhibits nine shoenails exactly similar to the modern product, except that they are made of pure silver. These were taken out of a claim on Hunker Creek, where they were found on the bedrock at a depth of 110 feet under the surface.Several dozen of the nails were had been thrown away before it was found that they were worth saving.

The sides being covered with little regular indentations as if the nails had been grasped in a vise.”Along with the ancient silver nails, the miners also found a piece of cast iron that they thought might have been used in a hinge. A hole which had been bored through the piece appeared to have been very roughly done and made it appear that the piece was in use for some time.

The mastodon bones which had been found nearby and the great depth at which these items including the silver nails had been found testified to their great age.

A broken mastodon tooth weighing fourteen pounds and huge ivory mastodon horns and those of other animals of great size had also been found.


Baby Takes Trip in the Air
Carried Eight Miles in Eagle’s Talon
Mother on Muleback In for the Rescue
Queer Tale of a Thrilling Incident Comes from San Bernardino County
Los Angeles Times, July 20, 1901
By Direct Wire to the Times

This story should have been made into a movie and this woman should be on a postage stamp. And the rest of the story is..the baby, thus saved so miraculously, went on to become President of the San Bernardino high school Glee club….

“San Bernardino, July 19 (Executive Dispatch)News was received today of a terrible battle which was fought between a woman and a gigantic eagle at Box S, a stage station on the line between Victor and Gold Mountain, about fifty miles north of here.

Thursday afternoon at about 2:30 o’clock, when Mrs. Emma Goulding who keeps the station at that point, was sitting in the yard with her six month old baby in a cradle by her side , a gigantic bald eagle swooped down seized the child in its talons and made for its nest. The mother was horrified, and she believed her child lost forever. Her fear lasted but a moment, however and with the strength and courage that comes from desperation , she hastily unfastened a mule which was tied nearby, mounted the animal and began a chase after the big bird and her infant.”

The article goes on to detail that the eagle was seen flying towards its nest which would turn out to be more than eight miles away. Due to the weight of the child, its speed was severely curtailed and Mrs. Goulding, according to the report was able to keep the bird in sight.

The article goes on to say that at some point the eagle reached its nest in a cliff and that it then deposited the child therein. Mrs. Gould found that she could not scale the cliff but found a place to ascend near the bottom. When she reached the top she actually found that she was above the birds nest and had to then descend, hand over hand with a club in her hand.

She found the child, it was reported wedged in some rocks but was attacked by the eagle when she tried to recover it.

“The plucky woman, high up in the air, after a hard fight killed the great bird, but no sooner had she done so than its mate arrived at the nest and renewed the attack upon her. She killed the second eagle also….”

She eventually made her way down, bruised and battered by the birds, and after reclaiming the mule she had tied up made it back to her station about 8:00 p.m.


Petrified Giant Has Long Wings
Los Angeles Times
August 13, 1921
“Devil Found Five Feet Underground Has Twenty four Teeth in Front.

Where are all these petrified discoveries today? Languishing in someone’s cellar. An exhibit in some obscure museum? Reburied underground? This sounds like a giant pterosaur, which science will say lived millions if years ago, but, wouldn’t it be great to see what none of these beasties actually looked like?

Where are all these petrified discoveries today? Languishing in someone’s cellar. An exhibit in some obscure museum? Reburied underground? This sounds like a giant pterosaur, which science will say lived millions if years ago, but, wouldn’t it be great to see what none of these beasties actually looked like?Instead of the de-dragon-fied versions of the pterosaur that we see today?Knoxville: Further information as to the petrified body of gigantic proportions found near Scott county was received here today. Cruise Sexton of Helenwood found the “devil” as he calls it, July 20 last, while prospecting for coal. The formation was five feet underground”.I wonder if someone had already found it once, and then hastily reburied it. The story goes on to report that the creature weighed over five hundred pounds and had a horned head of abnormal size. Its large mouth reportedly had twenty four various serious teeth. Its long brownish colored wings spanned the distance between its shoulders down to its ankles.

If the “devil” and humans had co-existed, (and I believe that they did) such a creature might have added to the stories we hear today about dragons.

Gigantic Rodent Fossil Discovered

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Jan 19 2008


This time its a giant rodent. Previously discovered were giant insects. giant “terror” birds. giant deer, giant camels, penquins, fish, dinosaurs, giant beavers, giant armidillos, giant clams, giant turtles, lizards, giant plants and trees, giant men…

What in this supposedly uniformism world was going on in the past? Giant problem for the theory of evolution?


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Terrence Makes an Unmemorable YouTube Debut

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Jan 18 2008

Terrence made his first (and last) YouTube Video this week on the topic of sauropod dinosaurs in ancient art. Regular s8intcom bloggers will already be familiar with the items discussed.

Terrence promises to get back to his milieue this week by sticking with website presentations.

Ancient Mesopotamian “Sauropod” is Diplodocus Longus

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Jan 10 2008


One of the earliest works of art that we examined here at in our section entititled; “Dinosaurs in Literature, History and Art” was a Mesopotamian Cylinder Seal from 3,300 years before Christ. We’ve always hypothesized that it was a clear representation of a sauropod, “dinosaur”as we show here .

Well, we’re here today to anoounce/show/prove/demonstrate conclusively that in fact the ancient seal represents a specific sauropod dinosaur; the Diplodocus Longus. We make a point by point skull comparison, which to our little minds, looks conclusive.

This evidence can be seen in detail. Plus, for the kids, there are cute and furry pterosaurs!

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Also, see proof (skeptics, take a deep breath) that this same sauropod has been represented in the ancient art of many peoples, by clicking here

Three Possible Pre Columbian Dinosaur Representations

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Jan 08 2008

The museum describes this gold piece from the Tiwanaku, pre-columbian culture as “zoomorphic. Zoomorphic; Having the shape, form, or likeness of an animal. Indeed it is a likeness of an animal, but what animal?

If you believe that man and dinosaur missed each other by 40 million years, perhaps you’ll be firmly convinced that the animals here are “mythological” dragons or perhaps crocodiles.

Here at, we have no problem believing that they represent “dinosaurs”.

Below left, is a sample of early dinosaur drawings made by scientists in the mid-1800’s based on a number of large dinosaur bones that were being discovered in Europe and in the Americas. As you can see, though they are intended to represent iquanodon, they look very primitive in comparison to the modern drawing of iquanodon, also included.

These pre-columbian animals were sculpted between 200 A.D. and 1000 A.D., by artisans at least 850 years prior to the “scientific” dinosaur drawings shown here. Clearly, the scientists in the 1850′s did not have the benefit of having seen the creatures alive as did the artisans of the Tiwanaku culture, whose dinosaurs are very close to being “modern” in their appearance.

In addition, we have two other precolumbian pieces on this page that provide evidence that at least in the Americas, dinosaurs and men co-existed and interacted.

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Juvenile “Dinosaur” in Chimu Culture (1100 A.D. to 1400 A.D.) Ceramic?

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Jan 04 2008

Science says that man and dinosaurs missed each other by more than 40 million years. For this reason, they cannot accept that any art showing man interacting with a dinosaur is genuine. If they believe the piece to be genuine, then it follows that whatever is bing represented is not a dinosaur-no matter how apparent is the resemblance.

Conversely, creationists, or more specifically, we here at do believe that dinosaurs co-existed with man in the recent past and that therefore, ancient art will be found which proves that this interaction took place. For this reason, we are liable to see a “dinosaur” when in fact the animal is actually something less mysterious. We all have to deal with our biases.

This is the 73rd page in this section and we feel confident that we’ve discovered at least a few pieces that prove the proposition that man and dinosaur coexisted.

We believe that this Chimu piece shows a man with a rope or a cloth tied around the neck of a juvenile dinosaur, which is either a pet or is being prepared for sacrifice. We’ve identified the type of dinosaur as possibly a maiasaur or an iquanodon, two related dinosaurs. As usual, everyone is encouraged to make up his/her own mind….s8intcom

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Remains of Ancient Civilization Discovered On the Bottom of a Lake

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Jan 01 2008

  MOSCOW. (Nikolai Lukashov for RIA Novosti)


“An international archeological expedition to Lake Issyk Kul, high in the Kyrgyz mountains, proves the existence of an advanced civilization 25 centuries ago, equal in development to the Hellenic civilizations of the northern coast of the Pontus Euxinus (Black Sea) and the Mediterranean coast of Egypt”


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