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Sir, That is Not a Horse! You Must be from the City

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Dec 12 2007

Is Luristan “Horse”, Circa 900 to 700 B.C., Actually a Hadrosaurine Dinosaur? 

Photo: At the Luristan Petting Zoo

Luristan bronzes are a name given to certain bronze figures from Ancient, western Iran. This piece is thought to be from between 900 and 700 years before Christ.

The curator for this particular piece describes it first, as a double headed horse and then goes on to describe it with the additional detail of; “Such an amulet seems partly whimsical, partly mystical, a reflection of man’s love of this noble creature”.

The noble creature in question is the horse but the reason he describes it as “whimsical” and “partly mystical” is that it doesn’t look much like a horse-on either side.

Here at we think we know why? It’s not a horse! Discriminating and intelligent people can surely disagree but to us it looks very muh like a crested, hadrosaurine dinosaur, similar to the Corythosaurus, Hypacrosaurus or Lambeosaurus.

We’re really quite confident that at the very least the piece looks more like the lambeosaurus than it does the horse. We’re not claiming that we know precisely which one of the crested lambeosaurines this piece represents, they are all quite similar. We just believe that its clearly a type of crested dinosaur.

We invite you to come to your own conclusions as to a possible non-horse identification for the double headed piece

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