Model of Supposedly Extinct Dinohyus/Daeodon (Terrible Pig) from 40 A.D?

Posted by Chris Parker
Dec 09 2007

In 1924 the grave of a King who died around 40 A.D. near Lexden in the U.K. was found along with various artifacts. Among them were two figurines which appeared to represent creatures which science claims both lived and died millions of years before man came on the scene. Maybe not so much…

“The largest round barrow at Lexden near Colchester was excavated by archaeologists in 1924 and was found to contain the burial of an high status individual, the skeleton of a man “wearing mail armour and a cloth of gold”, along with several other interesting artefacts including a bronze table.

It is thought to be the grave of the Catuvellaunian king Cunobelinus who died c.40 AD, this belief being due to local folklore as legend would have it “he was buried with a suit of armour and table fashioned out of gold”.

As many of the grave objects recovered were Roman – they could be dated – so it would appear that this is indeed the grave of king Cunobelinus (or Cymbeline). The Old King Coel (or Cole), of nursery rhyme and myth…The Catuvellauni , the Iron Age Celts of Verlamion

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