Ancient Bronze Sauropod Dinosaur from 500 B.C.? …Ancient Jade Extinct Dinosaur, 1500 B.C.?

Posted by Chris Parker
Dec 06 2007

Reasonable minds can certainly disagree, but we see in this unknown animal depiction in bronze from hundreds of years before Christ, a sauropod dinosaur. Our guess would be big skulled sauros such as Mussaurus or possibly, Camarasaurus.

As to the second ancient piece, in Jade the offeror is certainly of the opinion that the object appears to represent and extinct dinosaur. The best match here is one of the ceratopsians, possibly a horness leptoceratops or protoceratops.


From the Offeror of this Piece: 

Ancient Bronze Animal
Ancient Bronze Animal , and covered in vivid green patina.
Excellent condition
Circa : 500 – 300 Century BC
Size : 4 cm x 2.8 cm

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