Nearly 300 Feet of Accumulated Moon Dust is Missing

Posted by Chris Parker
Dec 02 2007

From Clifford Paiva, BSM Associates: Astro-Geophysics, Space Physics and Missile Defense Technologies

These are the Barnes and Slusher Files as they relate to the interplanetary dust accumulation on the lunar surface.

Nominal values for depth accumulation is 3-5 inches.

This depth value should exceed 300 feet in the assumed 4.5-5.0 billion years of interplanetary dust accumulation on the Moon’s surface.

The calculations performed by Professor Slusher and presented in these frames do not include radiation pressure-generated dust…which would of course increase the depth over the assumed 4.5 billion year period.

The lunar dust accumulation and the predominant absence of dust is one of the primary indicators of the age of the lunar surface…… Cliff Paiva.

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