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Nearly 300 Feet of Accumulated Moon Dust is Missing

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Dec 02 2007

From Clifford Paiva, BSM Associates: Astro-Geophysics, Space Physics and Missile Defense Technologies

These are the Barnes and Slusher Files as they relate to the interplanetary dust accumulation on the lunar surface.

Nominal values for depth accumulation is 3-5 inches.

This depth value should exceed 300 feet in the assumed 4.5-5.0 billion years of interplanetary dust accumulation on the Moon’s surface.

The calculations performed by Professor Slusher and presented in these frames do not include radiation pressure-generated dust…which would of course increase the depth over the assumed 4.5 billion year period.

The lunar dust accumulation and the predominant absence of dust is one of the primary indicators of the age of the lunar surface…… Cliff Paiva.

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Europe’s Largest Dinosaur Graveyard Found-8000 Fossils Found to Date

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Dec 02 2007

The Boneyards: Dinosaur Graveyard May Unearth New Reasons for Their Extinction, Page 7

The Times
November 29, 2007

Thomas Catin, Madrid

  Spanish scientists have unearthed what could be Europe’s largest dinosaur boneyard, finding the remains of 65ft plant-eaters never before discovered on the continent. The palaeontologists believe they have found eight different species amid the 8,000 fossils discovered so far.

The range of species they are finding at the 80 million-year-old site and their state of conservation is virtually unparalleled in Europe and challenges long-held beliefs about the way in which dinosaurs became extinct.

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A look Back at Two “Giant Stories” Reported in the Recent Past…

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Dec 02 2007

By Christopher Parker, s8intcom 2007

Photo:Size comparison; Today man, Java man and Swartkrans man.

Story 1 

“Largest” Ape Man Found in Africa; Indicated to Top 9 Foot Java Man
December 1, 1948
New York Times

Story 2

A Notable Fossil Find In San Diego County
A Human Hoof Twenty Inches Long and “Big in Proportion”—On a par with the Famous Calaveras Skull—What Scientists Say
July 21, 1895
Los Angeles Times (With Photo)

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