Dinosaur Human Interaction in the Early Twentieth Century
When Interacting’s Not All That!

Posted by Chris Parker
Nov 19 2007

Story 1:The Partridge Creek Monster
Giant Saurian of Arctic Emerges
Siberians Report Monster Believed to Live in Cherski Range
Creature Once Hunted Over Alaska Now Exciting Russ Savants
—Copyright, Los Angeles Times, December 4, 1927

Dec 3. (Exclusive) “And now, will you believe, in the name of our Lord, that I and ten of my Indians saw again, on Christmas afternoon, Lemoore’s terrible monster”? “As big as ten elephants, it passed like a hurricane across the frozen river, smashing immense blocks of thick ice into the air. Its long bristles were covered with hoar-frost and its immense red eyes flamed in the twilight. The monster held in its mouth a caribou of close to 700 pounds, while it careened at twenty miles per hour!”

Story 2
Violence in East Los Angeles Between Giant Human and Giant Dinosaur Ends in Tragedy

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